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15175 Springdale Street

Huntington Beach
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Things to Remember...

  • Arrowood does not sell private insurance products for individuals
  • Arrowood does provide commercial auto insurance and other products
  • Arrowood is an independent insurance agency rather than an insurance company

Arrowood Insurance Services is a commercial independent insurance company that specializes in insurance solutions for Japanese Temples.

In fact, their name comes from a Japanese fable about the combined strength of three arrows, which is why they have the three arrows in their logo.

Arrowood doesn’t sell individuals insurance products, such as private auto insurance, however, they do sell commercial auto insurance, among other products.

You cannot get a quote directly from their site because they do a risk assessment of each potential client before they can determine what your rates will be.

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Arrowood Locations


Arrowood has two locations. Their original location is:

15175 Springdale Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
(714) 890-9220

Their other location is:

168 E Jackson St #1
San Jose, CA 95112
(714) 890-9220

Arrowood isn’t clear on their website about what states that are licensed to sell products in outside of California.

It is possible they are licensed outside of California, but their website has limited information regarding this information.

Arrowood Agents

As an independent agency, Arrowood’s agents are licensed to sell insurance policies for multiple insurance companies.

The only insurance company that Arrowood mentions on their website is Traveler’s, although they do, in passing, mention that they work with multiple companies to provide you with the best rates.

What’s interesting about Arrowood’s website is that they don’t give you a list of agents to contact if you have any questions.

Instead, you actually have to type in the name of the person you want to contact in order to reach them via email. If you are a new client, you likely will not know the name of any of the agents that work with the company.

Arrowood Claims


The claims section of the Arrowood website is another oddity. Simply put, they say that if you have a claim, then you will need to look at the list of the carriers that they utilize to determine whether you should contact the carrier directly or if you should call them instead.

The problem is, they don’t have a list of carriers on this section of the website.

If you do have a policy through this company, your best bet is to contact your carrier directly so that you don’t have to call Arrowood first only to learn that you have to call your carrier.

Arrowood certainly does not have a claims processing center, nor do they offer 24/7 services for you to speak with customer service or an agent should you need after hours help or advice.

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Arrowood Reviews

Much like everything else about this company, there is an amazing lack of reviews, either compliments or complaints, regarding this company.

They are not listed with the BBB or any of the other more common insurance company ranking sites such as AM Best.

As they are an independent agency, they don’t have financial ratings, so it is impossible for us to provide you with a review based on their stability or future standing.

Arrowood Quotes


As mentioned above, Arrowood requires each potential client to go through a risk assessment before providing them with a quote.

This is not uncommon for a company like this as it is difficult to provide a quote for a fleet of cars, for example, until they know who will be driving them and what they will be driven for.

One downside here is that Arrowood gives no indication of how long this process takes. Most businesses stipulate that they need three to five business days, but that information is not available here.

We would recommend that if you are a business or a Japanese Temple, that you ensure that you get a quote from more than just Arrowood if you are looking for a reliable insurance company.

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