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Is misfuelling covered by insurance?

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Things to remember...

  • Many insurance companies have exclusions that refer to misfuelling
  • Significant damage can be caused if you put the wrong fuel into your vehicle
  • Mechanical breakdown coverage might provide the protection you need

Misfueling is a common occurrence and happens when a person uses the wrong fuel when putting gas or diesel into the car. If you put the wrong fuel in and there is damage to your vehicle, you need to know whether your auto insurance will take care of the repairs

Often, insurance will reject the claim. You need to have the right coverage on your policy and know to read the fine print.

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What is misfuelling?


Your vehicle requires a particular type of fuel. Inside your owner’s manual, it will tell you what kind of fuel you should use. If you accidentally put the wrong kind of fuel into the tank, it could cause various problems.

In some instances, misfuelling is done on purpose. Many people think that if they put premium fuel into their tank when the owner’s manual calls for standard unleaded fuel, they are improving the fuel efficiency. This belief is not accurate, however.

There are several different types of fuel available:

  • Unleaded
  • Super Unleaded
  • Premium Unleaded
  • E85 (for flex fuel vehicles)
  • Diesel

Gas stations label the pumps well to avoid misfuelling. Additionally, the diesel nozzle has a different shape so that it won’t fit inside the average fuel tank designed for unleaded gas. The purpose behind this is to ensure that people don’t put the wrong fuel into the tank by accident.

To avoid problems, you need to follow what your car recommends from the manufacturer. If you do use the wrong fuel, it could pose problems. Insurance might or might not cover the repairs, which is why you have to be cautious.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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What kind of damage can it cause?

The damage that occurs when you put the wrong fuel into the tank depends on your car and the octane that you used. If you have a car that requires unleaded and you put premium unleaded in, there is not likely to be any damage. You are simply going to spend more at the gas station on fuel.

If you put regular gas into a car that requires premium, however, you could cause major internal damage.

Modern cars have engine computers that will make adjustments, but there might be a rattling noise in the engine.

If you notice that you put the wrong fuel in, you can choose to take action right away. You have the ability to drain the tank and replace the fuel with the correct kind. Quickly replacing the fuel might help to mitigate some of the damages that would otherwise occur.

What You Need to Know About Your Insurance Policy


Your insurance policy is built to include coverage if you are involved in an auto accident. The state you live in might require certain types of coverage. You can then choose to add additional coverage as you desire.

There is always fine print on a policy which will vary from company to company. Many times, there are exclusions in the insurance policy that identify what is not covered. “Misfuelling” is a common exclusion in policies.

Even if you have comprehensive or another form of coverage, you might not be covered for misfuelling. Not all insurance companies have this exclusion.

You need to compare insurance companies and look at the exclusions so you know the full amount of coverage you are getting.

Misfueling will often result in mechanical damage. You might want to consider adding mechanical breakdown coverage to your policy.

The coverage can be obtained from an insurance company or obtained through the dealership or a third party. It’s often best to get it from insurance as it will be more affordable when added to all of the other coverage that you have.

Even with mechanical breakdown coverage, it’s important to check if there are exclusions regarding misfuelling.

Insurance might not provide the coverage you want against misfuelling. It’s important to know what fuel your vehicle takes and to pay attention at the pump.

If the wrong fuel does enter your tank, be sure you know your coverage options within your policy and learn of any exclusions before you sign up to obtain a policy from one company over another.

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