Mapfre Auto Insurance Review

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Address: 211 Main Street
City: Webster
State: Massachusetts
ZIP: 01570
Phone Number: 1-800-922-8276
AM Best Rating: A+
Market Cap: $1.25 Billion to $1.5 Billion
Year Founded: 1972

This Mapfre Auto Insurance review will provide an overview of the company as well as information for those seeking auto insurance quotes. Mapfre Insurance is an independent agency, which means that it represents multiple insurance carriers. When a customer requests an auto insurance quote, a Mapfre agent will research several companies to find the best combination of price, coverage, and service for the customer.

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Mapfre Insurance offers personal insurance for the home and auto, as well as commercial products and services.

The Mapfre network consists of more than 4,200 agents who serve residents of California, Arizona, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Florida. In 2009, Mapfre Insurance’s group of companies was ranked by A.M. Best Company as 19th among the Top U.S. Private Passenger Automobile Writers.

Mapfre Auto Insurance Quotes

The best way to obtain an auto insurance quote from Mapfre is through a Mapfre agent. Customers can enter a zip code on the company’s website to locate the closest agent. The agent will collect information from the customer and then compile a list of options based on research of multiple insurance carriers. Mapfre is currently adding a link to the website so that customers can get a free online quote. That option will be available soon.

Mapfre offers four types of auto insurance packages. The MIC Preferred Auto Program is for good drivers with no violations or accidents. This package has multiple benefits, including optional endorsements such as vacation liability coverage, personal effects coverage, and emergency expense coverage.

Policyholders are also automatically enrolled in Road America Auto Assist Plus, which features roadside assistance, as well as death and disability coverage. The Preferred Select Auto Program is also for good drivers, and policyholders can assign drivers within the family to the specific autos they use most.

The Non-Standard Protection Auto Program is for drivers who have had driving violations or accidents, as long as they have fewer than ten points on their licenses. Non-owner coverage is available on this plan, as long as the policyholder does not use vehicles for business.

The Non-Standard Nation Safe Driver Auto Program has the same benefits as the Protection Auto Program, but includes enrollment in the Nation Save Driver Travel Program at no additional cost to the policyholder. All Mapfre auto insurance packages offer electronic funds transfer and various payment plans.

Mapfre Insurance also provides commercial auto insurance. Benefits for business owners include specialty coverages, full pay discounts, installment payment plans, and the Artisan Contractor program for fleet vehicles.

Mapfre Auto Insurance Claims

When a customer is involved in an accident or a car has been damaged by something other than a collision, the Mapfre website provides online claims service. The customer can click on the claims link, and then choose their carrier to begin the claims process. Another option is to complete the online claims form. Once that form is submitted, the customer will receive a submission number, and a Mapfre representative will make contact within one day.

The claims process will go more smoothly if the customer gathers key evidence at the scene of the accident. The claimant should gather as much information as possible about the policyholder’s car as well as the other involved cars. If possible, take photos of the damage. The customer should collect the same information about the other cars, and also the insurance details from the other driver.

The police should be called, and the claimant should record the police report number. If there are any witnesses they can provide additional details, so the claimant should get their names and addresses. Finally, the insured should have their policy number available when the call is placed to the claims department.

If claimant has questions about a pending claim, they can speak with an adjuster from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 1-877-324-6077.

Mapfre Auto Insurance Discounts

Mapfre offers an extensive number of available discounts for its policyholders. Good drivers who have had no accidents and no violations will receive the best premium costs. Group discounts for multiple vehicle policies will also lower premiums.

There are discounts for good students, distant students, students involved in driver training, mature drivers, and participation in alcohol awareness programs. Some vehicle features that can lower insurance costs are passive restraints, daytime running lights, anti-theft devices, and anti-lock braking systems.

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Reviews for Mapfre Auto Insurance

  1. Jeannie Young says:

    I have a policy with Mapfre . I bought the policy on June 20, 2013 for 1 year. Today I sold my car. I e mailed the agent and was told they will be no refund for the more than 9 months I have paid for. Is this normal policy? I asked the agent where it was written on my policy about the no refund. She said it was company policy. I suspect it is agent policy. Is this how all Malfre agents handle a cancelation?

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    Pat Knowd says:

    To Jeannie Young, regarding the post above.

    I am an agent with Mapfre and can tell you this is absolutely not the case. Mapfre will fully refund any unearned premium without penalty. It sounds like you are working with an unethical agent. Call Mapfre directly.

    I have been through many claims with Mapfre and they have all been handled excellently.

    A lot of complaints stem from the agent not rating and properly underwriting the policy or poor communication.
    Mapfre is A rated financially and their coverage contracts, be it auto home or umbrella I put up against ANY insurance company.

    I am an independent agent in Thousand Oaks representing over 10 leading carriers…I chose to insure my own home and cars with Mapfre USA.

    Pat Knowd
    Thousand Oaks Insurance Agency

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