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Buying Auto Insurance Online

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Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

Things to Remember...

  • Long gone are the days of only buying car insurance in person
  • Online comparison shopping gives the ability to view multiple quotes at one time
  • Online self-service options make paying your monthly premiums easy than ever

Choosing and buying the right car insurance should not be an ordeal. With the advent of the internet, the ability to purchase car insurance became online and streamlined.

Buying your car insurance online has nothing but advantages for the smart consumer. Compare auto insurance and read our Auto Insurance Guide to find the best information on auto insurance!

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The Old-Fashioned Way of Buying Car Insurance


In years past, a car owner would have to search out and visit multiple car insurance companies to get multiple car insurance quotes.

These car insurance companies could be spread out all over his town or city. Time, effort and mileage would be wasted making visits to various insurance companies and independent agents.

Some companies might not have an office in a particular geographic area, further limiting choices and availability of discounts and deals.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

 Secured with SHA-256 Encryption

A Confused Consumer is Their Best Customer

Comparing car insurance company quotes and rates was complicated and confusing. Different companies presented different rate quotes based on different criteria.

Licensed car insurance agents might offer competing plans even though they were employed by the same insurer.

A comparison of policies was like comparing “apples to oranges” when it really shouldn’t have been. Quite frequently the car owner simply gave in and bought any policy in order to legally operate his car.

Comparison Means Control

A savvy consumer always knows that the key to lower car insurance costs is the art of comparison. Comparing rates between competing companies lets you pick and choose to your best advantage.

As the consumer, you have the power to control the marketplace. Competition between insurers for your business makes insurance companies lower their rates and expand their consumer services.

Reasons to Buy your Car Insurance Online

The following are reasons to buy your car insurance online:

  • You can visit one website instead of having to surf the Internet repeatedly on your own.
  • Visiting an insurance comparison website is private and secure.
  • Never feel obligated to buy at any time.
  • Stress-free research and reading help you to completely analyze your driving patterns and the insurance best suited for them.

Buying Car Insurance Online can be a Shared Decision


When you buy car insurance online, you’re able to make it a shared experience. Engage the entire family in future auto policy decisions. You are also able to use online comparisons to purchase car insurance for teenagers or first-time drivers.

Since it affects them as well, it’s a good idea to include your teen in the decision-making process when buying car insurance.

In addition, easy viewability of comparison policy rates and possible changes makes options clear for older or hard to insure drivers. Buying online also means will never be intimidated by pushy insurance representatives.

You can make a decision in your own time without the added pressure of hard-sell salespersons. You have the peace of mind knowing that you are buying the correct amount of car insurance to satisfy your needs, not their commission and monthly quota.

No Question is a Bad Question When it Comes to Your Policy

When you buy insurance online, you can ask questions online and have the answers delivered to you in a timely and private manner.

You are also able to input your personal financial information securely and privately.

You never need to worry about having to pay in person. You have the ability to buy and pay securely with your credit card and have immediate receipt of your insurance purchase.

Buying your car insurance online offers you peace of mind. Your car insurance purchase was the best and most precise policy you could find.

Compare and Set Payment Options that Work for You


Buying online allows you to set premium payments to your needs. You never worry that a premium is due when your paycheck is not due to arrive.

You can make car insurance payments yearly, bi-yearly, quarterly, or monthly as allowed by a particular insurer.

You also have the ability to choose the auto insurance company that offers payment options that work with your specific financial situation.  Easy accessibility to your policy also makes buying car insurance online a win-win situation.

Search Online for Discount and Deals

Searching online for auto insurance allows you to learn about deals and special rates for those considered good drivers. You are able to see if your age, occupation or clean driving record entitles you to additional discounts.

In addition, competing car insurance companies know you have the added advantage of online comparison and they lower their premiums accordingly.

Buying car insurance online also gives you the opportunity to purchase many other types of insurance (homeowners, renters, life or long-term disability) plans they may offer to their valued customers

Purchasing car insurance online is the modern way to score deep discounts. Quotes, policies, profiles, and products are all at your fingertips.

Comparison shop and buy your next car insurance policy online to put you the consumer in the driver’s seat. Enter your zip code below and save on auto insurance today!

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

 Secured with SHA-256 Encryption