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Things to Remember...
  • Auto Insurance Discounters strives to provide coverage for all drivers, especially those considered high-risk
  • If you are a high-risk driver, you may need to understand and file an SR-22 form with your state DMV
  • An SR-22 is needed when you have been convicted of a DUI or involved in an accident without liability insurance

Having a bit of tough luck on the roadways? Maybe your rocky road is bumping along with financial struggles and a newly reinstated driver’s license.

If you have bad credit or a sordid driving history, consider Auto Insurance Discounters because they will take your needs into account when building your policy.

Many carriers shy away from risky drivers who have too many points, accidents, tickets, and DUI offenses on their licenses. Other insurance companies take you for a ride financially.

Auto Insurance Discounters takes pride in helping secure coverage for all drivers even highly risk rated drivers.

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SR-22 Coverage Explained


The SR-22 certifies that you have liability insurance within your state’s minimum coverage requirements. Your insurance company files the SR-22 for you with your state’s DMV.

An SR-22 is not necessary for every driver; usually, it demonstrates that a driver who failed to have liability coverage or was convicted of a DUI is now clear of their past wrong.

Your DMV probably requires an SR-22 certificate if you are:

  • Convicted when caught driving without insurance
  • The uninsured party in an accident
  • Having your license reinstated following a DUI suspension
  • Applying for a probationary or a hardship permit.

An SR-22 is usually required for at least three years from the end of a suspended license or state of an uninsured driving conviction.

Though it may seem redundant to have an up-to-date insurance card in your vehicle when the DMV has an SR-22 from you, always keep your current insurance card in your car and maintain liability coverage too.

Another key to navigating the SR-22 landscape successfully is knowing that the DMVs across the country are all connected via an electronic system.

If you move, you need to keep your insurance coverage and SR-22 updated.

Your insurance carrier is required by law to notify the DMV if you fail to update your insurance coverage. What this means is that if you just spent three years fighting for your license following a few DUI convictions, you will once again face life with suspended driving privileges.

Be sure that you always have an up-to-date SR-22 on file with the DMV as long as necessary. They require the original, not a copy, so go in person to the DMV rather than chancing it to possibly get lost in the mail.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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One Carrier for Many Needs

Auto Insurance Discounters is an insurance carrier whose products extend beyond vehicle coverage. The carrier provides extensive options for a robust set of offerings.

The operative “Discounters” in the company’s name is true to form when multiple product lines are an option.

Buy multiple lines or policies from Auto Insurance Discounters for optimal savings.

The following policies are offered by Auto Insurance Discounters:

  • Homeowners
  • Commercial
  • Boat
  • SR-22

Another excellent reason to use the same insurance carrier for multiple insurance policies is a pragmatic one.

Use the same company for both homeowners and auto insurance coverage to ensure the company will pay out on a legitimate insurance claim.

Understanding the Difference between Brokers and Agents

Auto Insurance Discounters is a large independent insurance agency. In a sense, it can provide competitive prices because it shops among the various carriers for its customers.

An insurance broker acts as a go-between who works on behalf of their client to find the best fit for your life and insurance needs.

Brokers usually have more experience than a typical insurance agent acting on behalf of one carrier simply because it takes the extra experience to navigate through multiple carriers and their products.

Insurance agents work on the sales and service end for one insurance carrier. They, like brokers, have to have insurance licenses to sell insurance products.

The knowledge is about equivalent, but the experience levels may differ between an agent and broker.

Auto Insurance Discounters keeps costs low by employing agents to proffer the many carrier lines it offers.

The benefit of using Auto Insurance Discounters is receiving many options from one carrier, while dealing with a qualified, knowledgeable and licensed insurance agent.

Making an Informed Decision


Knowledgeable, caring, specialized and value-based describes Auto Insurance Discounters.

The company provides access to a variety of insurance carriers with whom they work on your behalf, with your needs and pricing concerns in mind.

They keep you driving within your legal limits and by any SR-22 certificate requirements as well.

This company provides the added benefit of multiple lines of insurance too which can translate into better savings because you can choose to have one carrier handle all of your insurance needs.

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