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10 Close Calls with Truckers

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Things to remember...

  • Truck drivers have unique insurance needs
  • Drivers should obey the rules of the road and always grand plenty of space on the road to truckers
  • Sharing the road with truckers can be frigtening, but caution can prevent major accidents

Truckers are the big dogs on the road. Even if you’re behind the wheel of the most upgraded, heavy-duty car, sharing the road with a truck can be a tense and even frightening experience.

Truckers are used to long hours on endless stretches of road, so they’re well-equipped to handle almost anything. Of course, those long trips also mean they can get tired and make some mistakes.

These drivers have had some shockingly close calls with truckers out on the open road — take a look and be sure to heed caution the next time you find yourself driving alongside a big rig.

#1 – Bumper Brush

This driver broke one of the most important rules when driving near truckers — giving them plenty of space. Large trucks can drift in and out of lanes sometimes unexpectedly.

It’s always a good idea to give truckers between “140 to 300 feet (traveling at 55mph) of buffer space in a lane.” Because of their massive size, trucks just can’t stop in the same amount of time a regular car can.

The driver of this car was already too close to the truck captured, but the real accident came from the driver filming the ordeal — this video was captured on a semi’s dash cam. The trucker sounds his horn after the car nearly gets crushed, which isn’t the smartest choice either.

To keep everyone safe, it’s a good idea for drivers to give truckers the majority of space on the road.

#2 – The Almost Semi Pile-up

Truckers know more than any other drive how important leeway is on the highway, so the driver of this semi switched lanes to give another trucker up ahead space to pull out of a road stop.

Unfortunately, both drivers moved a bit too fast and harrowingly avoided what could have been a disastrous collision.

#3 – Fallen Tree Face-off

Truckers have to always expect the unexpected. It’s important to leave as much space as possible between a semi and another vehicle, but sometimes, when they’ve got the road to themselves, truck drivers floor the gas and push the speed limit.

Such is the case in this video, where a fast-traveling truck hurdles down a clear road only to slam into stalled oncoming traffic in an attempt to avoid hitting a fallen tree.

#4 – Biker vs. Tractor Trailer

This video starts off with a biker talking about his new motorcycle, but at 2:14, he barely escapes a fatal head-on collision with a truck driver pulling onto the road. He blames the truck driver, but he was also distracted while approaching.

Filming is just one of the many things that lead to distracted driving, and it should be avoided at all costs. All it takes are a few seconds for devastating — and many times fatal — accidents to happen.

#5 – Stop Sign Speeder

Driving in rural areas requires just as much diligence as navigating a city; just because there isn’t a lot of traffic doesn’t mean it’s okay to ignore street signs. One driver learned this the hard way when they failed to stop at a sign and came mere inches away from a fast-moving semi.

#6 – Fast Braker

Regular drivers aren’t the only ones who have to exercise caution; truckers must be aware of traffic around them at all times. Because an 80,000-pound semi-truck takes much longer to stop than a run-of-the-mill sedan or SUV, braking in advance is crucial to avoid accidents.

The trucker in the gif above forgot the golden rules of distance and time and barely avoided trampling the car in front of it.

#7 – Ice Skate

In 2016, Reddit user TazerSquid shared this video of a truck skidding out of control on an icy road. Black ice and speeding are two of the top contributing factors to winter accidents, so drivers should always pay extra attention to the road when tackling the roads in winter weather.

#8 – The Lucky Bicyclist

This incredibly lucky bicyclist didn’t just survive almost being hit by a semi — he went directly under it! Pedestrians and cyclists often ignore traffic lights and other signals. An important part of commuting anywhere is understanding all of the traffic and identifying potential risks.

From the looks of this gif, it seems like the truck driver didn’t signal or stop before making a turn, and it almost cost this cyclist his life.

#9 – Driver Narrow Escape

This roadside assistance driver will need some major help of his own after barely escaping death when the lorry he was towing topples off the edge of a snowy cliff.

The driver can be seen rushing out of the truck and gripping his head as the lorry falls over the edge, taking the tow truck with it.

The scariest part? There was a second driver inside the truck that plunged off the cliff. Luckily, he made it out with only a few broken bones and one heck of a story to tell.

#10. Double Semi Close Call

The driver of this car managed to capture a brush with two semi trucks at once. As he moves to pass one truck on the highway, another barrels toward him at top speed.

After hitting another truck that can be seen in the background, the offending driver manages to wrench his truck to the side of the road and barely avoid a head-on collision.

Sharing the Road with Truckers

Hopefully, most of us won’t have any close encounters with truckers. Following the rules of the road and understanding how to drive around trucks can prevent accidents and save lives.

Things like leaving enough space between you and the truck, passing with additional caution, and paying close attention to turns are easy enough to remember and keep everyone safer on the road.

Having the right auto insurance is also essential whether you’re a commercial truck driver or everyday citizen. Full car insurance coverage ensures that your biggest concern after an accident won’t be the bills.

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