Does auto insurance cover riot damage?

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Things to remember...

  • Riot damage is just one civil disorder that can occur, which can result in damage to your car
  • Your car insurance policy may protect you from riot damage, and other civil disorder damages, if you have chosen the proper coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage protects you from losses not related to a collision, which would include damage caused by rioting
  • If rioting is occurring in your area, you may not be able to purchase coverage once riots have commenced
  • If you have questions about your coverage applying to these types of losses, speak to your insurance provider before a loss occurs

Damage caused to your car by riots can happen unexpectedly and without time to prepare ahead; civil disorders often occur without warning.

To protect your vehicle from riot damage, it’s important to carry the proper coverage on your insurance policy before the loss occurs. If you want to keep your car protected from riot damage, it’s important to carry comprehensive coverage on your policy.

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Protecting Your Car from Riot Damage


Riots are a form of protest that can occur at any time, and they may occur without much notice. Peaceful protests have even managed to turn into violent, ugly riots that lead to vehicles being damaged or destroyed.

When this destruction occurs, your car may be an unfortunate recipient of some of this misplaced anger or frustration. You may end up with damaged property that you cannot reasonably assign to a specific party.

Protecting your vehicle from riot damages means carrying the right coverage before a loss occurs. Riots can often cause the following damages:

  • physical damage
  • fire damage
  • window damage

Comprehensive coverage is a coverage option that you need to carry to recover from these losses, as your insurance provider is not obligated to restore you to your pre-loss condition if you have not selected this coverage.

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Carrying Comprehensive Coverage on Your Policy

Comprehensive coverage, as mentioned earlier, is a coverage option you can select for your insurance policy; this option is not a compulsory coverage requirement like liability insurance.

Many drivers choose to carry comprehensive coverage to protect from unforeseen risks, such as damage from riots or civil unrest, fire, water damage, or broken windshields.

Damage caused by riots may not just be physical damage to the body of your car, since rioting can lead to fires being started, windows and glass being shattered, objects being thrown through car windows to damage the interiors and even water from those putting out fires.

Comprehensive coverage can help you repair or replace your vehicle when it’s exposed to these incidents, though you may have a deductible to pay.

The deductible is a portion of your loss, sometimes a predetermined amount or a percentage, that you are required to absorb from any covered claim.

The deductible allows you to share the risk with your insurance provider, reducing the value of any settlements they must pay.

Things to Remember About Riots and Civil Unrest


While protecting your vehicle is important, you should never place your safety at risk. If you cannot relocate or secure your property, then you should remain in a safe location until the civil unrest has dissipated or authorities have deemed it safe to do so.

Additionally, even though you are not responsible for the loss, your deductible will still apply. Comprehensive coverage applies regardless of fault, and many insurance carriers will not waive or remove the deductible due to riot damages.

You may want to assess the damage done to your car before filing a claim. There are situations where filing a claim may not be worthwhile, such as when damages that do not exceed the deductible or when your vehicle is not worth repairing or replacing.

A high number of claims can lead to other negative outcomes, so examine all your options before making a decision.

Remember, your insurance provider can help guide you through your options before filing a claim.

You may want to contact them once you’ve confirmed riot damage has occurred since they can advise you on how to document the damage, what steps to take to reduce further loss, and how to go about getting an inspection complete.

If you meet the claim requirements, they can also help you file a claim.



Riots and civil unrest may not occur each day, but they can strike unexpectedly and can lead to your car being damaged or destroyed.

Protecting your vehicular investment from riot damage may be difficult to plan ahead for using traditional means, but your insurance provider can help you recover from these losses with ease.

It’s important to carry comprehensive coverage on your policy before a loss event occurs since many providers will not retroactively approve a claim if a loss has occurred.

If riots and civil unrest are actively occurring in your area, providers may put a freeze on adding coverage after a certain point. This freeze means you cannot purchase coverage just on the days you need it.

Speak with your current or prospective insurance provider if you have questions or concerns about the coverage you carry, changing your coverage, or how your policy protects you in specific scenarios.

They can help you assess your risks, the area you live in, and your budget to determine what works best. They may also suggest other ways of mitigating your risk, such as garaging your vehicle in a secured location or removing it from areas experiencing riots.

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