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Maxum Casualty Auto Insurance Review

Maxum Casualty Auto Insurance
  • 11111
Address: 6455 East Johns Crossing, Suite 325
City: Duluth
State: GA
ZIP: 30097
Phone Number: (678) 597-4700
AM Best Rating: A-
Market Cap: VII ($50 Million to $100 Million)
Year Founded:

This Maxum Casualty auto insurance review leads us to two related enterprises. Maxum Casualty is a subsidiary of Georgia-based Maxum Specialty Insurance. While the parent company offers a variety of specialized insurance products, Maxum Casualty deals specifically with insurance for the trucking industry.

They are licensed to do business in all 48 states to the exclusion of California and Maryland. The company does not provide any form of auto insurance policies at the retail level.

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Maxum Casualty claims that its truck division is staffed by experienced professionals who know the trucking industry and its insurance needs inside and out. Their insurance products for this industry include not only coverage for trucks and trailers themselves, but also for cargo, carrier liability, and physical damage to property such as loading docks. The unique nature of these insurance needs requires a specialty carrier like Maxum Casualty.

Maxum Casualty Trucking Insurance Agents

Although Maxum Specialty Insurance does work with local brokerages and agencies, it’s not at the retail level like you find with a standard auto insurance company. Rather, Maxum prefers wholesale brokers who have a reputation for high quality representation. Wholesale brokerages desiring to become Maxum producers must undergo a rigorous screening process and a thorough investigation of their reputation and business practices.

Their decision to conduct business in this manner means that Maxum Casualty more often than not deals directly with their customers themselves. With standard auto insurance this direct-to-customer model is not always advantageous.

But because the trucking industry is a complicated one, with complicated insurance needs, this business model allows Maxum to ensure they are providing exactly what each customer needs. Maxum provides their trucking insurance to both individuals and companies.

Maxum Casualty Insurance Claims

Maxum Specialty claims to be dedicated to always maintaining a superior claims service based on integrity and care. On their website they say that their claims service center is staffed 24/7 by knowledgeable, caring individuals. Their goal is to initiate the claims process immediately upon receiving your first inquiry, and diligently follow through with that process until it is completed to the customer’s satisfaction.

To that end, Maxum Casualty provides a toll-free number for customers to call to report a claim. Their website specifically states that they should be contacted immediately, or as soon as is reasonably possible, after an accident.

This toll-free number applies only to claims in the Transportation department; other claims procedures exist for their specialty insurance. Maxum prefers that customers contact them directly because their wholesale brokers don’t have the means to help process claims.

Maxum Casualty Insurance Customer Service

Maxum Casualty provides a web-based account management interface they call their Truck Stop. Customers can log in using their company name and policy number, and instantly have access to all of their account information and policies.

From the Truck Stop policy inquiries can be made, payments can be submitted, and more. But the Truck Stop goes much further than simple account management.

Maxum provides many other tools to help those in the trucking industry do the best job they can. Truck Stop features includes a knowledge base of information such as articles and FAQs dealing with loss prevention and safety issues. They provide direct links to state and federal transportation sites, new safety bulletins, and other regulation changes. They also feature links and articles from some of the industry’s top trade magazines and links to some industry partners they work with.

One of the most important features offered by a Maxum’s Truck Stop is their accident kits. These kits contain everything the trucker will need in case of an accident – including claim forms, complete instructions, and helpful tips. The kits are designed to be ordered directly through Truck Stop and stored in the cab of the customer’s truck.

Maxum Casualty Insurance Reviews

Because Maxum Casualty is a specialty insurance company, individual customer reviews are limited. However, the ones we were able to uncover project this company as an excellent option for truck insurance. Their dedication to great customer service, and their knowledge of the trucking industry, allows them to service America’s truckers as good as any other provider. This reviewer was unable to find any negative remarks about Maxum Casualty.

Maxum Specialty Insurance also enjoys a solid reputation in the industry for quality products, excellent customer service, and affordable prices. Their financial ratings also tend to portray a company which is on solid financial ground. There appear to be no red flags that would cause one to be hesitant about doing business with Maxum.

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Reviews for Maxum Casualty Auto Insurance

    • 11111

    Claims department is very poor in there investigation!
    I would not recommend this company to anyone! My window
    Was damaged on a one week old 2013 50 thousand
    Dollar truck in which y’all say there is no proof!! It happend
    And I’m very pissed!!! Know i have to come out of pocket which
    Is total BS!!!! Thanks for nothing and costing me money Maxum!

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