5 Tips For Avoiding Highway Hypnosis

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Things to Remember...
  • Falling asleep behind the wheel happens more often than you think
  • Knowing how to stay awake can mean the difference between life or death
  • If you are too tired to drive, don’t risk it. Wait until you have slept or ask someone else to drive

It’s scary when you think about how many people fall asleep at the wheel. Long road trips have a tendency to knock even the best driver into dreamland. And those accidents can cause serious injury, or at least raise your auto insurance rates.

We have all been tired at the wheel. Thankfully, there are some common sense ideas to help you avoid this driving don’t. Below are five tips to help you avoid the auto insurance nightmare of highway hypnosis.

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Get a Good Night’s Rest


Any trip should begin the night before. Being fully rested before you embark on your road trip will bring you a few benefits. Fully rested drivers are more alert and responsive to possible obstacles.

Rest also means you’re not fighting sleep while on the road to a fun time, which prevents you from having to explain to the auto insurance agent how you ended up in a field instead of at the pool. Start the trip right with adequate sleep.

Start Your Trip Early

Don’t push your driving off until the late hours of your day. Starting a trip shortly after your morning routine is done will keep you awake and alert much longer. Think of your road trip as a day at the office.

Starting a road trip after long hours at the office is a sure fire way to have a fresh new car crash show up in your insurance claims!

Sometimes you just cannot avoid leaving until after work. In such a situation, consider breaking that trip up into two sections. Better yet, let someone else drive who is fully rested.

Frigid is Just the Right Temperature


Being too comfortable can sometimes cause one to succumb to the power of highway hypnosis easily. Turning the heat on only compounds the effects of this phenomenon.

 One way to stay awake is to keep the temperature cool while driving.

Try turning on your air conditioner, or opening a window in the cooler months. This colder temperature helps keep those eyes on the road and you out of the auto insurance agents office. It may not be cozy, but it is better than being in the ditch.

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High Decibels Will Help Those Heavy Eyes

Don’t make yourself deaf with this tip, but turning up the radio can do a lot to battle some highway hypnosis. Turn on your favorite songs and rock out while you drive.

Your travel companions may not appreciate the loud music, but they will enjoy not dealing with the police and the auto insurance hassles of a wreck.

In addition, make sure you aren’t distracted by chatty passengers. While shooting the breeze can help you stay awake, it can also be very distracting.

Sit Straight

How you sit in your vehicle can mean the difference between snoozing in the car seat or snoozing on a comfortable bed. The biggest issue comes with those drivers that like to slouch. This position only makes battling sleep that much harder.

Adjust your seat so you’re sitting up straight. Make sure you keep proper sitting posture as well. Adjust the headrest and any potential lumbar support to help keep you sitting straight.

Seat warmers should most certainly be left in the off position. These comforts may help you in a short cold drive to work, but they won’t help your auto insurance in a wreck on a long trip.

Falling asleep at the wheel is a good way to cause an auto insurance nightmare. There is no shame in pulling off the road to get some rest. You want to arrive at your destination alive in your own vehicle, not in the back of an ambulance.

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While you can’t avoid all of the situations that might lead to these kinds of auto insurance claims, knowing what they are can help put you on the lookout for situations that might lead to these disasters.

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