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Michigan Statistics SummaryDetails
Number of Roadway Miles122,284
Registered Vehicles7,867,924
Most Popular VehicleFord Escape
Uninsured Motorist Rate20.30%
Total Driving-Related Deaths (2017)1,030
Speeding Fatalities (2017)241
DUI Fatalities (2017)311
Average Annual Car Insurance CostLiability $795.32
Collision $413.83
Comprehensive $154.85
Total $1,364.00
Cheapest ProviderUSAA

Michigan: the Great Lakes State. Home to Detroit (the Motor City), the Upper Peninsula (Yoopers, you betcha!), Michigan’s Adventure, Ski Brule, and Traverse City Charter Fishing. As the largest state in the Midwest, Michigan boasts landscapes and leisure time activities that are as diverse as its people.

From farming towns to fishing towns to college towns to industrious metropolises, Michigan has so many different areas visit and adventures in which to partake that it would be easy to lose yourself in all of the excitement.

One area that you definitely don’t want to be lost and left in the dark is getting affordable car insurance rates.

Enter your zip code to compare auto insurance rates from the top carriers so that you can find the most affordable premiums for you.

Table of Contents

Michigan Insurance Coverage and Rates

Fishing through all the facts and figures to find the most relevant information from the top auto insurance companies in Michigan is no way to spend your valuable time.

The good news for you is that we have done all the thorough research so you don’t have to. We will give you all the information you need to protect your premiums savings as effectively as the Bad Boys Pistons protected the paint.

We’ll help you to understand the requirements of The Great Lakes State, what you may want for coverage, and where you can get it at the most affordable price.

– Michigan Minimum Coverage

Michigan is one of a handful of states that is a no-fault state, meaning that both parties in an auto accident are subject to receive benefits from their own insurance companies, no matter who caused the crash. You might consider carrying Personal Injury Protection (PIP) to offset any expenses beyond what your basic auto insurance would cover.

The Michigan Division of Insurance and Financial Services (MDIFS) has created this helpful resource for consumers which explains the benefits of PIP coverage in the state.

All drivers in Michigan are required to carry minimum liability insurance levels of 20/40/10 to satisfy basic overage. This means that car owners must carry the following minimum levels of liability insurance:

  • $20,000 for bodily injury or death of one person in an accident caused by the owner of the insured vehicle
  • $40,000 for total bodily injury or death in an accident caused by the owner of the insured vehicle
  • $10,000 for property damage per accident caused by the owner of the insured vehicle

Drivers in Michigan have the option to purchase Medical Payments Coverage (Med Pay) of at least $5,000 to cover medical expenses after an accident (again) regardless of who is at fault for the crash.

The state of Michigan does require you to carry Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage with minimums of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident.

It is the sole responsibility of each driver to determine how much risk he or she is willing to take on.

Each driver must do a cost-benefit analysis for himself or herself to decide whether the monthly (our semi-annually or annually) premiums saved by foregoing Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage (or choosing the bare minimum) is worth the potential litigation to which he or she would be vulnerable.

If a driver has substantial assets that he or she desires to protect, he or she should consider increasing his or her liability coverage.

The experts at the Wall Street Journal advise that if you do choose to purchase liability coverage, make sure to increase the limits to 100/300/50.

Next, we will explore how much money drivers in Michigan spend on average for their car insurance. The amount you will actually pay will more than likely differ from these stated amounts; however, this data should serve as a helpful blueprint that you can apply to your current situation with confidence.

Premiums as a Percentage of Income

American legal scholar Steven G. Calabresi has said, “Income tax filing and payment day should be moved from April 15th to November 1st so it can be close to election day. People ought to have their tax bills fresh in mind as they go to vote.”

This salient quote emphasizes the major impact that taxes have on the Disposable Personal Income (DPI) of the American citizen. One’s DPI is the amount that is netted by an individual or household after taxes are withdrawn.

STATEFull Coverage
Income 2014
Insurance as %
of Income 2014
Full Coverage
Income 2013
Insurance as %
of Income 2013
Full Coverage
Income 2012
Insurance as %
of Income 2012


Full coverage policies include liability, comprehensive, and collision insurance. Here’s a peek at the average cost of each:

CoverageAverage Annual Premium in MichiganNational Average

Now that we have sorted through some data about auto insurance costs to the individual consumer, let’s take a look at some important statistics about the insurance companies themselves.

– Loss Ratio

First, let’s examine loss ratio and how it impacts your insurance. What exactly is a loss ratio? How is it calculated and why should you even care about it?

The insurance loss ratio is the proportion of incurred losses compared to earned premiums expressed as a percentage. A high loss ratio means that an insurance company has paid out too many claims, which will subsequently lead to a rise in future premiums for all consumers.

For example, an auto insurer collects $100,000 of premiums in a given year and pays out $20,000 in claims, the company’s loss ratio is 20 percent ($20,000 incurred losses/$100,000 earned premiums).

– Add-ons, Endorsements, Riders

Over 20 percent of drivers in Michigan ( a whopping 20.3 percent to be exact) are driving without insurance, which ranks as just the 4th-highest percentage in the nation.

The Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services (MDIFS) has created the Your Guide to Automobile Insurance as a useful tool that outlines all the insurance enhancements available to you.

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Pay-by-the-mile car insurance plans offered by companies like Metromile are growing in their popularity, unfortunately, they are not yet active in the Sunflower State.

Other Usage-Based Insurance programs (UBI) are active and available to drivers in Michigan. Programs like SmartRide from Nationwide or Snapshot from Progressive or Drive Safe & Save from State Farm offer discounts to drivers based on their driving habits and capabilities.

In addition to these add-ons, there are several more optional enhancements that you can explore to decide which ones may be right for you:

– Male Vs. Female Rates in Michigan

The Temptations, legendary Motown Records musical artists, were big proponents of chivalry (at least, their lyrics to the songs were). They are literally on record imploring their male peers to honor their partners in a relationship by treating them like a lady.

But how far does this chivalrous spirit extend? Does that mean women should be given better auto insurance rates? Well, let’s examine the data to see if the insurance carriers in Michigan offer better rates to the men or women of the state.

CompanySingle 17-year old femaleSingle 17-year old maleSingle 25-year old femaleSingle 25-year old maleMarried 35-year old femaleMarried 35-year old maleMarried 60-year old femaleMarried 60-year old male
Allstate F&C$41,309.06$41,309.06$17,646.81$17,646.81$16,754.82$16,754.82$15,575.00$15,575.00
Farmers Ins Exch$13,831.87$13,831.87$7,104.64$7,104.64$6,307.90$6,307.90$5,856.52$5,856.52
Geico Ind$12,291.51$12,291.51$4,252.21$4,252.21$4,453.35$4,453.35$4,533.10$4,533.10
Liberty Mutual Fire$35,157.81$35,157.81$14,880.96$14,880.96$14,880.96$14,880.96$14,732.64$14,732.64
Nationwide Mutual Fire$11,785.55$11,785.55$4,907.85$4,907.85$4,477.30$4,477.30$3,979.03$3,979.03
Progressive Marathon$11,516.82$12,259.07$3,676.55$3,393.23$3,156.54$2,932.15$2,785.12$3,113.99
State Farm Mutual Auto$26,491.15$26,491.15$8,869.85$8,869.85$7,556.15$7,556.15$7,010.11$7,010.11
Travelers Affinity$17,631.16$17,631.16$6,344.88$6,344.88$5,839.83$5,839.83$5,012.52$5,012.52
USAA CIC$6,472.15$6,145.20$3,229.01$3,095.85$2,649.82$2,508.37$2,491.74$2,352.36

Here’s a look at the Most Expensive Demographic rates in Michigan. With which company can you and your family find the best value?

CompanyDemographicAverage Annual RateRank
Allstate F&CSingle 17-year old female$41,309.061
Allstate F&CSingle 17-year old male$41,309.061
Liberty Mutual FireSingle 17-year old female$35,157.813
Liberty Mutual FireSingle 17-year old male$35,157.813
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 17-year old female$26,491.155
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 17-year old male$26,491.155
Allstate F&CSingle 25-year old female$17,646.817
Allstate F&CSingle 25-year old male$17,646.817
Travelers AffinitySingle 17-year old female$17,631.169
Travelers AffinitySingle 17-year old male$17,631.169
Allstate F&CMarried 35-year old female$16,754.8211
Allstate F&CMarried 35-year old male$16,754.8211
Allstate F&CMarried 60-year old female$15,575.0013
Allstate F&CMarried 60-year old male$15,575.0013
Liberty Mutual FireMarried 35-year old female$14,880.9615
Liberty Mutual FireMarried 35-year old male$14,880.9615
Liberty Mutual FireSingle 25-year old female$14,880.9615
Liberty Mutual FireSingle 25-year old male$14,880.9615
Liberty Mutual FireMarried 60-year old female$14,732.6419
Liberty Mutual FireMarried 60-year old male$14,732.6419
Farmers Ins ExchSingle 17-year old female$13,831.8721
Farmers Ins ExchSingle 17-year old male$13,831.8721
Geico IndSingle 17-year old female$12,291.5123
Geico IndSingle 17-year old male$12,291.5123
Progressive MarathonSingle 17-year old male$12,259.0725
Nationwide Mutual FireSingle 17-year old female$11,785.5526
Nationwide Mutual FireSingle 17-year old male$11,785.5526
Progressive MarathonSingle 17-year old female$11,516.8228
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 25-year old female$8,869.8529
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 25-year old male$8,869.8529
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 35-year old female$7,556.1531
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 35-year old male$7,556.1531
Farmers Ins ExchSingle 25-year old female$7,104.6433
Farmers Ins ExchSingle 25-year old male$7,104.6433
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 60-year old female$7,010.1135
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 60-year old male$7,010.1135
USAA CICSingle 17-year old female$6,472.1537
Travelers AffinitySingle 25-year old female$6,344.8838
Travelers AffinitySingle 25-year old male$6,344.8838
Farmers Ins ExchMarried 35-year old female$6,307.9040
Farmers Ins ExchMarried 35-year old male$6,307.9040
USAA CICSingle 17-year old male$6,145.2042
Farmers Ins ExchMarried 60-year old female$5,856.5243
Farmers Ins ExchMarried 60-year old male$5,856.5243
Travelers AffinityMarried 35-year old female$5,839.8345
Travelers AffinityMarried 35-year old male$5,839.8345
Travelers AffinityMarried 60-year old female$5,012.5247
Travelers AffinityMarried 60-year old male$5,012.5247
Nationwide Mutual FireSingle 25-year old female$4,907.8549
Nationwide Mutual FireSingle 25-year old male$4,907.8549
Geico IndMarried 60-year old female$4,533.1051
Geico IndMarried 60-year old male$4,533.1051
Nationwide Mutual FireMarried 35-year old female$4,477.3053
Nationwide Mutual FireMarried 35-year old male$4,477.3053
Geico IndMarried 35-year old female$4,453.3555
Geico IndMarried 35-year old male$4,453.3555
Geico IndSingle 25-year old female$4,252.2157
Geico IndSingle 25-year old male$4,252.2157
Nationwide Mutual FireMarried 60-year old female$3,979.0359

Whether you’re a man or woman, single or married, young or old, you should always know what’s going on when it comes to your car insurance rates.

For example, a single 25-year-old female in Michigan would save over $13,000 annually on her premiums with Geico over Allstate.

– Michigan Insurance Rates by Zip Code

Are you more likely to get lower auto insurance rates in Detroit or Saginaw? Do the students and faculty in Ann Arbor enjoy more favorable premiums than their counterparts in Flint?

Let’s find out by taking a look at the most expensive zip codes in Michigan. Here is a chart with the average annual premiums in Michigan by city for the most and least expensive insurance carriers:

25 Most Expensive Zip Codes in MichiganCityAverage by Zip CodeMost Expensive CompanyMost Expensive Rate2nd Most Expensive Company2nd Most Expensive RateCheapest CompanyCheapest Rate2nd Cheapest Company2nd Cheapest Rate
48206DETROIT$29,791.56Farmers$61,225.89Liberty Mutual$47,565.43USAA$6,216.23Progressive$11,743.11
48227DETROIT$29,374.46Farmers$61,225.89Liberty Mutual$45,282.65USAA$6,238.69Progressive$11,774.67
48204DETROIT$29,281.79Farmers$61,633.34Liberty Mutual$45,107.37USAA$6,238.69Progressive$11,222.82
48202DETROIT$28,946.15Farmers$59,636.59Liberty Mutual$46,152.54USAA$5,458.09Progressive$10,767.83
48210DETROIT$28,417.19Farmers$59,636.59Liberty Mutual$46,345.35USAA$4,659.88Progressive$10,835.13
48238DETROIT$28,148.98Farmers$53,417.33Liberty Mutual$48,632.10USAA$6,336.99Progressive$10,622.96
48211DETROIT$28,033.06Farmers$48,674.51Liberty Mutual$48,550.18USAA$6,216.23Progressive$9,874.23
48208DETROIT$27,867.09Farmers$50,223.16Liberty Mutual$48,684.22USAA$5,458.09Progressive$10,972.15
48226DETROIT$27,767.58Farmers$54,339.32Liberty Mutual$45,311.95USAA$5,458.09Progressive$10,493.86
48212HAMTRAMCK$26,925.66Farmers$49,711.67Liberty Mutual$47,125.96USAA$6,216.23Progressive$9,774.02
48203HIGHLAND PARK$26,923.65Farmers$49,924.37Liberty Mutual$45,923.03USAA$6,336.99Progressive$9,871.02
48209DETROIT$26,710.79Farmers$50,223.16Liberty Mutual$46,345.35USAA$4,904.33Progressive$9,855.96

Where did your hometown rank statewide? Let’s take an even more in-depth look as to how your city and neighborhood compares to the state average.

This is a list of the least expensive zip codes in Michigan.

25 Least Expensive Zip Codes in MichiganCityAverage by Zip CodesMost Expensive CompanyMost Expensive Rate2nd Most Expensive Company2nd Most Expensive RateCheapest CompanyCheapest Rate2nd Cheapest Company2nd Cheapest Rate
48880SAINT LOUIS$7,916.29Allstate$17,625.93Liberty Mutual$13,023.88USAA$3,489.43Progressive$4,430.90
48883SHEPHERD$7,958.69Allstate$17,642.89Liberty Mutual$13,023.88USAA$3,630.14Progressive$4,438.08
48894WESTPHALIA$8,036.93Allstate$17,180.01Liberty Mutual$16,459.31USAA$3,356.40Nationwide$3,787.40
48642MIDLAND$8,127.79Allstate$18,874.11Liberty Mutual$13,023.88USAA$3,157.97Progressive$4,355.62
48640MIDLAND$8,134.85Allstate$19,119.13Liberty Mutual$13,023.88USAA$3,157.97Progressive$3,672.71
48837GRAND LEDGE$8,153.32Allstate$17,357.46Liberty Mutual$16,459.31USAA$3,581.27Progressive$4,262.59
48104ANN ARBOR$8,224.45Allstate$19,974.06Liberty Mutual$15,223.99USAA$3,025.88Nationwide$3,820.88
48822EAGLE$8,229.45Allstate$17,324.08Liberty Mutual$16,459.31USAA$3,252.85Progressive$4,367.96
48657SANFORD$8,231.24Allstate$18,874.11Liberty Mutual$13,023.88USAA$3,397.49Progressive$4,182.70
48611AUBURN$8,242.98Allstate$19,119.13Liberty Mutual$13,023.88USAA$3,368.16Progressive$4,696.57
48615BRECKENRIDGE$8,248.57Allstate$17,625.93Liberty Mutual$13,023.88USAA$3,397.49Progressive$4,718.81
48821DIMONDALE$8,262.31Allstate$17,665.20Liberty Mutual$16,459.31USAA$3,288.33Progressive$4,150.50
49401ALLENDALE$8,267.02Allstate$20,296.94Liberty Mutual$16,202.49USAA$3,449.84Nationwide$4,244.16
49464ZEELAND$8,271.79Allstate$20,336.07Liberty Mutual$16,202.49USAA$3,285.66Nationwide$4,426.99
48623FREELAND$8,279.45Allstate$19,119.13Liberty Mutual$13,023.88USAA$3,368.16Progressive$4,298.98
48820DEWITT$8,285.75Allstate$17,793.59Liberty Mutual$16,459.31USAA$3,280.92Progressive$3,878.41
48813CHARLOTTE$8,295.51Allstate$20,260.84Liberty Mutual$16,459.31USAA$3,252.85Nationwide$3,709.93
49426HUDSONVILLE$8,302.44Allstate$20,336.07Liberty Mutual$17,839.53USAA$3,285.66Nationwide$4,244.16
48109ANN ARBOR$8,302.99Allstate$20,708.83Liberty Mutual$15,223.99USAA$3,058.33Nationwide$3,820.88
48618COLEMAN$8,309.23Allstate$18,855.96Liberty Mutual$13,023.88USAA$3,397.49Progressive$4,764.09
48808BATH$8,310.66Allstate$17,762.57Liberty Mutual$16,459.31USAA$3,280.92Progressive$4,291.31
48628HOPE$8,315.01Allstate$18,955.45Liberty Mutual$13,023.88USAA$3,157.97GEICO$4,834.01
49417GRAND HAVEN$8,327.06Allstate$20,317.57Liberty Mutual$16,202.49USAA$3,449.84Progressive$4,139.17
48103ANN ARBOR$8,357.87Allstate$19,829.22Liberty Mutual$15,223.99USAA$3,025.88Nationwide$4,001.28
48842HOLT$8,360.88Allstate$19,620.20Liberty Mutual$16,459.31USAA$3,636.68Progressive$4,546.52

– Michigan Insurance Rates by City

Which cities are the most expensive cities for car insurance? Let’s take a look.

10 Most Expensive Cities in MichiganAverage by CityMost Expensive CompanyMost Expensive Rate2nd Most Expensive Company2nd Most Expensive RateCheapest CompanyCheapest Rate2nd Cheapest Company2nd Cheapest Rate
River Rouge$19,405.58Farmers$38,258.61Liberty Mutual$29,346.83USAA$4,904.33Progressive$7,807.04
Harper Woods$19,225.22Farmers$40,532.15Allstate$32,227.55USAA$4,601.02Nationwide$8,109.90
Oak Park$18,716.04Allstate$40,770.62Farmers$36,397.40USAA$4,786.60Progressive$7,523.92
Southfield$17,774.85Allstate$43,653.03Liberty Mutual$27,805.12USAA$4,542.02Progressive$7,093.28
Lathrup Village$16,742.91Allstate$33,371.80Liberty Mutual$27,805.12USAA$4,294.61Progressive$7,688.55

Unsurprisingly, Detriot is the most expensive city for car insurance. So what cities are the cheapest?

10 Least Expensive Cities in MichiganAverage by CityMost Expensive CompanyMost Expensive Rate2nd Most Expensive Company2nd Most Expensive RateCheapest CompanyCheapest Rate2nd Cheapest Company2nd Cheapest Rate
St. Louis$7,916.29Allstate$17,625.93Liberty Mutual$13,023.88USAA$3,489.43Progressive$4,430.90
Shepherd$7,958.69Allstate$17,642.89Liberty Mutual$13,023.88USAA$3,630.14Progressive$4,438.08
Westphalia$8,036.93Allstate$17,180.01Liberty Mutual$16,459.31USAA$3,356.40Nationwide$3,787.40
Midland$8,131.32Allstate$18,996.62Liberty Mutual$13,023.88USAA$3,157.97Progressive$4,014.16
Grand Ledge$8,153.32Allstate$17,357.46Liberty Mutual$16,459.31USAA$3,581.27Progressive$4,262.59
Sanford$8,231.24Allstate$18,874.11Liberty Mutual$13,023.88USAA$3,397.49Progressive$4,182.70
Auburn$8,242.98Allstate$19,119.13Liberty Mutual$13,023.88USAA$3,368.16Progressive$4,696.57
Breckenridge$8,248.57Allstate$17,625.93Liberty Mutual$13,023.88USAA$3,397.49Progressive$4,718.81
Dimondale$8,262.31Allstate$17,665.20Liberty Mutual$16,459.31USAA$3,288.33Progressive$4,150.50
Allendale$8,267.02Allstate$20,296.94Liberty Mutual$16,202.49USAA$3,449.84Nationwide$4,244.16

If you live in St. Louis, your car insurance rates should be the lowest in the state.

Michigan Car Insurance Reform: July 2020

On July 1, 2020, a completely reformed law will go into effect. Michigan residents are expected to save between seven and 44 percent on the portion of their premium that accounts for PIP.

Michigan lawmakers not only adjusted PIP; other parts of the new law operate similarly to at-fault states. Even though drivers will save in PIP, other portions of their premium will increase.

What do the experts have to say about this new law?

Choices in PIP Coverage

The current law provides unlimited PIP, but the new law offers options which may raise or lower your premium. Each option is detailed in the table below with a calculation of savings.

PIP ChoiceProjected Percent Savings on PIP
(estimated to be 35% to 44% of total premium)
Projected Savings Example on total Monthly Premium of $1,000Total Percent Discount on Entire Monthly Premium
(Available only to Medicare Recipients)
100%$350 to $44035% to 44%
(Available only to Medicaid Recipients)
45%$158 to $19815% to 20%
$250,00035%$123 to $15412% to 16%
$500,00020%$70 to $807% to 9%
(as the law is currently)
0% and may increaseunknown increaseN/A

Most drivers will see only a seven to 16 percent savings, but lawmakers designed this portion of the new law to focus mainly on assisting those residents below the poverty level and older adults.

However, if you keep your PIP unlimited as they are now, you will probably see your premium slowly increase over the years.

Michigan residents will still be required to pay the annual assessment fee per vehicle to cover deficits. The fee will increase to $220 in July 2019. The assessment fee is not part of the newly reformed law, so expect to continue to pay it. Even those drivers who choose to opt-out will still be required to contribute to the fund, but it’s estimated to decrease to $43.

The new law also mandates the MCCA to extend refunds to drivers if their assets are 120 percent of what they must pay per vehicle. The mandated refund is intended to demand more transparency from the MCCA.

The transparency should result in a refund just over $8 per vehicle to those who opt-out, for example, if what the MCCA collects is 40 percent above what they are required to pay out in catastrophic claims. Those who choose to keep unlimited PIP would then see a $44 refund as long as the assessment fee doesn’t increase.

Changes that Accompany Choice-PIP

The scales still need to be balanced for healthcare providers.

To place more control on what hospitals and doctors can charge for auto accident victim care, the new law puts into effect a limit based on the Medicare fee schedule to provide a standardized method in figuring charges and reimbursements.

The new law will enforce caps on what hospitals and doctors can charge for care provided to an auto accident victim. Lawmakers chose to model after the Medicare fee schedule, so this means no medical service can exceed 190 to 250 percent higher than the fees that Medicare would reimburse.

The type of facility that provides treatment will determine the percentage of reimbursement, and this portion of the law will be effective for care provided after July 1, 2021. However, in-home care is now limited to 56 hours per week.

The new choice-PIP law will also permit an injured driver to sue for the medical expenses beyond their chosen PIP limit. Interestingly, this right to sue will place more responsibility on the insurance company for the negligent driver which happens to be how it works in at-fault states.

And if insurance companies are to be more liable for their negligent drivers, guess what?

Minimum liability coverage is set to increase so the insurance companies can still get their cut.

The liability coverage requirements are currently $20,000 per person or $40,000 total per accident to cover bodily injury.

These limits will increase to $50,000 and $100,000 which will join Michigan with Alaska and Maine as the three states requiring such high minimum amounts of liability coverage.

Unfortunately, liability coverage is only useful if you drive in another state or if you are in an accident with an out of state driver in the state of Michigan. So, this increase in liability coverage will not come into play if two Michigan residents are in an accident.

The default amount of liability coverage on policies drawn is $250,000 and $500,000, so be sure to specifically request the minimum liability coverage limits because it’s less likely you will actually use it.

Rates Determined by Only your Age and Driving Record

The traditional method used to calculate a rate for car insurance often includes factors that most drivers feel should not matter such as gender, marital status, credit score, homeownership, occupation, and level of education. Insurance companies make assumptions that these factors determine how safe of a driver you are.

Some states have outlawed basing rates on gender and/or marital status, but the new law in Michigan will prohibit additional discriminatory practices.

Michigan is making history by passing a law that restricts insurance companies in determining rates based on discriminatory factors. Companies will be limited to using only age (amount of driving experience) and driving record (speeding tickets, accidents, or DUIs) to set rates.

No doubt due to Detroit having the highest rates in Michigan (and the country), the new law also lists zip code as a discriminatory factor. However, experts that have analyzed the specific wording believe it will still permit insurance companies to set rates based on undefined territories.

If insurance companies wish to establish territories, they must work with the Department of Insurance and Financial Services and justify the higher rates in each territory.

Insurance companies may be granted some freedom is basing rates on location, but details of the new law will monitor (and hopefully) increase the accountability by requiring more transparency when it comes to rates charged and fees for medical care after a car accident.

The Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) is giving insurance companies and medical providers until July 1, 2022 to get things in order and document how they are passing along savings to policyholders.

The bottom line is this:

Your total out-of-pocket premium may not waiver much in the first two years after the new law goes into effect, but, with more time, lawmakers hope the scales will balance out profits and losses and ultimately reduce premiums.

It’s hard to say how things will shake out, but we will always be here to make sure you know how to shop around and get the best rate possible.

Michigan Car Insurance Companies

Selecting the proper insurance coverage for your budget is important. You would potentially have to take a lot of time out of your busy day to sift through all the data. You might even need to recruit the help of five college freshman just to make sense of it all.

No need to fret. We have gathered all the information that will be most helpful to you to make a fabulous decision on the best auto insurance company for your family’s needs.

When choosing to align yourself with an auto insurance company, make sure to choose one with a fabulous reputation.

An insurer’s public reputation can be a clear indication of the kind of rates it offers to its consumers. We’ll show how the largest companies rate in the areas of financial stability and customer satisfaction.

– Financial Ratings

AM Best is a credit rating agency. It evaluates insurance companies and grades them based on their financial stability. The table below shows the ten largest insurance companies in Michigan as measured by direct premiums written with their AM Best rating.

CompanyFinancial RatingLoss Ratio
State Farm GroupA++53.42%
Automobile Club MI GroupA-109.36%
Progressive GroupA+68.76%
Auto-Owners GroupA++90.82%
Allstate Insurance GroupA+109.93%
The Hanover Insurance GroupA67.97%
Michigan Farm Bureau GroupA65.71%
Liberty Mutual GroupA66.52%
USAA GroupA++88.71%
Frankenmuth GroupA66.30%

– Customer Satisfaction Ratings


– Companies in Michigan with the Most and Least Complaints

The Jackson 5 produced the hit record, “I Want You Back,” as a memorable and melodic attempt to salvage a relationship gone awry.

Unfortunately, some relationships just aren’t salvageable. If a consumer’s relationship with his or her car insurance company deteriorates, the customer has the right to let his or her voice be heard.

When the consumer is left dissatisfied with an insurer, he or she can file a complaint. Those complaints, justified or not, are factored into a company’s complaint ratios.

The complaint ratio is how many complaints a company receive per $1 million of business written.

If you wish to file a complaint against an auto insurer in the state of Michigan, use this online form.

– Largest Car Insurance Companies in Michigan

This chart gives a visual representation of the car insurance companies with the largest market share in Michigan.

Company NameNumber of Complaints (2017)Complaint Ratio Per $1 Million in Premiums (2017)
The Hanover Insurance Group00
Frankenmuth Group6.03
State Farm Group76.05
Auto-Owners Group10.06
Progressive Group73.09
Michigan Farm Bureau Group33.09
Allstate Insurance Group5.10
USAA Group20.10
Automobile Club MI Group30.11
Liberty Mutual Group12.29

There are 851 car insurance companies registered in the state of Michigan. Of the 851, 65 of them are homegrown; while 786 are foreign.

– Michigan Car Insurance Rates by Company

Now, we’re going to compare and contrast the top car insurance companies to see which of them give the best rates on average in Michigan.

– Michigan Rates by Carrier and Commute

Company10-mile commute, 6,000 miles annually25-mile commute, 12,000 miles annually
Liberty Mutual$19,223.85$20,602.33
State Farm$12,142.23$12,821.40

– Michigan Rates by Carrier and Coverage Level

CompanyLow CoverageMedium CoverageHigh Coverage
Liberty Mutual$19,452.55$19,868.02$20,418.71
State Farm$11,845.05$12,560.38$13,040.02

– Michigan Rates by Carrier and Credit History

CompanyPoor CreditFair CreditGood Credit
Liberty Mutual$31,503.82$18,192.56$10,042.90
State Farm$20,256.29$10,240.44$6,948.71

– Michigan Rates by Carrier and Driving Record

Earning points on your license will have a negative impact on your car insurance rates. How severely those rates are impacted is up to the discretion of each insurance company. Each insurer uses its own underwriting metrics when assessing risk. Here is a quick look at how top car insurance companies in Michigan price various driving infractions:

CompanyClean RecordOne Speeding TicketOne AccidentOne DUI
Liberty Mutual$13,939.21$17,841.37$16,814.63$31,057.16
State Farm$7,942.35$11,889.70$9,521.29$20,573.92

– Michigan Rates by Carrier and Demographic

CompanyDemographicAverage Annual Rate
Nationwide Mutual FireMarried 60-year old female$3,979.03
Geico IndSingle 25-year old female$4,252.21
Geico IndSingle 25-year old male$4,252.21
Geico IndMarried 35-year old female$4,453.35
Geico IndMarried 35-year old male$4,453.35
Nationwide Mutual FireMarried 35-year old female$4,477.30
Nationwide Mutual FireMarried 35-year old male$4,477.30
Geico IndMarried 60-year old female$4,533.10
Geico IndMarried 60-year old male$4,533.10
Nationwide Mutual FireSingle 25-year old female$4,907.85
Nationwide Mutual FireSingle 25-year old male$4,907.85
Travelers AffinityMarried 60-year old female$5,012.52
Travelers AffinityMarried 60-year old male$5,012.52
Travelers AffinityMarried 35-year old female$5,839.83
Travelers AffinityMarried 35-year old male$5,839.83
Farmers Ins ExchMarried 60-year old female$5,856.52
Farmers Ins ExchMarried 60-year old male$5,856.52
USAA CICSingle 17-year old male$6,145.20
Farmers Ins ExchMarried 35-year old female$6,307.90
Farmers Ins ExchMarried 35-year old male$6,307.90
Travelers AffinitySingle 25-year old female$6,344.88
Travelers AffinitySingle 25-year old male$6,344.88
USAA CICSingle 17-year old female$6,472.15
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 60-year old female$7,010.11
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 60-year old male$7,010.11
Farmers Ins ExchSingle 25-year old female$7,104.64
Farmers Ins ExchSingle 25-year old male$7,104.64
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 35-year old female$7,556.15
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 35-year old male$7,556.15
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 25-year old female$8,869.85
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 25-year old male$8,869.85
Progressive MarathonSingle 17-year old female$11,516.82
Nationwide Mutual FireSingle 17-year old female$11,785.55
Nationwide Mutual FireSingle 17-year old male$11,785.55
Progressive MarathonSingle 17-year old male$12,259.07
Geico IndSingle 17-year old female$12,291.51
Geico IndSingle 17-year old male$12,291.51
Farmers Ins ExchSingle 17-year old female$13,831.87
Farmers Ins ExchSingle 17-year old male$13,831.87
Liberty Mutual FireMarried 60-year old female$14,732.64
Liberty Mutual FireMarried 60-year old male$14,732.64
Liberty Mutual FireMarried 35-year old female$14,880.96
Liberty Mutual FireMarried 35-year old male$14,880.96
Liberty Mutual FireSingle 25-year old female$14,880.96
Liberty Mutual FireSingle 25-year old male$14,880.96
Allstate F&CMarried 60-year old female$15,575.00
Allstate F&CMarried 60-year old male$15,575.00
Allstate F&CMarried 35-year old female$16,754.82
Allstate F&CMarried 35-year old male$16,754.82
Travelers AffinitySingle 17-year old female$17,631.16
Travelers AffinitySingle 17-year old male$17,631.16
Allstate F&CSingle 25-year old female$17,646.81
Allstate F&CSingle 25-year old male$17,646.81
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 17-year old female$26,491.15
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 17-year old male$26,491.15
Liberty Mutual FireSingle 17-year old female$35,157.81
Liberty Mutual FireSingle 17-year old male$35,157.81
Allstate F&CSingle 17-year old female$41,309.06
Allstate F&CSingle 17-year old male$41,309.06

Note: Choose the company that best meets your personal circumstances.

When buying car insurance, you have to focus on your loved ones and pick the company that will give you the best value in protecting the ones you were made to love.

Get competing rates from multiple carriers to ensure you’re getting the best deal on your auto insurance.

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Another means of keeping your premiums down is to maintain a clean driving record. Being a good driver entails having a strong understanding of the traffic laws and obeying them. We’ll review the rules of the road in Michigan to help you keep your record fresh and clean.

Michigan Laws

Reviewing every state ordinance and traffic statute would be tremendously boring. We’ve got your back by collecting the most important rules and regulations for you to know when driving in Michigan.

– Car Insurance Laws

State insurance commissioners are afforded lots of leeway and authority to administer laws and regulations on the auto insurance industry in their respective commonwealths.

Each state determines the type of tort law and threshold (if any) that applies in the state, the type and amount of liability insurance required, and the system used for approval of insurer rates and forms.

Insurance companies in Michigan are subject to the regulations set by that state insurance commissioner. Ultimately, all rates and regulations must meet the fair competition standards set by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

– High-Risk Insurance

SR-22 coverage may be required for drivers who have committed serious infractions or have multiple violations, as well as uninsured drivers and others. If your license has been revoked or suspended, you may need to file an SR-22 to have it reinstated.

For more information regarding SR-22, Proof of Financial Responsibility, and Driver Responsibility Fees, click here.

The state of Michigan also runs the Michigan Automobile Insurance Placement Facility (MAIPF) to help drivers who have been unable to get coverage on the open market. This is a last-resort option for insurance for high-risk drivers.

– Windshield Coverage

Michigan has no specific laws requiring insurance companies to offer special glass coverage or no-deductible windshield replacement; however, companies may offer it along with their comprehensive coverage.

The insurance companies can choose aftermarket parts that are of like kind and quality and they must be identified as such in a written estimate. Customers have the option to choose their own repair vendors but may have to pay the difference in quotes.

For a detailed summary of windshield and glass coverage in Michigan, click here.

– Automobile Insurance Fraud in Michigan

Insurance fraud is the second largest economic crime in America. Premium rates are raised dramatically by insurance companies and passed on to the consumers in attempts to combat fraud.

There are two classifications of fraud: hard and soft.

  • Hard Fraud – A purposefully fabricated claim or accident
  • Soft Fraud – A misrepresentation of information to the insurance company

Soft fraud is more common than hard fraud. Twenty to 40 percent of consumers admitted to lying to their insurer about one of the following:

  • Number of annual miles driven
  • Number of drivers in the household
  • How the vehicle would be used

Insurance fraud is a crime no matter how you slice it. Even the “little, white lie” you tell to get a lower rate can lead to harmful consequences. That kind of willful misrepresentation of facts is called known as “rate evasion” and is $16 billion annual expense to auto insurers.

If you suspect insurance fraud or have been the victim of fraud, you can contact the Michigan Department of State (MDOS) Office of Investigative Services (OIS) to report such activity.

– Statute of Limitations

Michigan’s statute of limitations for filing a claim is three years for both personal injury and property damage.

– Vehicle Licensing Laws

Michigan’s Secretary of State, by way of the Department of State, has an online portal called ExpressSOS where residents can perform tasks such renew their registrations and drivers’ licenses, update or change their address, and retrieve their driving history. Vehicle registration and insurance information can be easily accessed through the state database.

– Proof of Financial Responsibility

Proof of financial responsibility requirements in Michigan can be found here.

– Teen Driver Laws

License TypeMinimum AgeRequirementsRestrictions
Level 1 Learner's License14 years, 9 monthsComplete Segment 1 driver ed
Vision test
May only drive with a fully licensed parent, guardian, or designated adult 21 or over.
All cell phone use prohibited
Level 2 Intermediate License16Complete Segment 2 of driver ed
Have Level 3 license at least six months
Complete 50 hours of driving practice, at least 10 of which are at night
Pass driving skills test
All cell phone use prohibited
No driving between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m unless accompanied by a driver 21 or over or for employment/authorized activity
No more than 1 passenger under the age of 21 except family or with the same exceptions as night driving
Level 3 Full License17At least six months with Level 2 licenseNone

The State of Michigan wants to ensure that all teenage drivers are equipped with all the tools and resources to be safe and knowledgeable behind the wheel.

– Older Driver License Renewal

Michigan cannot be rightfully accused of ageism when it comes to its license renewal policies. All drivers, regardless of age, must renew their licenses every four years.

Drivers of all ages must show proof of adequate vision at every renewal that is done in person. And all drivers are eligible to renew online every other renewal period.

– New Resident Licensing

New Michigan residents who are age 18 or older wishing to obtain a Michigan license must provide proof of residency and/or proof of employment. If you have a valid license from another state, the written and driving skills tests may be waived.

New Michigan residents must immediately title and register their vehicles at a Secretary of State office and turn in the title from their previous home state, usually within 30 days of becoming a resident.


Michigan is compliant with the REAL ID Act passed by Congress and enforced by Homeland Security. This means that a driver’s license or state ID issued by the Wolverine State is an acceptable form of identification at federal facilities, airports, and nuclear power plants.

As of October 1, 2020, anyone wishing to fly on a commercial flight or enter a federal facility must have a REAL ID-compliant form of identification.

– Rules of the Road

– Keep Right and Move Over Laws

Michigan law requires drivers to keep to the right to allow faster moving vehicles to pass unless passing or turning left.

Move Over Michigan is a website and organization that is dedicated to promoting the state’s “Move Over” laws and informing the public on various ways and initiatives to keep law enforcement, emergency service attendants, and road service workers safe.

– Speed Limits

Road TypeSpeed Limits
Rural70/75-Passenger Vehicles (on specified segments of road)
Other Limited Access Roads70
Other Roads55

– Seat belt Laws

All children three years old and younger must be in a child restraint; children ages 4-7 and who are less than 57 inches tall must be in a child restraint or booster seat.

– Car Seat Laws

All children three years old and younger must be seated in the back seats.

– Safety Laws

Promoting safety and preventing chaos are the ultimate goals of any traffic laws. The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has developed initiatives like Driving Change Bicycle Safety to provide tips, facts, and interactive graphics in hopes of making Michigan roads safer for all drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike.

In accordance with the National Highway Traffic Saftey Administration (NHTSA), Michigan released its most recent Strategic Highway Safety Plan as an additional resource for drivers.

– DUI Laws

The Blood-Alcohol Content (BAC) limit in Michigan is 0.08 percent; the High BAC limit is between 0.15 percent.

The OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) penalties in the state of Michigan can be found in the underneath table

Offense NumberLicense SuspensionFineIncarcerationOther Penalties
First6 months - possible restricted license after 30 days$100-$5005 days to 1 year OR 30-90 hours community service6 point on record
Possible interlock device
Second1 year minimum
5 years if previous conviction within past 7 years
$200-$1,000 plus $1,000 driver responsibility fee30 days minimum up to 1 year
48 hours must be served in jail/workhouse
License plate confiscated
Vehicle immobilized 60-90 days or forfeited
6 points on license
ThirdMinimum 1 year
5 years if previous conviction within past 7 years
$500-$5,000 plus $1,000 driver responsibility fee1-5 yearsLicense plate confiscated
Vehicle immobilized 1-3 years or forfeited
Possible registration denial or vehicle forfeiture
6 points on record

– Drug-Impaired Driving Laws

At present, Michigan has no specific marijuana-impaired drugged driving laws.

Michigan Can’t-Miss Facts

Take a look at some interesting factoids about Michigan, the Sunflower State

– Vehicle Theft in Michigan

There may be no place like home, but there also is no pain like home and auto theft. Here is the chart of the top stolen vehicles in the state of Michigan.

Make/ModelYearNumber of Thefts
Chevrolet Impala2008733
Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)1999585
Ford Pickup (Full Size)2006530
Dodge Caravan2003528
Dodge Charger2015477
Chevrolet Trailblazer2007462
Chevrolet Malibu2013451
Pontiac Grand Prix2004418
Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2000407
Ford Fusion2014355

As you can see, American-made vehicles are the favorite targets for auto pilferers in the state of Michigan.

– Vehicle Theft by City

The table below gives a breakdown of the top cities for auto theft within the state.

Thefts (2017
Addison Township5
Adrian Township1
Allen Park60
Ann Arbor99
Argentine Township2
Auburn Hills26
Au Gres0
Bad Axe3
Baroda-Lake Township3
Barry Township2
Bath Township4
Battle Creek94
Bay City59
Benton Harbor33
Benton Township47
Berrien Springs-Oronoko Township2
Beverly Hills0
Big Rapids1
Birch Run0
Blackman Township43
Bloomfield Hills3
Bloomfield Township24
Boyne City7
Brandon Township4
Bridgeport Township5
Brown City1
Brownstown Township35
Buena Vista Township14
Cambridge Township1
Canton Township57
Carrollton Township2
Carson City0
Cass City2
Center Line30
Central Lake0
Chesterfield Township32
Chikaming Township1
Chocolay Township3
Clayton Township3
Clay Township3
Clinton Township155
Coloma Township1
Columbia Township3
Commerce Township11
Covert Township3
Crystal Falls0
Davison Township4
Dearborn Heights132
Denton Township1
Dewitt Township4
Dryden Township2
East Grand Rapids4
East Jordan0
East Lansing137
Eaton Rapids5
Eau Claire1
Elk Rapids0
Emmett Township17
Erie Township0
Fair Haven Township0
Farmington Hills77
Flat Rock15
Flint Township95
Flushing Township2
Forsyth Township5
Fruitport Township11
Gaines Township3
Garden City38
Garfield Township0
Genesee Township11
Gerrish Township1
Grand Beach0
Grand Blanc5
Grand Blanc Township24
Grand Haven11
Grand Ledge4
Grand Rapids363
Green Oak Township7
Grosse Ile Township1
Grosse Pointe5
Grosse Pointe Farms3
Grosse Pointe Park13
Grosse Pointe Shores0
Grosse Pointe Woods20
Hamburg Township5
Hampton Township9
Harbor Beach1
Harbor Springs0
Harper Woods73
Hazel Park60
Highland Park104
Highland Township14
Huntington Woods3
Huron Township18
Imlay City1
Independence Township11
Iron Mountain0
Iron River0
Kalamazoo Township57
Keego Harbor2
Kinross Township1
Lake Angelus0
Lake Linden0
Lake Odessa1
Lake Orion2
Lansing Township20
Lapeer Township0
Lathrup Village2
Lincoln Park156
Lincoln Township5
Luna Pier1
Lyon Township4
Mackinac Island0
Mackinaw City0
Madison Heights59
Madison Township8
Marenisco Township0
Marine City2
Meridian Township30
Metamora Township2
Metro Police Authority of Genesee County7
Montrose Township5
Mount Morris6
Mount Morris Township34
Mount Pleasant18
Muskegon Heights47
Muskegon Township25
Napoleon Township2
New Baltimore4
New Buffalo1
New Era0
New Lothrop0
Northfield Township1
North Muskegon1
Northville Township15
Norton Shores27
Oakland Township2
Oak Park74
Ontwa Township-Edwardsburg8
Orchard Lake0
Orion Township11
Oscoda Township2
Oxford Township3
Paw Paw3
Pittsfield Township31
Pleasant Ridge2
Plymouth Township22
Port Austin0
Port Huron37
Port Sanilac0
Prairieville Township0
Raisin Township0
Redford Township212
Reed City0
Richfield Township, Genesee County4
Richfield Township, Roscommon County1
Richland Township, Saginaw County0
River Rouge27
Rochester Hills18
Rogers City1
Roosevelt Park9
Royal Oak51
Saginaw Township26
Sand Lake0
Sault Ste. Marie9
Shelby Township31
Somerset Township0
South Haven8
South Lyon4
South Rockwood1
Spring Arbor Township1
Springfield Township8
St. Charles1
St. Clair1
St. Clair Shores45
Sterling Heights107
St. Ignace2
St. Johns2
St. Joseph4
St. Joseph Township6
St. Louis1
Sumpter Township8
Sylvan Lake1
Thetford Township1
Thomas Township2
Three Rivers15
Tittabawassee Township3
Traverse City14
Tuscarora Township2
Unadilla Township3
Van Buren Township69
Walled Lake2
Waterford Township68
West Bloomfield Township16
West Branch0
White Cloud0
White Lake Township12
White Pigeon1
Wolverine Lake1

– Risky and Harmful Behavior

We’ve compiled a list of all driving-related fatalities in Michigan. For more information and resources, visit the Michigan Traffic Crash Facts website.

– Fatality by Speeding (County)

County2017 Fatalities
Alcona County1
Alger County1
Allegan County0
Alpena County1
Antrim County0
Arenac County3
Baraga County0
Barry County3
Bay County0
Benzie County0
Berrien County1
Branch County1
Calhoun County6
Cass County8
Charlevoix County0
Cheboygan County3
Chippewa County0
Clare County0
Clinton County0
Crawford County1
Delta County2
Dickinson County3
Eaton County3
Emmet County1
Genesee County6
Gladwin County0
Gogebic County1
Grand Traverse County1
Gratiot County0
Hillsdale County1
Houghton County1
Huron County0
Ingham County8
Ionia County3
Iosco County2
Iron County1
Isabella County2
Jackson County4
Kalamazoo County11
Kalkaska County2
Kent County16
Keweenaw County0
Lake County1
Lapeer County1
Leelanau County1
Lenawee County3
Livingston County7
Luce County1
Mackinac County1
Macomb County8
Manistee County0
Marquette County1
Mason County2
Mecosta County0
Menominee County0
Midland County1
Missaukee County0
Monroe County7
Montcalm County1
Montmorency County0
Muskegon County6
Newaygo County4
Oakland County12
Oceana County0
Ogemaw County3
Ontonagon County0
Osceola County0
Oscoda County0
Otsego County0
Ottawa County2
Presque Isle County1
Roscommon County1
Saginaw County3
Sanilac County1
Schoolcraft County0
Shiawassee County2
St. Clair County2
St. Joseph County5
Tuscola County0
Van Buren County2
Washtenaw County6
Wayne County57
Wexford County2

– Fatality by DUI (County)

County2017 Fatalities
Alcona County0
Alger County0
Allegan County4
Alpena County1
Antrim County1
Arenac County2
Baraga County0
Barry County3
Bay County1
Benzie County0
Berrien County3
Branch County1
Calhoun County8
Cass County8
Charlevoix County1
Cheboygan County2
Chippewa County1
Clare County1
Clinton County2
Crawford County2
Delta County1
Dickinson County2
Eaton County1
Emmet County0
Genesee County10
Gladwin County1
Gogebic County0
Grand Traverse County1
Gratiot County2
Hillsdale County1
Houghton County1
Huron County0
Ingham County7
Ionia County3
Iosco County0
Iron County0
Isabella County4
Jackson County11
Kalamazoo County9
Kalkaska County0
Kent County16
Keweenaw County0
Lake County0
Lapeer County4
Leelanau County1
Lenawee County5
Livingston County6
Luce County2
Mackinac County2
Macomb County14
Manistee County1
Marquette County2
Mason County2
Mecosta County2
Menominee County1
Midland County3
Missaukee County0
Monroe County12
Montcalm County7
Montmorency County0
Muskegon County5
Newaygo County3
Oakland County18
Oceana County2
Ogemaw County2
Ontonagon County0
Osceola County3
Oscoda County0
Otsego County2
Ottawa County4
Presque Isle County1
Roscommon County1
Saginaw County6
Sanilac County1
Schoolcraft County0
Shiawassee County3
St. Clair County3
St. Joseph County4
Tuscola County7
Van Buren County5
Washtenaw County12
Wayne County54
Wexford County0

– Fatal Crashes by Weather Conditions

Weather ConditionDaylightDark, but LightedDarkDawn or DuskOther / UnknownTotal

– Fatal Crashes by County

County2017 Fatalities
Alcona County2
Alger County1
Allegan County13
Alpena County3
Antrim County4
Arenac County7
Baraga County0
Barry County11
Bay County5
Benzie County0
Berrien County20
Branch County2
Calhoun County19
Cass County15
Charlevoix County3
Cheboygan County3
Chippewa County2
Clare County3
Clinton County2
Crawford County4
Delta County10
Dickinson County5
Eaton County14
Emmet County2
Genesee County38
Gladwin County3
Gogebic County3
Grand Traverse County8
Gratiot County5
Hillsdale County5
Houghton County2
Huron County6
Ingham County26
Ionia County10
Iosco County3
Iron County1
Isabella County12
Jackson County20
Kalamazoo County38
Kalkaska County3
Kent County69
Keweenaw County0
Lake County1
Lapeer County11
Leelanau County3
Lenawee County16
Livingston County23
Luce County3
Mackinac County4
Macomb County42
Manistee County3
Marquette County4
Mason County9
Mecosta County4
Menominee County2
Midland County18
Missaukee County0
Monroe County23
Montcalm County23
Montmorency County1
Muskegon County17
Newaygo County12
Oakland County69
Oceana County2
Ogemaw County5
Ontonagon County1
Osceola County6
Oscoda County2
Otsego County7
Ottawa County17
Presque Isle County1
Roscommon County3
Saginaw County22
Sanilac County5
Schoolcraft County1
Shiawassee County6
St. Clair County14
St. Joseph County11
Tuscola County14
Van Buren County17
Washtenaw County39
Wayne County161
Wexford County6

– Fatal Crashes in Top Ten Counties (Five Year Trend)

Wayne County171174190201161
Kent County4855645769
Oakland County5663678069
Macomb County5346616342
Washtenaw County3330272639
Genesee County2933335038
Kalamazoo County3616273538
Ingham County1721172526
Livingston County1519122223
Monroe County2727131823

– Fatality Rates Rural vs. Urban

Roadway Type2008200920102011201220132014201520162017

– Fatalities by Person Type

TypeNumber of Fatalities
Traffic Fatalities1030
Passenger Vehicle Occupant Fatalities (All Seat Positions)696
Motorcyclist Fatalities150
Pedestrian Fatalities156
Bicyclist and other Cyclist Fatalities21

– Fatalities by Type of Crash

Crash TypeNumber
Single Vehicle519
Involving a Large Truck88
Involving Speeding241
Involving a Rollover224
Involving a Roadway Departure429
Involving an Intersection (or Intersection Related)268

– EMS Response Time

Type of CrashTime of Crash to EMS
EMS Notification to
EMS Arrival
EMS Arrival at Scene
to Hospital Arrival
Time of Crash to Hospital

– Transportation

Here is a chart of the details car ownership stats in Michigan.

– Car Ownership

data-usa-bar chart-car-ownership-michigan

– Commute Time


At 23.5 minutes, drivers in Michigan have significantly less commute time than the national average of 25.3 minutes. Only 1.89 percent of drivers in Michigan experience a “super commute” of 90 minutes or more.

Detroit, the Motor City, ranks as the 27th most congested city in the US, 146th most congested city in the world. Detroit motorists spent 66 hours in congested traffic in 2018.

– Commuter Transportation


Now that you have been fully-equipped with all the important information regarding Michigan driving laws and insurance requirements, there’s no need for there to be any panic in Detroit (or any of the other towns and cities in the Great Lakes State)

Just enter your zip code to start saving today.


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