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Things to Remember...

  • Audubon is an underwriting subsidiary of Chartis
  • Audubon provides a variety of insurance products
  • Audubon has stable financial and customer reviews

An Audubon Auto Insurance review leads to insurance heavy hitter Chartis Insurance Group.

They are able to write policies in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia.

This article reviews many aspects of this provider to help you decide if they are best for your needs. When making your choice, consider things like:

  • accessibility
  • financial strength
  • company reputation
  • types of coverage

Overall, Audubon has a lot of positives; however, a single negative may turn the tide for you.

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Audubon Insurance Company Careers


Finding a career in the auto insurance industry is not difficult. There are hundreds, if not thousands of companies to choose from.

However, finding a fulfilling career with an auto insurance company is a little more challenging.

Audubon Insurance Company was rated one of the top 100 companies to work for in Louisiana and prides itself on high employee satisfaction.

Audubon Insurance Company is headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA and employs nearly 600 people. These people fill positions in customer service, website management, finance, and they serve as agents to thousands of customers who have purchased policies through Audubon.

Audubon is officially categorized as a fire, marine, and casualty insurance company.

Those employed as agents with Audubon are licensed to sell insurance policies for:

Because of the large variety of policies that Audubon sells, agents must work hard at completing all the licensing necessary to sell policies.

Agents are sent to several classes, clinics, and workshops to continually improve their knowledge of the insurance industry after they receive their licenses.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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 Secured with SHA-256 Encryption

Audubon Insurance Company Reviews

Audubon has received many company reviews and there are a few negative reviews of the insurance company. The company itself does not have a website.

Their information is provided through the Chartis website and if a customer does not know this, Audubon can be difficult to find online.

Founded in 1945 in New York City as an auto insurance company, its founder wanted New Yorkers to be able to afford insurance and receive solid customer service and has since grown over the last 65 years to include a variety of policies and licenses in several states.

Audubon’s financial ratings have been withdrawn by A.M. Best. This withdrawal of their financial review reflects negatively on the insurance company.

A recent customer service satisfaction survey conducted by an independent survey company showed Audubon Insurance Company receiving an average 3.5 points out of five for customer service.

The most received negative comment from customers was frustration due to the lack of direct contact with the company online. The most received positive comment from customers was the affordability of the policies.

Audubon Insurance Company Claims


Audubon Insurance Company claims must be filed through the Chartis Insurance Group since Audubon is only underwriting the policies.

Chartis has no internet claim reporting or processing available at this time. All claims must be reported to a local agent through their contact numbers or called in through a toll-free number. For those

For those filing a claim out of the country, a special contact number is available.

This way of filing claims is not always ideal since many times accidents or damages occur outside of regular business hours and the faster a claim is filed, the faster it can be processed.

However, Audubon, through Chartis, is determined to process and pay out claims in a time frame that does not hinder the financial situation of their clients. They are currently working on an online claim filing system to be in place.

As with all auto insurance claims, when you are filing a claim, you must provide very specific details of the events that led to the claim.

If a police report has been filed in association with the claim, you must provide copies of this documentation as well. The more documentation you have, including pictures, the better chance you have of receiving the full amount of your claim.

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