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Things to Remember...
  • Avemco doe not provide auto insurance coverage
  • Avemco specializes in providing aviation insurance
  • Avemco offers a variety of aircraft insurance, including pilot life insurance

Ironically, an Avemco Auto Insurance review leads to a company that does not insure automobiles at all.

Instead, Avemco specializes in insuring aircraft.

Whether owned, borrowed, rented, or homebuilt, Avemco offers insurance policies for all types of aircraft and all types of pilots, but not any type of auto insurance at all.

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Avemco Insurance Company


Avemco has many pilot and aircraft friendly products to offer. All products are somehow related to the aircraft industry.

The founder and president of Avemco founded the company because he saw the need for quality, affordable aircraft insurance. As a pilot himself, he knew that it was difficult to find an insurance policy that made the cost worth flying.

Aircraft insurance will always exceed the cost of auto insurance, or any other insurance for that matter, but Avemco was still founded on the thought that it didn’t have to be unattainable.

Avemco products include:

  • Owned aircraft insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Borrower’s insurance
  • Certified flight instructor insurance
  • Certified flight instructor non-owned insurance
  • Homebuilt aircraft insurance
  • Flying club insurance
  • Aircraft trader insurance
  • Hanger insurance

Avemco has made it possible to be insured in all types of aircraft and flying situations. They are one of the only aircraft insurance companies to offer borrower’s insurance.

In addition to these aircraft insurance coverage options, Avemco also sells term life insurance policies for pilots. This may seem odd, but it is extremely difficult to find life insurance as a pilot.

Traditional life insurance companies add what is referred to as an Aviation Exclusion Rider which means that the terms of the life insurance policy do not apply, if you die in an aircraft accident.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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Avemco Insurance Discounts

As with auto insurance, finding discounts in coverage can mean the difference between affording insurance and struggling to make payments.

Flying an aircraft is a huge responsibility especially when you have passengers or other pilots with you.

Just as with a motor vehicle license, there are factors that can lower your premium and factors that can increase your premium.

DUIs will drastically increase the cost of your flight insurance. This includes DUIs given while driving a motor vehicle. Many insurance companies will not insure a pilot who has a DUI on his record, but Avemco will consider those with one DUI, if certain criteria are met.

Another factor that affects the rate of insurance premiums is hours spent flying. The more experience you have, the more discounts you will receive on your aircraft insurance.

As a pilot becomes more experienced and is faced with a variety of different flying scenarios, the more responsible of a pilot he becomes.

A negative factor for aircraft insurance rates is violations. As a pilot, you can receive parking tickets, improper landing tickets, citations for not checking your aircraft before takeoff, and a variety of other violations.

Each violation is reported to a pilot database that insurance companies can access to determine your eligibility for insurance. Negative violations increase the cost of insurance.

Certifications and training will give you additional discounts on aircraft insurance. For example, if you take additional flight training classes or emergency landing classes after you are certified to fly, you show initiative at wanting to become a better pilot.

Avemco Insurance Agents


Avemco hires agents who specialize in the knowledge of aircraft, pilots, and flying scenarios.

You have to understand things like tailwheel hours, constant speed hours, retract gear hours, multi-engine hours, glider hours, sea-float hours, sea-amphib hours, and CFI information in order to get customers the best deal on their aircraft insurance.

Avemco agents go through quite a bit of training to be able to understand the aircraft industry and provide knowledgeable information to their customers and potential customers.

Agents can help provide quotes and information over the phone, online, or by mail. Once a policy is purchased, agents are available to assist in filing claims, answering questions, or renewing policies.

Avemco does not provide auto insurance, but you can still use this site to compare auto insurance quotes by entering your zip code now!

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