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Update: Newark Insurace Company is in liquidation.

This review will be based on the Newark Mutual Assurance Company in West Trenton, New Jersey. The review of this company shows that it started out in Newark, New Jersey in 1810 and was also known as the Newark Fire Insurance Company or simply Newark Insurance Company.

It was initially registered as a property and casualty company, but has now been liquidated. While it was an insurance providing company, it was given a license to write insurance in any and all of the 50 states.

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As the company has been liquidated, there is not much information available through standard online searches. It has no website, current or otherwise, that can be accessed for any information.

The Newark Mutual Assurance Company was one of the first financial institutions that paved the way for many others of its type in Newark, New Jersey.

Newark Mutual Assurance Company Locations


While the company was founded and based in New Jersey, first in Newark and then later in West Trenton where it remained until its liquidation, it had a license to write insurance throughout the country.

When it was still in business, another state that it was particularly active in was Texas. There is no longer a listed phone number for the Newark Mutual Assurance Company.

Newark Mutual Assurance Company Insurance Quotes

The majority of insurance companies will give you the option of getting an instant quote through an online tool on their portal. Others will get pertinent information from you through the use of an electronic form.

This enables them to gauge the situation and then send their qualified agents to meet you on site or give you a call with applicable quotes.

Of course, if there is no website to refer to, you can simply visit the nearest office or call their official contact number to get your auto insurance quotes.

Newark Insurance Company offered a quote facility until its liquidation. Although it was functional for more than 180 years, it began to have serious financial issues in 1991.

In that year, it was fined for a number of violations that included improper implementation of specific insurance products rules, as well as faulty underwriting practices and rating techniques.

This forced the company to close some of its insurance products lines, such as homeowners insurance, and farm and ranch fire insurance, along with several others.

If you are looking for an auto insurance service provider who can furnish you with current quotes, Newark Mutual Assurance Company can no longer meet your needs.

Newark Mutual Assurance Company Reviews


It is unknown whether the company had registered itself with A.M. Best or the Better Business Bureau to receive a credible rating while it was an active insurance service provider.

An A.M. Best rating needs to be asked for and the company has to register to receive it. Not having a rating is not necessarily a bad thing, but it just makes it more difficult to judge the financial strength and overall future of the company.

Newark Mutual Assurance Company Careers

Newark Mutual Assurance Company is a company that received a second lease on life when Royal Indemnity Company partially reinsured it in 1997. The company then added reinsurance to their lines of business.

However, in 2002, Newark Mutual was ordered to stop its insurance practice in Texas and its certificate of authority was canceled in Colorado and Hawaii, and later Alabama.

Since the company was liquidated in 2007, following this spate of bad years, it is no longer a place of employment where you can drop your resume or send it to them online.

Other insurance companies that are still in business offer you these options, as well as many benefits that become yours if you are hired by them. If you are looking for a career opportunity, Newark Insurance Company is obviously not a place to look.

Paying for an insurance policy is an investment that will work for you in your time of need. It is a choice that needs to be made after having a look at what your chosen companies offer and the quotes that are generated. With adequate options, you will be able to make the right choice.

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