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Pride National Auto Insurance Review

  • 1.711.711.711.711.71
Address: 5217 Maryland Way
City: Brentwood
State: TN
ZIP: 87027
Phone Number: 615.370.4440
AM Best Rating: n/a
Market Cap:
Year Founded: 1945
Total Shares 1

If you go online and look for Pride National Auto Insurance Company, you are going to be hard pressed to find consistent information. There are several companies that, when list this company as one of theirs. The problem is, when you actually visit each of these websites, there is no mention of Pride National anywhere on the website.

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What we did find were pieces here and there regarding the original Pride National Insurance Company. No, they don’t have their own website, but they are mentioned on Demotech, Inc., which is a newer financial ratings company. In addition, we found them on the Missouri Department of Insurance website as well as the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance.

Although Pride National was incorporated in Oklahoma, they don’t have an insurance presence in Oklahoma, which is an unusual practice. In 1958, the company changed their name from Farmers and Merchants Insurance Company to Pride National Insurance Company.

Pride National does not have an AM Best rating or a rating on any of the premier financial rating companies for insurance companies. Although they are rated by Demotech, Inc. this isn’t a company that is routinely used among mainstream insurance companies for rating services.

Pride National Auto Insurance Agents

In order to purchase auto insurance products from Pride National you will have to utilize the help of independent agents.

The problem is that there is no source for you to use to find independent agents in your area that actually carry Pride National’s products. Many auto insurance companies that utilize independent agents use their websites to help you find agents that sell their products.

With no website, Pride National just doesn’t provide an easy way for you to find an agent to help you.

Pride National Auto Insurance Locations

Pride National’s headquarters are located at:

5217 Maryland Way
Brentwood, TN 87027

In addition, they are licensed to sell insurance products in the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Idaho
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Missouri
  • Mississippi
  • Nebraska
  • North Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas

Oklahoma is also mentioned on their profile with Demotech, Inc., however, they aren’t listed as a company licensed to sell insurance in the State of Oklahoma.

Pride National Auto Insurance Reviews

As you might suspect by now, we were hard pressed to find any consumer reviews about the products sold by Pride National. There were three complaints filed against Pride National on the Better Business Bureau website and the company has an F rating with the BBB as a result.

Another interesting rating that they have received is from the Department of Insurance for Missouri. On this website they have what they call a complaint index. A complaint level of 100 is considered normal, under 100 is considered better than normal and over 100 is considered worse than normal.

In 2010 the company had a complaint of 155 for their auto insurance and 253 for their property & casualty division. This amount is less than their 2009 complaints which was 276 for their auto and 458 for their property & causality division.

As you can see, there has been some improvement between these two years; however, there isn’t enough data to determine if this is a growing trend or if the company simply had a better year.

Pride National Auto Insurance Claims

Because Pride National doesn’t have a website, you will not be able to file your claims with the company online. If, however, you are one of the many people who prefer to talk with a live agent after an accident, then this probably won’t present a problem for you.

Amongst the complaints that we did find about the company, none of them were in regards to the company not playing claims or paying claims slowly, so this is probably not an area that they have trouble in.

Pride National Auto Insurance Quotes

If you haven’t guessed already, without a website there is not a way for you to get a direct online quote from Pride National. If, however, you find an independent agent that sells their insurance products, then you can get a quote through that person.

Your independent agent will do more than just provide you with a quote from Pride National, they will provide you with quotes from multiple companies as well, allowing you to pick from the lowest priced companies that they offer.

Another option is for you to use our free quote tool and compare the quotes from the companies that are going to offer you the lowest prices.

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Reviews for Pride National Auto Insurance

    • 55555
    ROMMY HENLEY says:

    This site has it all wrong. Jupiter/Pride National has a web site, that is available. I use them in Arkansas and Oklahoma. this site states they do not have a presence in Okla and that is incorrect. I have written two Okla policies this week. Makes you wonder about this site that get so much wrong.

    • 11111

    I currently have insurance through pride national. I switched to pride about a month ago and about a week later I got rear ended. The man driving the truck had an expired license so they convinced the cops his wife was driving. Turns out we have the same insurance company. Anyways, I called to file the claim and got a recording asking me to leave a message. (this was a saturday) on monday I received a call asking what happened. And felt neutered by the adjuster. thursday, several horrible calls later, I find out that I had been talking to the adjuster about the claim they filed against me. My call was never returned! I tried to file another claim and they didn’t return my call so I called and left a message for the supervisor and still no returned call. I called again and got through to the supervisor who just transferred me to the adjuster who was rude to me too. When it was all over, I have a totaled vehicle and they got their truck paid for even though they hit me. I’m highly displeased!

    • 11111


    • 11111
    Randy Robinson says:

    WoW! Are you Serious??? I rated your company on your policy that states “Covered prior to an accident”, meaning covered until you have an accident! You have a rate and Review board on purpose so people can explain if they have had good or bad luck with your company. P.S Soon to come MY VERY OWN PRIDE NATIONAL Rate and Review and Comment website! Be looking for the link within the next week. Thank you and that is a -50 star rate!

  1. Carolyn Myers says:

    They do not even rate a one I paid my insurance in February for 6 months my daughter added a car and now they say we still own them money even though we removed a truck and insured a car from the same policy with another company they refuse to do anything until we pay an extra 88. Two vehicles removed from the policy and they still want money and prim. was paid through Aug. What is wrong with this pic.

    • 11111
    Calvin Walker says:

    Pride National is the Underwriter for Rio National Insurance. I am an Agent who sold Lots Of Policies for Rio .

    • 11111

    What a joke of a company. Someone who had insurance through this BS outfit rear ended my wife. When we tried to get the claim to make repairs they pull some BS that the driver was an excluded driver so they wouldn’t be covering the accident. All I can say is I hope the people that work for this BS company have the same thing happen to them that happened to us – only worse and see how they like being an innocent victim and getting led down the BS trail they have led us down. And to Jason Vest (claims adjuster) may karma strike you and you get into an accident and have massive injuries and have the company say, “we’re sorry but there’s nothing we will do for you”.

    • 11111
    Pride sucks says:

    They suck for all reasons listed above and more. Stay away. BBB has them rated an F and it ain’t for fantastic! Lol

  2. Bad company wont recommend at all, horrible service and i am passing that on. Starting with that rep Sandra Gordon, and that other dude from corporate Scott!


    • 11111
    Pride My A$$ says:

    I work 60 plus hours a week. Thus when payday arrives it is hard to drive to the broker to make a payment. I count on phone payments. I recently just triend to make one on the day my policy was said it would be cancelled if no payment was made, which btw was mailed to me 2 weeks prior. I assumed it was just a notice of an incoming payment but the date was a day earlier than the last months payment!!! I did have to go to to make the payment v.i.a. web and that is something I do not like doing (non secured website with credit card numbers and exp dates on display). If this payment is not received by Pride National according to their time zone and I end up with a higher premium or added late fees I will take this to the top…..If I can even find out where the H$%# that is?! !!!! DONT USE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO DEAL WITH AND CHARGE BOGUS FEES FOR PHONE PAYMENTS/WEB PAYMENTS/AND PREMIUMS TO RENEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 11111

    I wouldnt choose pride for nothing. I pay full coverage but when i was in an accident found out that i was paying for coverage i didnt have. Now i pay a higher premium and pay before my due date. It ia bogus company.

    • 55555


    • 55555


    • 11111
    harold reed says:

    you are right this company is a joke. i was rearended by a woman with no insurace. i pay full coverage to make sure when something like this happens it is taken care of. it has been 2 months of hell trying to get paid from this company and still havent got a check. i even had to do all the leg work getting the info they needed to get the ball started. for 3 weeks they said they were waiting on the police report. it took me 5 min to get. so i called them with all the info to get it. and it still took them another week to get it. that was a month ago. dont use them . im turning them over to the bbb and state insurance board. they need to be shut down.

    • 11111
    harold reed says:

    2 months ago got rearended and still havent seen a dime. there rude and lazy and crooks. SHUT THEM DOWN!!!!!!

    • 11111
    Tommy Gholson says:

    Scott and his pride and his workers can burn in h**l!!!

    • 11111

    Not insurance, beware this company will not pay out; All you will be doing is giving them money and if you have to file a claim don’t expect to be paid; Took them 6 months just to deny my claim for auto coverage;

  4. Unhappy person says:

    Pride is no good that insurance place needs to be shut down god dont like ugly so Pride Inc. needs to look out. Grade F-

  5. I give this company a ZERO. They are now cancelled in Arkansas. I think I may have spoken to a representative 1 time for the duration of my coverage with them. Usually, just an answering machine. Thank GOD I didn’t have an accident and need coverage.

  6. Just got a letter in the mail stating the following:

    “The Arkansas Insurance Department has suspended the Certificate of Authority for Pride National Insurance Company and the Company is no longer writing business in the state of Arkansas. The Department of Insurance wants to make sure you have adequate time to review your auto insurance options.”

    It goes further to offer me a quote with “Dallas National Insurance Company” Think I’ll stick with a better-known insurance company from now on.

  7. screwed over says:

    Pride is a total RIP OFF!!! Someone hit my front bumper, and they told me it had been approved, and my check was in the mail. The check had to go thru the Oklahoma office and would take 7 to 14 days. This was a few weeks ago. Today is July 19th, 2013. I made a phone call to Pride (Jupiter agent answered the phone). I was informed that Pride closed down, and went bankrupt July 10, 2013, and ALL CLAIM CHECKS HAD BEEN VOIDED)………….so they drafted my payment of 72.00 from my bank account two days before they went belly up!!!! I was told by this Jupiter agent that the “State Guaranty Association” was goiing to handle all claims that were to be handled, but the office had not been set up yet! Whatever!!!! Was told we would all be receiving a letter!! OMG! They do not deserve a rating! They do not exist anymore! DO NOT DEAL WITH ANYONE EVEN ASSOCIATED WITH PRIDE NATIONAL. I have seen Jupiter/Pride Ins. together…I am going to an Insurance co. I can trust, or can we trust anyone? I have stopped my bank draft, and anyone else associated with this company should do the same. I am an Arkansas resident.

    • 11111

    this is one sorry company how can you file for bankruptcy after all the they made off of innocent customers

    • 11111

    they suck

  8. Donald Hooks says:

    Wownwhatn a huge bogus company. It should be against the law to do business and rip off consumers the way this company does. I paid my premiums on time monthly for several months; yet when my car was side swiped and damaged was done to boyh me and my car. Once I tried to file a claim with this sorry excuse for an insurance company theyb tried to say the car I was driving wasn’t insured, only my old car inwhich I had dropped once I purchased the new one. They will use any excuse to prevent from paying out a claim!

  9. This company is nothing but a crook! Tip’s Insurance located in Fort Smith, Arkansas is just like them. Don’t trust anything insurance wise you get from Tip’s in Fort Smith on Grand Avenue. My husbands truck was stolen and involved in a head on collision. Due to the fact it was a family member who stated he did not have permission to drive our vehicle, we have phone conversations documented we were in bed at the time of the wreck, my husband was woke up and argued with the caller that his truck was in our driveway, they still denied our claim. We had to hire an attorney because the other people’s insurance company tried to sue us. Mr. Tip is a crook as well as Pride National. We have filled out nurmerous paperwork trying to get the money for our truck but nothing. We can’t sue the company because Oklahoma put a freeze on their assets. They did reorganize and start a new company. In a day where there are so many insurance laws (which I am currently studying to take the test) how did a theif like Tip’s or Pride National get past all this! It is quite scary, afterall, who is driving around out there with bogus insurance that leaves us who have legitimate insurance screwed!

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