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Things to Remember...

  • Greenwich Independent Insurance Company has been around since 1891
  • This company works as an independent agent to find the best coverage for you or your business
  • Greenwich offers personal and business auto insurance

You are most likely to find information on a Greenwich auto insurance review in a global list.

This company operates under the parent company XL, which has locations in 20 countries the world over. Greenwich Independent Insurance Company has been around since 1891.

You can obtain auto insurance quotes at any point by simply entering your zip code to get started!

This company services individuals and groups who need business insurance and associated products.

It’s not an auto insurance company, like State Farm or Geico, that provides coverage for individual drivers.

Greenwich Auto Insurance Commercial Cover Options


One example is surety bonds that protect your business against employee theft and includes pension bonds, contractors and janitorial bonds. This service is provided through Western Surety.

This company works as an independent agent to find the best coverage for you or your business.

Agents listen to your needs and seek coverage through their list of carriers of whom they represent. Greenwich happens to be successful enough as an independent to offer several types of coverage.

Greenwich Auto Insurance and Travel

Travel insurance is important to businesses that use rental cars or send business associates on frequent travel assignments.

Travel coverage covers a variety of things that relate to protecting your travel investments. This type of coverage protects the traveler before, during, and on the return trip.

This type of policy protects the traveler against trip interruption in the event you become sick or in an accident on the way to the airport for instance.

If you become medically ill in-flight and have to be airlifted to a medical facility, your travel policy will cover the cost.

Your bags are covered in the event the airline loses your luggage or if you have problems with your rental car.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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Greenwich Auto Insurance and Watercraft

Watercraft includes several forms of water transportation. This type of coverage might pertain to fishing boats, cruise ships, yachts, or recreational jet skies.

A beachfront business or charter business may utilize this type of coverage.

Greenwich Auto Insurance and Specialty Cars


Specialty vehicles fall in a different type of coverage category from the average car.

This type of vehicle might be antiques, muscle cars or dune buggies. Limousines and other types of luxury vehicles such as your Mazerati GranTurismo are insured under this type of coverage.

Your vehicle must first qualify under the specialty title you may have assigned to it. A renovated car from 1967 surely qualifies as an antique or classic.

This policyholder is going to need coverage that has more comprehensive and less liability because it is mainly for showcasing.

Greenwich Auto Insurance and Motorcycles

Motorcycles are also covered under Greenwich auto insurance policies. Your state’s auto insurance laws impact your need to obtain cycle coverage. Many states include mopeds or scooters in this category.

All states that require coverage also have helmet laws, age restrictions, and other laws that are different from the laws pertaining to cars.

Most states require motorcycle drivers to have a certain license classification. Your local DMV will have the most recent rider requirements.

Greenwich Auto Insurance Liability


Liability is a big part of business insurance that protects the company and its owner from personal and business financial ruin.

Surety bonds and other types of general liability coverage are available through Greenwich. Your business is protected should someone fall on an ice patch in front of the building.

If a customer or employee is hurt in an accident related to your business, liability coverage protects you.

Accounting errors in bookkeeping could result in a suit against your company, and Greenwich liability coverage is available to cover the damages.

If your driver is in an accident with passengers involved, your liability coverage with Greenwich has you covered.

Greenwich Auto Insurance and Long Term Disability

Long-term disability is an important form of insurance for you if for some reason you are hurt or ill and unable to perform your job.

This type of insurance is available to business owners as well as individuals. Most corporations offer this type of coverage in its benefits packages, but it is too often that it is not.

Greenwich offers separate coverage so you and your family will not suffer financially as a result of your condition.

Greenwich Auto Insurance Claims

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Filing insurance claims with Greenwich are made easier with tech support, phone support and all the additional support you need to get your claim processed in a timely fashion.

More information is available on the company’s website along with the guidance you might need.

Greenwich auto insurance quotes are available, along with many other small and large carriers who cover your area, by just entering your zip code here!

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