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Selective Insurance Company of America Auto Insurance Review

Selective Insurance Company of America Auto Insurance
  • 11111
Address: 26 Century Hill Drive, Suite 202
City: Latham
State: New York
ZIP: 12110
Phone Number: 518-785-5340
AM Best Rating: A+
Market Cap: $1 Billion to $1.25 Billion
Year Founded: 1926

A Selective Insurance Company of America auto insurance review leads to Selective Insurance, a company based in New York that sells business insurance and personal insurance. Established in 1926 as part of a general store, Selective has grown from $20,000 in assets in 1926 to $1.25 billion in 2010. It has offices located throughout the United States.

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Because of the accomplishments of Selective Insurance within the insurance industry, it was recently named in Fortune Magazine as #993 among the top 1000 insurance companies in the nation. The main reason Selective Insurance made this list was because of its superior carrier-to-agent communication.

Selective Insurance Traditional Personal Insurance Products

Selective Insurance has a wide range of insurance products for individuals who want to protect their assets. Auto, home, apartment, renters, condo, rental property, umbrella, and flood insurance are all available in the personal line of insurance products from Selective Insurance. Each policy is customized to meet the needs of the individual by a highly trained agent.

Auto insurance from Selective Insurance meets the requirements of the laws in the state that you live. Property damage and personal injury are both covered. There are also several car insurance discounts offered by Selective Insurance, including multiple policy discounts, defensive driving course credit, good grade discounts for students, and paying your bill on time discounts.

Home insurance from Selective Insurance covers homes that are owned, apartments that are owned, apartments that are rented, condominiums that are owned or rented, townhouses that are owned or rented, and other rental properties. All of these policies are written specifically for the individual once the needs of that individual are assessed.

Selective Insurance Additional Personal Insurance Products

Some people do not understand the purpose of umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance does what its name implies: it exceeds or covers all other types of insurance should something major happen. Personal umbrella insurance is meant to cover the gaps that other insurances may leave and to exceed the limits of other types of insurance.

Umbrella insurance is designed specifically for legal situations. If something happens on your property, in a vehicle you own, or on a recreational vehicle that you own that results in death or severe injury, a lawsuit may be filed against you. Umbrella insurance covers the gap and exceeds the limits of other types of coverage.

Many people do not know that flood insurance is not part of a traditional homeowners insurance policy. Flood insurance is a separate policy that needs to be added on to a homeowners policy. This is because not all homes are located in an area prone to flooding. However, if you do live in an area prone to flooding, you do not want to go without flood insurance. One inch of water can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Selective Insurance Business Insurance Products

Selective Insurance offers insurance products to businesses, but they do not cover all types of businesses. They write policies for auto care, civic organizations, fire departments, contractors, golf courses, hotels, manufacturers, municipalities, printers, private schools, professional offices, religious organizations, restaurants, retail stores, service businesses, social services, technology businesses, and wholesalers.

These types of organizations can choose from business owner’s policies, abuse or molestation policies, extra expense policies, commercial auto policies, crime within the business policies, crisis response policies, cyberspace security policies, general liability, identity recovery policies, inland marine policies, property, surety, umbrella, and workers compensation.

Selective Insurance has agents who specialize in business accounts only. This way, they can obtain the training and skills needed to advise businesses concerning the insurance coverage they do and do not need. It is very important for agents to understand the ins and outs of the particular business for which they are writing a policy.

Selective Insurance also offers safety management classes and training for its business clients. This is a loss prevention method that saves both the insurance company and the business money in the long run. The more claims that can be prevented, the lower the rates for the business.

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Reviews for Selective Insurance Company of America Auto Insurance

    • 11111

    My experience with selective auto insurance was absolutely terrible.

    A neighbor, who had Selective as his car insurance provider, forgot to put his car in park, and it rolled and smashed into my PARKED (in a private parking lot no less!) ’99 Cav. Luckily my neighbor reported the incident and a police report was filed. Even with all of this information and the person at fault stepping forward, I was forced to pay for my own car rental.

    Not only that but Selective changed their minds THREE times about whether or not they were going to have the damages repaired or total the vehicle. In addition to that, the claims adjuster they used found parts for my car that were not even available in the area I live in! I didn’t have my car for THREE weeks.

    I found out later that the insurance company called the auto shop EVERY day until it was fixed, telling them that if it was going to cost too much they were going to total it.

    I would not ever wish this experience on anyone and would never recommend this company. If they are currently your insurer, please run!

    • 11111
    Donald Leipertz says:

    Hit by a ” Selective Policy Holder ” Week has passed. Selective doesn’t call or answer calls. They assigned a Claim # on first call and said they would contact me in 24 hours.

    That was 5 days ago. Now they say claim in review process ??? What’s going on ???

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