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Things to Remember...

  • Crum and Forster offers commercial insurance products
  • Crum and Forster does not provide personal auto insurance
  • Crum and Forster focuses on loss control as a partnership between the company and client

Crum and Forster is a New Jersey-based property and casualty company first established in 1896. They currently sell and service policies through a total of seven subsidiaries using the Crum and Forster, Seneca, and Fairmont Specialty brand names.

Between the seven subsidiaries Crum and Forster covers virtually every state in the U.S. with a wide range of products at the commercial level.

Because Crum and Forster is a commercial insurance carrier, you will not be able to purchase a personal auto policy through it.

The company’s insurance lines include general commercial liability, auto, property, workers compensation, and umbrella coverage. The company also provides risk assessment and management services to its corporate clients.

Any auto policies you would get through Crum and Forster would be for fleet vehicles or company cars used exclusively for company business.

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Crum and Forster Quotes


From the looks of things, it does not appear that Crum and Forster is a company that provides quotes online because of the complicated nature of commercial insurance.

To obtain a quote, customers may contact one of the many regional offices located throughout the United States.

Information about those offices can be found through a search tool provided on the Crum and Forster website.

As always, quotes are merely the best-guess estimate provided by a representative prior to the policy being written. Inaccuracies or changes in your information can, and do, affect your eventual price.

Crum and Forster Locations


Crum and Forster has its headquarters in Morristown, New Jersey. But, as previously stated, they also have quite a number of regional offices around the United States.

It’s not known exactly how many of these regional offices exist, but it’s easy to find the one for your area by visiting the company website and clicking the appropriate links.

You’ll be presented with address, telephone number, and specific contact names.

Crum and Forster maintains these regional offices in order to make all aspects of their business as efficient as possible.

Representatives at the regional offices can assist you with everything from establishing policies to maintaining your current ones. Through these offices you can also make payments, file claims, and so on.

Because of the nature of commercial insurance, this direct-to-customer business model works very well for Crum and Forster.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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Crum and Forster Claims

How customers go about filing a claim with Crum and Forster depends on the type of insurance products were talking about.

For example, workers compensation claims vary from one state to the next. Not only that, state regulations regarding how claims are to be filed are very strict.

Customers who need to file a workers’ compensation claim must be very careful to do it right or risk not being paid. Crum and Forster representatives are well-versed in workers’ compensation rules and regulations for their regions.

For other claims, customers have the option of calling their regional office or using an automated online system. Exactly how the online system works is not clear, since the company website mentioned it but didn’t give details.

We assume customers must sign up for an online account, which then gives them access to all the online tools.

As for a telephone claim, the process is pretty simple. Company representatives will know exactly what information is needed, how to fill out forms, and how to submit claims.

Crum and Forster Loss Control


A big part of the Crum and Forster philosophy is what’s known in the industry as loss control.

Simply stated, the insurance company knows that if proactive steps can be taken to avoid circumstances or incidents that will result in customer loss, everyone will be better off.

As the insurance provider, they are willing to invest their time and resources in loss control programs because these programs result in fewer claims being made.

Crum and Forster’s loss control model is designed to be a partnership between the customer, the underwriter, and the corporate office.

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