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My Auto Insurance Expired Yesterday

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Things to remember...

  • Driving without the minimum required auto insurance coverage is illegal in almost every state in the U.S.
  • You are still able to get the required auto insurance coverage even after yours expires
  • If you act quickly to get your car insurance coverage current, you may even be able to get the same coverage again with the same provider
  • The longer you go without having the required car insurance coverage, the more expensive it can get for your coverage to be reinstated
  • If you are in an auto accident after your current policy term expires, you will not have coverage for any claims with expired insurance

You have a very good reason to act quickly if you discover that your auto insurance coverage is expired.

It is a legal requirement to have auto insurance coverage if you are driving on a public road, which means that you could face fines and the possible suspension of your license if you do not have proof of current auto insurance coverage.

The sooner you act to get the proper auto insurance coverage, the better position you will be in to pay a reasonable rate for auto insurance coverage and avoid any penalties while driving.

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The Penalties for Not Having Current Auto Insurance Coverage


Every state has different penalties for a driver failing to maintain the required auto insurance coverage in that state. They can include:

  • receiving a fine
  • having your license suspended
  • having your license revoked

The reason that states take auto insurance coverage requirements so seriously is that it is the best way to make sure that all drivers on the road will take financial responsibility for any damage that they cause in an auto accident.

Along with facing penalties from the state, you could also be hit with more expensive premiums for your auto insurance coverage for your mistake in letting your auto insurance coverage lapse.

Your current auto insurance company can tell when you have missed payments and let your auto insurance coverage expire as well as other auto insurance companies.

There really is no way to hide the fact that you do not have current auto insurance coverage if you let your coverage expire.

The reason that your premium will increase for auto insurance coverage after letting your current policy expire is that the auto insurance provider wants to make sure that all drivers insured with that particular company actually pay their premium.

In addition, an auto insurance company will evaluate you as a higher risk driver because you have not been responsible in the past concerning your auto insurance coverage payments.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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Ways to Get Current on Your Auto Insurance Coverage

After you discover that you have missed a payment on your auto insurance coverage or have let the policy expire without renewing it, you need to make a quick decision about how you want to pick up the required auto insurance coverage again.

There is a possibility that you could get your auto insurance coverage reinstated with your previous provider. This may require that you make payments for the period that you went uninsured and pay some late penalty.

If you cannot get auto insurance coverage again with your previous provider, you will need to shop around for another one so that you do not go any longer than necessary without the required auto insurance coverage.

It is easier than ever to find out what rates on auto insurance coverage are available in your area by searching online.

When you are looking for cheap rates on auto insurance coverage, you may find that your premiums will have gone up after allowing your auto insurance coverage to lapse.

The good news about this unfortunate situation is that your rate increase will not be around forever. After you have reestablished a good record of maintaining and paying for your auto insurance coverage, you may be eligible for better rates in the future.

Before you accept a rate for getting auto insurance coverage again, make sure that you have asked about all the discounts that could help to lower your rate.Here are a couple examples:

  • If you use public transportation to commute to work, you may get a lower rate on your auto insurance coverage for only driving a few miles a week.
  • You could be eligible for a reduction on your auto insurance coverage premium by having multiple cars insured by the same auto insurance company.

How to Handle Not Finding Auto Insurance Coverage


Finding auto insurance coverage after having a lapse in your coverage can be difficult. This is especially true if you do not have a clean driving record or have been cited for traffic offenses recently.

Even in this situation, you may still be able to find auto insurance coverage through a state risk pool.

The rates for auto insurance coverage in these situations is a bit higher than average. You may want to consider taking public transportation as much as possible to reduce the risk of being involved in an accident.

This period of time that you are accident-free will allow you to seek out more affordable auto insurance coverage from a traditional provider after a certain time has passed.

As soon as you find out that you do not have auto insurance coverage, you should not get behind the wheel again until you have it reinstated.

If you cause an accident while you do not have valid auto insurance coverage, you will be personally responsible for paying for all of the damage involved. Even in a minor accident, the total amount of the damage can be significant enough to bring you to financial ruin.

If you are involved in an auto accident without having current auto insurance coverage, this will make it even more difficult for you to get traditional coverage again. Auto insurance companies will rate you as a riskier driver and could deny coverage outright.

Even if you are able to find auto insurance coverage after the accident, you will end up paying much more money than if you had waited to drive until you had the required auto insurance coverage in place again.

Wrap Up on What to Do if Your Auto Insurance Expired Yesterday

If you are currently in a situation where your car insurance policy just recently expired, it is important to act quickly to make sure that you do not jeopardize your right to drive.

There are serious legal penalties you will have to pay if caught driving without auto insurance coverage. Also, your premium will go up the longer that you go without having valid auto insurance coverage.

Don’t let that happen to you! Compare quotes and find the best insurance provider you can today!

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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