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How to Make the Holiday Travel Season as Stress-Free as Possible

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Things to Remember...

  • It’s a good idea to plan ahead when traveling during the holiday season
  • Be flexible with your travel dates
  • Stay alert and avoid aggressive drivers

According to the auto insurance industry, this holiday season is going to be a very busy time on the roadways. This also means more stress, more accidents, and a lot more hassles to deal with.

While this may be less stressful than dealing with airports, there are still a few ways to reduce your chances of adding an auto insurance visit to your list of holiday travels.

Those of you who want reduced stress in your travels have a few options to dealing with the masses on the road. Use the below tips to make your travels easier:

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Be Flexible


Time to do some planning for your holiday travels. This means packing a few extra days worth of clothes and watching the weather reports. Adverse weather is a leading cause for auto insurance claims during this time of year.

If you can leave a day before or after a winter storm hits, your chances of ending up in the auto insurance agent’s office are greatly reduced.

Be flexible with travel on the roadways as well.

Remember that a four-hour trip can quickly turn into an eight-hour drive due to traffic jams, a temperamental mother nature, and automotive breakdowns.

Being flexible will allow you to be stress-free and arrive at your destination much safer.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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Be Courteous

Those of you who are aggressive drivers, it is time to take a chill pill. Tailgating while in a blizzard is a great way to end up in the ditch while chatting with your auto insurance agent. Drive nice, and drive nicer if bad weather strikes.

Courtesy expands beyond normal driving though. If you have the means, lend a hand to your fellow motorist.

This can be as simple as offering them water and a snack, or as complicated as pulling them from the ditch to save them the cost of a tow.

Maybe they just need a cell phone to call family and their auto insurance agent. This niceness is not only appreciated but is just good form.

Practice Your Winter Driving Skills


Practice makes perfect, and this is no different in your winter driving skills. Take some time to hone up those skills that have been stagnant all summer long.

Practicing things like emergency slides, breaking in snow and ice, and just getting a feel for how your car handles in the winter are all important.

Talk with your auto insurance agent to see if they offer winter driving classes that you can take to prevent a winter accident. All of this can be a lifesaver if you happen to need it while on the road.

Common Sense

Above all else, use your common sense before setting foot in your automobile. If there is a state of emergency in place, everything is covered in ice, and a blizzard is due to hit in an hour, well, this may not be the best time to drive.

Some people just don’t deal well driving when it is snowing out.

If you happen to get uncomfortable while driving then switch drivers, or pull off and get a hotel room for the night.

Arriving at your destination safely is vastly more important than beating your best travel time through a blizzard.

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