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Things to remember...

  • ACIG was started in 181 and was originally known as the American Risk Transfer Company
  • ACIG currently holds an “A” rating from A.M. Best
  • This Bermuda-based company formerly enjoyed American tax breaks as a reinsurance company before U.S. laws eliminated this advantage in 1986

An ACIG auto insurance review determines this acronym stands for the American Contractors Insurance Group. This company started as an insurance and reinsurance group that reduces the risk companies face when insuring workers.

The business was started in 1981 with the title, American Risk Transfer Company, LTD.

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ACIG Auto Insurance AZ Program


This Bermuda-based company formerly enjoyed American tax breaks as a reinsurance company before U.S. laws eliminated this advantage in 1986. It was then that the company decided to provide its services directly rather than indirectly.

The way the company is structured ensures its financial security and it currently holds an “A” rating from A.M. Best.

The AZ program provided a multi-tiered program in collaboration with Zurich Construction called the Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs or CCIPs.

This program protects subcontractors to a certain point under a liability policy before Westchester Insurance Company takes up the slack.

When the number of liability claims exceeds their limit, ACIG takes on the claim.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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ACIG Auto Insurance Member Profile

If you are interested in having your company protected with ACIG membership there are certain requirements. First, your company has to have sponsorship from two other members. Your company has to be an American, privately owned entity.

It also had to be financially secure with at least a $20 million net worth. Your company has to generate at least $2 million in annual premiums. These premiums may be generated from:

The company also has to pay federal taxes, as well as have a good reputation in the business community. The insurer will scrutinize your management ability, loss records, and safety program.

ACIG Auto Insurance Risk Management


ACIG is devoted to limiting the amount of loss a company endures.

This company makes sure each member understands its underwriting policies and participates in a company sponsored safety program. ACIG provides each member with a risk assessment considering the company’s services.

ACIG provides a representative that visits the company and address every possible liability in addition to offering preventative measures to minimize these risks.

ACIG representatives perform member audits, details of company losses in addition to the breakdown of the equity of each shareholder. Then the representatives offer assistance in preparing proposals for renewal.

ACIG Auto Insurance and Heavy Equipment

Although these construction projects involve on-sight building, materials are delivered via dump trucks or pick- up trucks. In addition, heavy equipment such as Caterpillars, cranes, and other mobile means of transport are used.

Most heavy equipment operators are skilled and trained in handling them with “safety first” in mind. In fact, heavy equipment operators usually have to pass additional driving certification tests before they are allowed to operate heavy machinery.

ACIG and Workman’s Compensation

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ACIG minimizes workman’s compensation claims with careful screening of its contractors and subcontractors. Your company receives “preferred pricing” from ACIG as a risk management strategy. The screening process includes:

These screenings take criminal background checks to the international level.

The technology used is through the Candidate Verification Center and the Verification Management System. The insurer’s FightReady service helps the business stay in compliance with state and federal laws throughout the country.

This system is nationwide and keeps your company in compliance wherever your project is located.

ACIG Company Workshops


This business holds workshops yearly, usually during spring and in the fall to allow companies to network and express new ideas, and concerns. They are also introduced to new laws and guidelines affecting the industry in which they work.

They normally bring in ACIG’s legal team to answer questions and participate in this forum.

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