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2 Mid America Plaza, Suite 200

Oakbrook Terrace
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Things to Remember...
  • BCS provides commercial insurance and professional liability coverage
  • BCS is affiliated with Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • BCS provides property and casualty coverage for businesses

This BCS auto insurance review uncovered the BCS Insurance Group and Blue Cross and Blue Shield affiliation.

This company provides commercial insurance, employee benefits, and professional liability coverage in addition to commercial policies.

BCS Insurance Group has over 50 years of expertise under its belt. If you are seeking a car insurance company for your personal needs use the quote tool below.

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About BCS Auto Insurance


BCS Insurance Group is only a part of several divisions of this company. BCS Life insurance, BCS Financial Corporation, and BCSI Holdings, Inc. are also part of this outfit.

The company does not limit its capabilities to Blue Cross, Blue Shield, its employees, agents, and customers, but they offer products in other commercial markets as well.

BCS Insurance Group earns an “A-” rating from A.M. Best, the insurance rating company.

You can also use AM Best to get online auto insurance reviews of companies you are considering for your personal coverage. The financial facts can help dispel and auto insurance myths that have you scratching your head.

BCS offers reinsurance along with the insurance products made available. Reinsurance insures the insurer, the insurance company. BCS and its affiliates are located in Oakbrook, IL and are licensed in 50 states.

BCS Auto Insurance Products


The product this business offers protects those who represent Blue Cross and Blue Shield with property and casualty coverage.

Property and casualty coverage insures:

  • Homes
  • Agriculture
  • Cars
  • Businesses
  • Watercraft

The property aspect protects the physical property of a person or business, and its income generators. The casualty aspect protects the policyholder from monetary losses from the injury, death or property damage to others. It also covers monetary liability to others as well.

Commercial lines of insurance are more complex because of the levels of risk, liability, income production, vehicles and equipment.

BCS offers a specific liability program for professionals. For this coverage, the company collaborates with Plans Liability Insurance Company.

The plan’s board of directors who are familiar with risk management sets up plans that include:

  • Errors and Omissions – protects the professional against monetary losses from mistakes made in the contexts of the job
  • Pension Trust Liability – protects retirement savings accumulated over years served
  • E-Commerce – ensures trade protection through electronic sources such as the internet

Directors and officers of the company receive special liability protection because of their positions. While agents have their own errors and omission coverage, upper management carries a heightened level of responsibility for their employees. To control the amount of

To control the amount of payout by one company, stop-loss protection is implemented. Stop-loss places a cap on the amount of liability by a business or self-insurer. Since BCS offers reinsurance it provides stop-loss protection to Blue Cross, Blue

Since BCS offers reinsurance it provides stop-loss protection to Blue Cross, Blue Shield and its other commercial policyholders. This coverage helps to keep a business such as this familiar insurance carrier from folding under monetary liability.

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BCS Auto Insurance and Other Divisions

BCS has several divisions related to its function, and each is essential in the operations of the company’s efficiency. Some of these divisions may be familiar

Some of these divisions may be familiar to your business, such as:

  • Underwriting
  • Actuarial
  • Administration of Cash and Operations
  • Corporate Audit
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • Legal and Human Resources
  • Claim Administration and Compliance

These are just to name a few of them in the event you are interested in considering a career with this company.

Marketing is important to any company as is a good management team.

BCS Auto Insurance Company and the White Pages


The White Pages is made as a resource for company executives and agents to maintain compliance with laws affecting Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

The White Pages are key to risk management, which minimizes losses to the company. Privacy issues, fraud, and abuse in addition to other concerns fall in this category of resources.

Most of these risk factors relate to the health care industry, although travel is a component also.

Travel accident insurance is just as much a part of this commercial group coverage as it is to any business that uses vehicles to transport people and goods.

Some transportation companies, of course, offer transportation as a service. If you have ever ridden in an ambulance, then you know this is a significant part of the healthcare system.

BCS Auto Insurance and AmeriCorps

AmeriCorps is a volunteer organization that makes its mark in communities of underprivileged people. All volunteer are insured under AmeriCorps, and BCS underwrites its policies.

In addition to other contributions behind the scenes, this is one place where BCS Insurance Group is making a difference in the humanitarian efforts of others.

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