What cars are considered by an auto insurance company as a high performance car?

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Things to Remember...

  • Lamborghinis are considered high-performance cars
  • Typically, you will have higher monthly premiums for high-performance cars
  • Modifying a normal street vehicle is where high-performance insurance becomes tricky

You may already be aware of the fact that you’ll pay higher insurance premiums for high-performance cars, but do you know what kinds of cars are considered by auto insurance companies to be high-performance cars? Most people don’t.

Before we get into explaining what a high-performance car is, be aware that an auto insurance company determines what rate you’ll pay based on the value of your car and how much risk you pose for making a claim or being convicted of a violation.

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Are there any cars considered high performance off the lot?


Without a doubt, there are many high-performance cars manufactured and sold. Take any Lamborghini, for example. If you own one of these machines you would pay an extraordinarily high insurance premium, even if the car is fairly old.

That’s because Lamborghinis are built for speed and handling. It’s highly unlikely that the average driver who purchases one of these cars would routinely conduct himself on public roadways in the same safe manner he would if he were driving a Yugo.

What makes the Lamborghini a higher performance vehicle? Several things. Insurers look at engine size, engine speed, handling, and safety ratings.

They also expect that high-performance vehicles will be driven by high-performance drivers more likely to have car accidents or get speeding tickets.

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What kinds of modifications would classify my car as high-performance?

Modifying a normal street vehicle is where high-performance insurance becomes tricky. Each insurance company values high-performance parts and modifications in the different ways.

Obviously, adding a larger engine or a turbocharger will certainly cause it to be classified high-performance.

But you can earn that designation with new wheels, new suspension, and any other number of things deemed to add significant value to your car.

Restorations of older vehicles can also result in your car being designated high-performance under certain conditions. The term “muscle car” illustrates this principle perfectly.

Restoring an old Dodge Charger to its factory condition, for example, would not be considered high performance.

But adding certain new parts, like an engine turbocharger and racing wheels, would probably push it over the edge.

Because this is generally left up to the discretion of your insurance company, it is a constant point of disagreement between the drivers and their providers.

Of course, you can always carry just the minimal liability for your car and not worry about your high-performance parts.

What is covered under a policy for high-performance cars?


If you do find an auto insurance company willing to insure your high-performance car, you will have to talk about the details of what the policy will and will not cover.

Sometimes a policy will cover the entire car, parts and all, regardless of circumstance.

Other times a policy may only cover against accidental damage and not against fire, flood, or theft.

The same holds true for the individual high-performance parts.

How can I protect my investment in a high-performance car?

If you have a high-performance vehicle it’s a good idea to take plenty of photographs and save documentation for any parts you bought or labor you paid for.

Oftentimes it is impossible to put a real replacement value on a modified high-performance car so you’ll need all that documentation in order to establish a value.

Without it, your insurance company is likely to pay out the least amount could get away with if you have to make an auto insurance claim.

If you and your insurance company disagree when it does come time make a claim, most states offer a forum by which drivers can challenge insurance company rulings.

Be advised that it’s often difficult to have such rulings reversed unless you have plenty of documentation and pictures.

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