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Baja Auto Insurance Review

baja auto insurance
  • 22222
Address: 750 11th Avenue, #101
City: San Diego
State: California
ZIP: 92101
Phone Number: 888-552-2252
AM Best Rating: N/A
Market Cap: Unknown
Year Founded: 1994

A Baja Auto Insurance Review leads to Baja Bound Insurance Services. This company has been in existence for 12 years. They sell Mexican auto insurance exclusively to U.S. and Canadian residents who will be traveling to Mexico. At the company’s founding, some people thought that this was too much of a niche market to be successful, but Baja Bound has been very successful.

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Many United States residents travel to and from Mexico several times a year for both business and pleasure. Having Mexican insurance makes it easier to travel in and out of the country without difficulty. It is an inexpensive and convenient type of insurance to carry, and is available for automobiles, trucks, RVs, and motorcycles.

Baja Bound Insurance Coverage

Some people may wonder why Mexican auto insurance is needed when driving an insured U.S. vehicle over the border. You can get into the country without proof of Mexican auto insurance: However, if you are in an accident, Mexican authorities will ask for proof of Mexican auto insurance. They do not consider U.S. or Canadian auto insurance policies viable because many U.S. and Canadian policies won’t pay internationally.

If you are involved in an accident in Mexico, you can be arrested, even if you are not at fault. Having Mexican auto insurance greatly reduces the risks of being arrested or spending time in jail. Also, some parts of Mexico do not have strict laws, so you may be asked to pay in order to avoid jail unless you can show proof of Mexican auto insurance.

Lastly, if your car is totaled in an accident in Mexico, it will be covered by your Mexican auto insurance policy. You do not want to be stranded without a vehicle or without the money to fix your vehicle. Baja Bound Insurance will take care of replacement or repair costs. Basically, it is an extra layer or protection that is good to have when in a foreign country.

Baja Bound Insurance Application

To apply for Baja Insurance you need to fill out a quick online form or you can go to one of their local offices. You will need to provide them with your vehicle type, vehicle year, vehicle make, vehicle model, and vehicle value. The value can be assessed by using an online system that evaluates the value of your vehicle, if sold today.

Then you choose the duration of the coverage you need. This can be anywhere from one day to 364 days. If your duration of travel is one year or longer, you will need another type of policy. All of Baja’s insurance policies are short term. Not only can you choose a date for coverage to begin, but also a specific time.

Those applying for Baja insurance have to answer some questions about their current United States or Canadian insurance coverage. There are some basic requirements concerning a current policy that must be met before being approved for Baja insurance. The resident coverage must be maintained while in Mexico. Those applying must also state why they will be traveling to Mexico and answer some questions about their driving history.

Baja Bound Insurance Claims

Baja Bound claims must be filed in a very specific way due to both U.S. and Mexican auto insurance laws. The most important thing to remember is that claims must be filed before leaving Mexico. If you leave Mexico and then file a claim, it may not be covered. Immediately after an accident, the driver should call 066. This is just like dialing 911 in the U.S.

When dialing 066, the caller should ask for an accident investigator to come to the scene, as well as any medical personnel that may be needed. It is more difficult to file an auto insurance claim if an accident investigator doesn’t come to the scene. An accident investigator will fill out an accident report that can be used by Baja Bound to understand and pay your claim.

It is important to be safe. If you do not feel safe where the accident occurred, move to a safe area. Never accept any money or other payment offer from someone who was involved in the accident with you. This is illegal in Mexico and can cause problems when law enforcement arrives, as well as when filing your claim.

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Reviews for Baja Auto Insurance

    • 11111
    Lucinda Shumaker says:

    Last month, I went to the Baja Ins. office to renew my policy. There was only one CSR there. She was on the phone crying and acting as if she was having an anxiety attack. It was about 4:00 pm. I asked her if she could PLEASE take my payment because my policy was about to expire. She said she was sick. She was begging the person on the phone to come over and relieve her so she could go home. I said I’m only making a payment can you take my money?? SHE SAID NO!!! Then another customer walked in. She went through the whole story with her too..that she was sick! I asked her AGAIN..”Can I PLEASE make the payment”? SHE SAID NO! I asked her if she could make the payment while she waited to be relieved? SHE SAID NO!! Then she said, “MY COMPUTER IS
    DOWN I CAN:T TAKE YOUR PAYMENT!! She told me and the other customer to go to another location in Pasadena, TX. I never found the location on Burke ST. and had to wait until the following Monday to renew my coverage and to be able to drive again. This incident happened at the location on SPENCER HWY. Pasadena, TX. That Monday the MNGR. from another location took my payment. I asked her if the computers were down the Saturday before. She said NO! I told her about the crazy acting csr..She said that SHE was the one on the phone with the csr. That lying fool! I could have gotten a ticket or worse just because she wanted to go HOME EARLY! ONE MONTH LATER..which is today. I go the BAJA ins. office to make a payment to renew my policy. The office closes at 7:00 pm. I arrived @ 6:45!! THE DOOR WAS LOCKED WITH TWO LAZY CSR’S ALREADY CLOSING DOWN FOR THE DAY. I ASKED THEM IF THEY COULD MAKE A PAYMENT. THEY SAID NO!! WTF!!!! THEY JUST SMIRKED AT ME..LIKE WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? i TOLD THEM I WAS GOING TO CALL THEIR MANAGER. THE FAT ONE SHRUGGED HER SHOULDERS AT ME!! I SOLD AUTO INSURANCE FOR SEVERAL YEARS. THE JOB IS RETAIL SALES. THAT MEANS I MARKETED THEIR PRODUCT. IT’S A SALES POSITION. THE GRAVY IS COLLECTING THE PAYMENTS. THESE LAZY NEUROTIC DRAMA QUEENS WON’T EVEN TAKE A PAYMENT!! WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THEY ARE TRYING TO SELL THE INSURANCE IN THE FIRST PLACE. IF I WAS THEIR MANAGER I WOULD HAVE SENT THEM HOME FOR GOOD!! WHEN I CLOSED AT 7:00 THAT MEANS THE DOOR IS LOCKED AT 7:00/!! I DID A LOT OF BUSINESS WITH CAR DEALERSHIPS…AFTER HOURS. THESE LAZY TRIPE ARE JUST COLLECTING A CHECK WHILE THEY SIT ON THEIR FAT BUTTS ALL DAY LONG WAITING TO CLOCK OUT! I AM ALSO GOING TO CONTACT THE OWNERS OF BAJA. BEFORE I BUY A DIFFERENT POLICY WITH YOUR COMPETITION. I’M DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 11111
    Cara Ricketts says:

    Terrible company! HOORRRRIIBBBLLLEEEE customer service! This is not my insurance carrier, thank God. But I was hit by one of their clients and I have now had to hire an attorney because they continue to postpone fixing my car. What a terrible company.

    • 55555

    I cannot believe the two people above.

    For “Lucinda Shumaker,” Baja Bound is NOT located in Pasadena, Texas! The office is in San Diego, California. She is clearly talking about a different insurance company.

    For “Cara Ricketts,” how can she be hit by somebody covered by “Baja Bound?” First of all, Baja Bound does not sell their own insurance, they use others such as ACE or HDI. She didn’t even mention it was in Mexico so I am starting to find her claims questionable.

    Please remove the two above comments. I have used Baja Bound several times and have been very satisfied with the options they offer. Both ACE and HDI are excellent A+ Mexican insurance carriers. Baja Bound deals with reputable companies in Mexico.

    • 55555
    Caitlin Teirra says:

    Best company I have ever worked with for insurance. I can only imagine the first two comments are from their competitors, because my experience has been wonderful. Including one small accident.

    • 11111
    ivan flores says:

    This company has bad customer service. As you can see, the lady on the top comment defending her company is unprofessional. Maybe a “sorry to hear that” or “can I get your number so we can discuss this matter and see if we can get it situated?” But that wouldn’t work because they give you the runaround. I’m paying 130 a month for liability haha, and I just found that out when I have a 2015 Chevy Cruze that is required to have full coverage. Their employees are not trained to deal with insurance properly and customers also. I had a minor accident and now they won’t cover it because I had liability. The company is a joke.

    • 11111
    Gina Gonzales says:

    I haven’t even fully committed to this sorry a@$ company and they have taken a s@#$ load of money from me, that was a “MISTAKE,” by some f@#$*& named Jasmine. Calling and calling and calling forever, hold times and nothing is being done. I can’t even get a call back from a single a manager because I’m tired of waiting on Jasmine to call back! Yes, she is nice, but if you make a mistake you fix it, running away will make me chase you and bury you by getting you fired. I am a single mother I cannot afford this to happen to me. I can’t believe I don’t have the money to go elsewhere and have to be insured by these dimwits for 6 months. Now let me get off this computer and call them for the 50th time. I was only on here looking for a corporate office to speak with someone who can possibly do their job. I wonder if that’ll happen?

    • 11111

    This is the worst insurance company I have EVER been involved with I’ve been insured for 35 yrs. 4 times I tried to take a voided check for auto draft next month I would get a bill! They’d say sorry no trace of a check then I’d call to make a payment get put on hold 20+ min only to be hung up on when I called back!! I was yelled at!! Hung up on and even cussed at!! These ppl have the worst customer service EVER! RUN SAVE YOURSELF a lot of drama and unprofessional sarcasm.

    • 11111

    I’m appalled by this company being hung up on over and over yelled at cursed at told “whatever” when I said I was done dealing with this. I took 4 voided checks at 4 different times to the Carrollton office only to NEVER have a draft in place then, when I tried to pay over the phone well that’s a nightmare! Run ppl save yourself from these INCOMPETENT BUFFOONS!! They all need to be fired or have retraining!! WORST COMPANY EVER!!

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