Can you pay car insurance online?

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Things to remember...
  • A number of auto insurance companies provide online payment options for their customers
  • Many of these companies offer innovative choices like mobile apps or PayPal acceptance with their online systems
  • Some companies make you set up an account to pay, while with others you can simply pay instantly with a quick payment option
  • Online payment is so widely available that it can be one factor among many included in comparison shopping for car insurance

When you’re considering the auto insurance options available in your state, one important factor to keep in mind is ease and convenience of payment.

You can make use of a variety of mechanisms to pay your car insurance bill:

  • traditional mail-in payments
  • automatic payment
  • online banking managed through your bank’s website

Some of the major car insurers, however, also offer online payment through their own website, an extra bit of convenience that can help you pay your car insurance bill quickly and easily with a credit card or bank transfer.

More and more, when it comes to asking if online payment is an option, for car insurers, the answer is an enthusiastic, “Yes!”

There are a number of payment options offered by major insurance providers. While the large national insurers offer a variety of online payment options, there could also be small or localized offices that do not offer these payment options.

It’s best to check directly when setting up your insurance policy to ensure your access to online payments.

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Mobile Apps, PayPal, and other Innovations


For example, Geico offers various installment plans, which can be paid the following ways:

  • by one-time or automatic online payments
  • by mobile app
  • by phone
  • by mail

State Farm offers similar options, including instant online payments, phone and mail payments and walk-in payments at a State Farm agent office.

Allstate also offers its own mobile app as well as one-time and recurring online payments, automated phone payments, mail payments and in-person options at an Allstate agency.

While most companies take online payments from credit cards, online checks or other forms of bank transfer such as EFT, Progressive also accepts PayPal as a form of online payment alongside traditional online options, mail-in, and phone payments.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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Online Payment Options: Accounts and Quick Pay Systems

Farmers’ Insurance also allows online payments in addition to phone, mail and in-person payments. In order to make an online payment, you will need to set up an account on the company’s website.

USAA shares this common setup, allowing you to pay online, over the phone or by check with a bank account or credit card.

Liberty Mutual allows you to set up an online account to handle your bill payments but also offers a Quick Pay option for immediate online payment.

Meanwhile, Nationwide also encourages account creation where you can either pay directly or set up recurring payments to your credit or debit card.

The Hartford offers quick direct pay options as well as automatic payments, mail payments and access through a special mobile app.

Travelers and American Family both offer an array of traditional and online payment options, with one-time payments, automated options, mail, and telephone payments.

Quick, Flexible Online Insurance Payment Options

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Insurers like AAA Life and Mercury Insurance offer online options for payment in addition to the standard mail-in or preset debit options.

Meanwhile, MetLife offers online and telephone payments. For an additional quick payment option, they also offer a specific overnight mail address for speedy offline payments.

Erie Insurance takes online payments as well as telephone, mail or in-person options, while AAA Auto Insurance offers a MyPolicy account space to manage and handle online payments for its customers.

When choosing an auto insurance company, online payment availability can help to reassure you that you can pay at any time.

Flexible forms of payment, including credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts are accepted by many insurers, while some even accept PayPal or other forms of online currency.

The wide array of insurance companies offering the service means that it’s easy to check that online payment is available when comparing options between car insurers.

Given the importance of on-time payment when dealing with car insurance, online payment offers a secure option to pay your bill immediately.

Even if you have a problem with your normal account for payment, flexible online choices protect you from concerns about late payments or being unable to switch your method of payment.

A large number of insurers have recognized the convenience and accessibility of online payment, allowing you to include this option among many others when choosing the car insurance that is right for you and your lifestyle.

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