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Things to Remember...
  • ASDA is headquartered in the United Kingdom and sells a variety of insurance products
  • The insurance division of ASDA is one of the largest in the United Kingdom
  • ASDA promotes huge no-claim discounts, free add-ons, and multiple insurance choices

 Located in the United Kingdom, ASDA Financial sells many products, including insurance.

Their most popular insurance products are the following:

  • car insurance
  • home insurance
  • life insurance
  • pet insurance
  • travel insurance
  • van insurance
  • motorbike insurance
  • breakdown coverage

ASDA is a huge company located in the United Kingdom that seems to provide a little bit of everything.

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ASDA Profile


ASDA is a broker of sorts, although the term is not applied in the UK the same way as it is in the United States.

ASDA works with many other insurance carriers to offer their clients multiple choices on insurance types, policy details, and cost.

From cheap, bottom-line insurance to specialty insurance for the wealthy, ASDA offers a variety of insurance options for its clients.

In addition to insurance, ASDA also has a personal rewards credit card and provides personal loans to those who qualify. They offer a savings account in the form of a child trust fund and a youngster bond for parents to begin saving for their child’s education or other needs.

Surprisingly, they also offer a gas and electricity comparison tool that allows customers to save up to 10 percent off of their bill.

ASDA Direct is the online shopping division of ASDA Financial. Shopping is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The online shopping network offers discounts up to 70 percent on everyday and specialty items.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

 Secured with SHA-256 Encryption

ASDA Traditional Products

The biggest draw for car insurance customers is ASDA’s 70 percent no-claims discount. After being a policyholder with ASDA for a set number of years, you will be given a 70 percent discount on your policy if no claims have been filed.

The car insurance policy also includes new car replacement, loss of keys replacement, accident recovery, and a courtesy car while repairs are being made.

Home insurance through ASDA is not a direct purchase. Instead, ASDA provides quotes from ten different companies so customers can choose the best one.

Most policies include 1,000 British pounds in loss content coverage, fire damage coverage, theft coverage, and additional options that can be customized and added onto a policy.

ASDA also offers life insurance. Again, they do not sell the policy directly but receive quotes from top UK companies such as AXA, Aviva, and Legal General.

ASDA does all the paperwork for you and gives you a quote instantly. 

ASDA Specialized Products


In addition to many traditional insurance products, ASDA offers specialized insurance that may not be needed by all customers. One specialized product offered by ASDA is pet insurance.

There are three different levels of insurance to choose from. The more expensive your pet was to purchase, the more protection you will need.

ASDA travel insurance is available for both short-term and long-term travel. Applying online gives you a 15 percent discount on your policy.

Travel insurance pays unlimited medical expenses and covers worldwide or European travel.

Breakdown cover is equivalent to U.S. roadside assistance. ASDA breakdown cover allows a repair crew to be dispatched to your location where they fix your car on site, if possible.

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