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Auto Owners Insurance Auto Insurance Review

Address: 6101 Anacapri Blvd.
City: Lansing
State: MI
ZIP: 48917
Phone Number: (517) 323-1200
AM Best Rating:
Market Cap:
Year Founded: 1916

If you haven’t heard of Auto Owners Insurance, then this Auto Owners Insurance auto insurance review will give you a general idea of whether or not this is a company that you may want to consider for your coverage. Auto Owners Insurance was founded in 1916 in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

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In 1917 the company had a whopping $174.25 in assets. The owner decided it would be best to move the company and relocated to Lansing, Michigan. The move seemed to have done the trick because by 1953, Auto Owners Insurance had sold $2.5 worth of policies.

For 3 years in a row, JD Power and Associates awarded Auto Owners the “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with the Auto Insurance Claims Experience,” from 2008-2010. They also receive a Top 50 ranking among insurance companies from Ward Financial Group for outstanding financial results. They are also a Fortune 500 company.

Auto Owners Insurance Contact Information

Auto Owners Insurance is located at:

6101 Anacapri Blvd.
Lansing, MI 48917
(517) 323-1200

Their office hours are 8 am to 4:30pm Monday thru Friday.

You can also contact Auto Owners Insurance via email via either through the personal email of an employee, their general email portal or through their billing or life insurance email portal.

Auto Owner Insurance Agents

You can purchase insurance policies in 26 states and they are only available through independent agents. According to Auto Owners Insurance, there are several advantages to using an independent agency such as you can work with a local business, they have more products to offer and they are there when you need them.

Of course, another advantage to an independent agent is that they can let you know if Auto Owners Insurance truly has the best products for you or if you would be better off choosing a different auto insurance company.

Auto Owners Insurance company doesn’t require independent agents to pass any special testing to sell their products. This generally means that the agent uses their own time to learn what they need to know about the company in general.

To find an agent in your area, you will need to use the find an agency feature. You will be led to a map that shows you the 26 states in which their insurance is available, and a zip code box. Enter your zip code and you will be shown available agents in your area. There are thousands of agencies around the country that are licensed to sell Auto Owners Insurance products and nearly 40,000 agents.

Auto Owners Insurance Claims

In surveys conducted by JD Power and Associates, Auto Owners Insurance consistently ranked in the top three spots year after year for their quick claims service in every category. Only State Farm and USAA beat them out in 2010 for this achievement.

In fact, even independent agents compliment Auto Owners for their fast and accurate auto insurance claim paying. Auto Owners doesn’t fight with policyholders over the cost of repairs or other issues. They pay what needs to be paid and move on.

Of course, they don’t have a perfect record. They were sued in 2008 by a customer who carried homeowners insurance and the company wouldn’t cover the losses in the fire. However, overall, their reputation is excellent.

Auto Owners Insurance Customer Service

Again, Auto Owners Insurance is an award winning company because of their excellent customer service. In fact, part of the company motto is that it has a no problem claims and customer service. Even former employees of the company compliment Auto Owners on how well they treat their customers.

One area where Auto Owners Insurance fails is in terms of customer service. For those of you who like to pay your bills and manage you policy online, you won’t have this option; instead, you will have to speak directly to you agent.

In this day and age, it is nearly unheard of that you can’t at least pay your bill online, but that is something that Auto Owners doesn’t offer. For many people this could actually be a turn in terms of whether or not to choose the company.

Of course, Auto Owner depends on their excellent live customer service to keep their customers coming back.

Auto Owners Insurance Reviews

There are a variety of different reviews online regarding Auto Owners, some good some bad. When a company grows to a certain size, you are sure to find more negative comments than positive ones.

Auto Owners does have a lot of positive reviews online. However, many people claim that they raise their prices annually, regardless of whether or not the national auto insurance rate is lower.

On of the most common Auto Owners Insurance complaints is that the company requires an auditor to come to a home before writing a homeowners policy. However, the company then charges a fee for the mandatory service. Some people feel that they should be able to hire their own auditor if they are going to be required to pay extra for the service.

Overall, however, the reviews of this company are very positive. People feel that their claims are paid quickly and that the claims staff is very polite and helpful. Although some people complained that they were paid less than the value of their property, this was more the exception than the rule.

Auto Owners Insurance Quotes

You cannot get a direct quote for your insurance from Auto Owners Insurance. The company doesn’t have this ability online. In addition, if you want a quote from an independent agent, you will have to visit them personally or talk to them via the telephone, they don’t offer quote tools either. Auto Owners customer service might be found a little lacking with such few options.

There is nothing wrong with this method, mind you, but if you want to remain independent in your search for auto insurance, then you are going to have to use other options. A free quote tool is the best way to accomplish this. What’s more, you need to use a third party quote tool that is independent of an insurance company so that you can do a price comparison against several top auto insurance companies.

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Reviews for Auto Owners Insurance Auto Insurance

    • 11111

    Horrible experience with flood policy. This company does not care about the policy owner. Low Balled the all claims where we could barley cover materials. An example would be the water restoration and cleaning was estimated at multiple quotes of $11,000-$14,000. They gave $3,000.

    • 11111

    Horrible customer service. You can get better service from Iran than from Auto Owners Insurance customer service.

    • 11111
    Kirk Kross says:

    I’m not a policy holder with Auto Owners but one of their clients hit me on 1/11/12. Since then I tell the adjuster to call me at work he calls my home number, this happens multiple times. The adjuster keeps telling me to file the claim with my insurance because they don’t have the info they need from their policy holder, I talked with the policy holder he says he has turned this paperwork in the day after the accident, just one frustration after another.

    Pray that if you are hit by someone they DON”T have Auto Owners as their insurance.

    • 11111

    My husband and I had no problems with auto-owners for 4 years. We have two vehicles insured. Rates do go up when you purchase new vehicles and that is expected. Don’t get over two tickets because they will increase your premiums a lot. Ours had doubled so we will be cancelling. I’d hate to see what it would cost if it invovled accidents. These were defective vehicles for two and during road calls for work. I could see rates increasing a couple or few hundred dollars but not $1,500.

  1. They are rude and do not answer their phones. I have emails from them letting me know that “someone” was gonna call me and it has been a year. Today I finally cancelled my policy and got a 50% less money quote from 21st Century, (they are open 24/7). Auto Owners agent Javier from Wells Fargo is a joke, and do not speak english!!! Hello!!!!!

    • 11111

    Absolutely AWFUL!!!!! STAY AWAY. Had a policy for 2 years nearly $6000 in premiums, made one claim, the denied it, then they non-renewed us.

    • 11111
    Rochelle Chase says:

    We’ve had commercial liability through AO for more than ten years, and are now in the midst of a claim that was initiated two weeks ago and we still don’t have an answer (or any settlement). As a business, every day this claim is not settled I am losing business, which means $$ … but AO doesn’t seem to care much about that. They’re now on reason #4 that they think they don’t have to pay this claim.

    I have to laugh when I read that JD Powers says this company has good ratings for customer service, because I sure am not seeing or feeling any love at all!

    Buyers, beware. Be ready to pay, and then be ignored when you need help. That’s been my experience.

  2. Very poor service, Does not return phone calls, will only pay a partial amount if you are ever hit by a policy holder.
    Don’t even think that you will be treated fairly by this company. Now is the time to change your insurance if you
    are a policy holder with Auto Owners, before you need to file a claim. I rate them NEGATIVE 5 stars!!

    • 11111
    Ray Pilgrim says:

    Would give them a 0 zero minus if i could. Worst ever insurance company. I had insurance on my moms house and they let it go into cancellation before sending me a bill to keep it up! So now it sits without any type of insurance on it! Cant act till Tuesday because of the holiday weekend. The Thomas Fisk agency is useless and no help at all.

    Do not do business with this company they are worthless and i will file a complainant with the Minnesota Insurance inspector against them and the Thomas Fisk agency for incompetence, and neglect of policy holder.

    See they charge a penalty for not renewing when due, so its a con game with them to charge higher prices.

    This is one NASTY COMPANY stay away from them!

    • 11111

    Do I REALLY have to give them a star? Horrible insurance company. I was hit by one of their policy holders back in 2010. They paid for the total loss of my vehicle, damage to my MacBook Pro and my rental car. The policy limits WERE 100/300k. So, I went to Doctors for years on LOPs. My med bills are probably close to 100k, NOT TO MENTION the out of pocket RX’s and the prolotherapy doctor we paid out of pocket for. Auto Owners NOW deny the claim. After they offered 20k last year, but i wouldnt settle. It’s simple math. They wouldnt offer enough to cover my bills. WHY would I settle? So, I’m stuck with a ton of bills, no money, a screwed up back & now ANOTHER battle. I’m gonna win this. You don’t know who you are dealing with.

    • 11111

    I recently was involved in a claim regarding my condo. Unfortunately I had a negative experience when working with Auto Owners Insurance Company. The process took longer than expected and when I would contact them with questions I was given a curt, flip response from the claims adjuster. When I requested to talk to the manager because the adjuster wasn’t calling me back after a week, I received the same kind of customer service from the manager. I pride myself on being polite and respectful when communicating when others and I was greatly disappointed in the way I was treated. When a decision has finally been made in my claim, they didn’t call me with the result but sent a letter I have yet to receive. And the only reason I know that is because I asked my sister to call for me since they were not taking my calls. My first contact with them was on 6/22/12 and I am still waiting for the letter stating my claim was denied. I would like to think that the experts and ones providing the service would behave in a respectful, timely, and helpful manner. I did not find this at Auto Owners Insurance.

    • 11111

    canceled my insurance, three weeks after i filed a claim, less than 3,000 on auto that was totaled. they just want your money, so don’t file a claim if you want to keep giving it to them

    • 11111

    The worst insurance company out there. Denied my claim on my wife’s death in an auto-accident and then spent 10’s of thousands of dollars paying lawyers to fight me in court rather than pay my claim. Stay away from this company or you will be sorry if you have to make a claim.

    • 11111

    HORRIBLE !!! One of there policy holders hit me. Check is in the mail earlier then expected but no where near enough money..

  3. For the third year in a row, they have failed to send me a due bill for my landlord rental insurance, then they threaten cancellation, AND charge me an extra fee for not paying the not billed premium on time. They claim to have a monopoly on this type of insurance in the state of michigan, I guess that explains the terrible service. Just one more reason for me to sell the property I guess. AVOID AUTO OWNERS INSURANCE. I would hate to see what would happen if I had a claim, which I have not in over twenty years. NO STARS IS WHAT THEY DESERVE.

    • 11111

    Worst ever! One of their policy holders hit my niece. We have been waiting for bodily injury claims to be paid. This accident was in July and the representative claim to have sent a release form for medical records Aug.5. I called the doctor’s office and it was a lie. I hope to never encounter another one of their customers.

    • 55555
    William E. Spears says:

    I dont know who these people with all these bad reviews were dealing with but I have nothing but GOOD things to say about them. My business has had them for five years and have had three claims with them and they have been the most professional insurance company I have ever dealt with. EVERY step of the way they have told me exactly what was going on and how long I could expect to be without my vehicle. I am VERY PLEASED with the service I have received on each claim I have filed. I guess it’s easy to bash the service when it is bad but I dont believe this is the norm. We usually forget good service and remember ALL the bad service, just human nature I guess.

    • 11111
    Bret Hansen says:

    Would give them a negative star rating if possible. You better never have to make a claim with Auto Owners. They will deny your claim and pay attorneys tens of thousands of dollars to keep from paying you a claim rather than pay a legitimate claim. They are the most unprofessional and dishonest insurance company around. Please stay away from this company or you you will regret you ever paid a dime of premiums to Auto Owners.

    • 11111
    Joann Magnuson says:

    DO NOT EVER SPEND YOUR MONEY WITH THESE PEOPLE to insure your property!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had 3 instances of storm damage resulting in several roof leaks in an area known for bad storms and subsequent damage. Several people on my street have had their roofs replaced that are in the same basic age group as mine (16 years). Auto-Owners REFUSES to replace my roof after two claims filed to achieve such. THEY LOWBALL REPLACEMENT COSTS TO AVOID PAYING. Also, when confronted with my second denial, I called to advise them of my dissatisfaction with their denial and indicating I would change insurers, THEY COULD HAVE CARED LESS!!! Her response “that’s fine”. Good to know they don’t need the business. The game they are playing is that they are going to have ME replace my roof over time at my own expense! I’ve already spent half my deductible in “repair” costs because they placed costs on items like $9.16. REALLY???? Since I had to fill in a star rating I had to give a one, but in reality it would be negative 10!!! BAD FAITH COMPANY!!! DO NOT INSURE WITH THESE PEOPLE!! They will not provide the coverage you are paying for!!!

    • 55555
    Emmaline Foster says:

    I have had excellent service from Auto-Owners in the four years that I have had insurance with them. Perhaps service depends on the particular agency. I have my policy through Flegal Insurance Agency in Rossville, Georgia. Southern hospitality and courtesy goes along with service!

    • 11111
    terence rybak says:

    I had Auto-Owners insurance on my three cars and on my home for many years.  Always had a great experience with the car insurance.   Then in 2015, a wind and hailstorm damaged my home and garage  roof.  The first time the adjuster came out, he took pictures of the roof and said, ‘no problem, we will take care of it’.  The next thing I heard, they would not cover the fifteen thousand dollars worth of damage to the roof.  I requested a second opinion from the adjuster’s office.  The second adjuster didn’t even come out, he just looked at the pictures the first adjuster took, and denied the claim.  I had a consultant come out, mark the damaged areas with chalk and take fifty pictures of the damage.  The adjusters sent their own consultant out, who also took pictures, and claimed there was no damage.  I bought this top of the line homeowners package on the advice of my insurance agent, who said it provided very good coverage.  I buy insurance because I do not have fifteen thousand dollars laying around to repair damage to my home.  I am disabled and on a fixed income.  I started looking for another insurance company online, and I found a website  at  The list Auto-Owners as the tenth worst company out of several hundred.  In fact, Auto-Owners made the web site’s “Hall Of Shame”, rated tenth from the bottom.  Save yourself from being ripped off and do not buy insurance from this company!

    • 11111

    This is the sorriest insurance company in the world. I had someone with this insurance company run into the back of me and my family while we sitting still in traffic. They won’t answer my phone calls, they won’t return your calls when you do talk to them, and they have the nastiest attitude towards you. They will give you every excuse in the world, they told me today they were waiting on the accident report. I told them I could fax or email them a copy of it to them they told me they couldn’t use mine, that they need one from the DMV. They all so told me we shouldn’t have any injuries because the lady that hit us ran into a trailer that we were pulling. I would not recommend them to anybody. I will tell them to run the other way.

    • 11111
    Jane Linton says:

    Have had Insurance with them 20 years and no claims… Had wind storm damage to a 7 year roof.. (actually picked up some roofing from yard) Roofing material is no longer made… I have had 4 roofers look at it for “repair” as the insurance company wants to do.. They cannot get the material or make repair because of shingle sizes etc… Company sends “Architectial Engineer” to make claims that water damage to inside is caused structurally from original roof.. We are asking for a new roof and inside water stains fixed… They sent us $2000.00 … Still leaking.. This has been going on since last March! 10 months.. Horrible, horrible company…

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