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The competition between Mercedes and BMW automobiles has long been a subject of interest among car lovers. Who is better: BMW or Mercedes?

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BMW vs. Mercedes: Rise of Giants

When you think big, expensive, luxury car, what’s the first name that comes to mind? Well, probably two names spring to mind: Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

These two German auto giants have been big names in the automotive industry for almost as long as there has been an automotive industry!

Starting off in the early 1900s, they’ve been nipping at each others’ heels for almost one hundred years.

They say that competition is good for innovation. In the case of these two automakers, it’s definitely led to some interesting developments.

But are they really so different from one another? Let’s take a look at the long and winding road that these two powerhouses have taken to get where they are.

Mercedes History

Nothing says more about where someone is going than where they have already been. The origins of BMW and Mercedes each have their revealing elements.

Mercedes was born in 1900, but the name wasn’t added until 1902. Their original car was designed by Wilhelm Maybach, who was the chief engineer at what was then DMG.

Two years later they were christened Mercedes in honor of an extremely valued customer’s daughter.

Fifty-six years later a distribution agreement with Studebaker-Packard opened the doors for American distribution of these sought-after German autos.

1999 even saw Mercedes joining forces with DaimlerChrysler. The resultant company was called Mercedes-Benz AMG.

BMW History

BMW, meanwhile, ran parallel to Mercedes, growing in its own way. Born later than Mercedes, BMW came into being in 1916 as the result of the restructuring of Rapp Motorenwerke.

Originally an aircraft engine maker, the BMW logo is reminiscent to this day, of a propeller cutting through a blue sky.

BMW had to stop making aircraft engines in 1923, however, when the Versailles Armistice Treaty put a stop to aircraft engine production.

Surviving WWII required that the mighty company crank out bicycles, pots, and pans instead of motorized vehicles. Motorcycle production was opened back up in 1948.

Four years later they rolled out their first car, the now classic 501 model. More than 20 years of growth pushed their production needs beyond their original factory in Munich. They opened up an even larger plant in Dingolfing.

In 2010 US BMW sales outdid Mercedes for the first time in history.

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Mercedes’ & BMW’s Logo Wars

A vehicle’s logo is extremely important to its sense of place and importance in the world.

The BMW logo was designed to represent a propeller in motion through the blue sky. This basic design has gone through only minor changes throughout time.

The modern BMW logo looks almost like it did in 1917.

Mercedes, on the other hand, started out with just their name. The year, 1909, introduced their three-points emblem. That same year brought the Benz emblem.

The year, 1916, had a combination three-point Mercedes image. The year, 1926, featured “Mercedes” and “Benz” together with the three points. Today’s emblem is just the three points.

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