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175 Berkeley Street

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(513) 603-2400
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Things to Remember...
  • Avomark Insurance Company was an Indianapolis-based auto insurance company
  • Avomark was owned by The Ohio Casualty Insurance Company
  • The Ohio Casualty Insurance Company, and thus Avomark, was acquired by Liberty Mutual

A review of Avomark Auto Insurance finds that the Avomark Insurance Company was an auto insurance company located in Indianapolis.

Much of the information found about this company was from its 2009 tax return, where the company noted that it is a part of Liberty Mutual.

The problem is that Liberty Mutual does not list Avomark as one of its subsidiaries. As the company was acquired in 2009, there has been ample time for Liberty Mutual to include it as a subsidiary on its company list.

Avomark Insurance’s license has been canceled by the state of Texas. Enter your ZIP code below and compare auto insurance rates from local companies today!

Avomark Insurance Company History


After further research, it was discovered that Avomark was owned by The Ohio Casualty Insurance Company, which was the company acquired by Liberty Mutual.

As a result, all of the subsidiaries of Ohio Casualty also became a part of Liberty Mutual.

The result of this merger is Avomark becoming a non-entity. At the time of the acquisition, A.M. Best Company withdrew their rating of Avomark because it no longer qualified for a rating.

Because of this, the rest of the information in this article will be about Ohio Casualty, which was Avomark’s parent company.

The products sold by Ohio Casualty are not the same as those that used to be sold by Avomark, as Avomark was a company that sold home and auto insurance to individuals.

The Ohio Casualty Insurance Company Agents

According to Ohio Casualty’s website, it sells its products exclusively through independent agents.

Ohio Casualty offers a “find an insurance agent” tool to make it easier for you to locate someone in your area that sells its products.

When you follow the “find an agent” link, you can search by address, city, and state and then select a mile radius of 1, 5, 10 or 25 miles for your results.

These agents are qualified to sell property insurance, general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance; and workers compensation.

Ohio Casualty does provide agents with a gold CA or a silver PA to show which of the independent agents are the annual top performers in the company.

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The Ohio Casualty Insurance Company Claims

Filing a claim with Ohio Casualty can either be done through your agent or by calling its toll-free number 866-255-5530 anytime.

The company has live operators to answer your calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that your claim process will start the second you make your call.

If you choose to call the claims office rather than going through your agent, Ohio Casualty will call your agent for you and let them know of your claim so that you don’t have to make that extra call if don’t want to.

Ohio Casualty has the same system as Liberty Mutual when it comes to claims processing.

What this means is when you file a claim, you will receive a call from an adjuster by the next business day.

If your loss is severe or a death occurs, you will be contacted on the same day of the loss, regardless of whether it is a business day, the weekend, or a holiday

The Ohio Casualty Insurance Company Quotes


As Avomark is no longer in existence, it is clear that there is no way to get a quote from this company.

In addition, Ohio Casualty is a commercial insurer, which means that it doesn’t offer instant quotes because it has to first perform do risk assessments.

In order to get a quote from this company, you must speak to an independent agent.

For those of you who started reading this article in the hope of finding a company that can sell you auto insurance, don’t get discouraged.

It is possible for you to get the insurance you need from other reputable companies. In fact, Liberty Mutual offers great auto insurance options.

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