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Should I use a classic car insurance company or a classic car plan?

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Things to Remember...
  • Standard car insurance companies are not always equipped to deal with the intricacies of classic car insurance
  • Repairing a vintage vehicle could end up costing more than it is worth if you do not have adequate protection
  • Purchasing car insurance through a specialty insurance provider can be beneficial in many different ways

If you own an expensive classic model car, then you want the best possible plan to keep it safe or at least to help you get it back to normal if an accident or other incident occurs.

The best classic car insurance policy will be based on protection and price.

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Classic Cars Mean Higher Insurance Costs


Since liability for classic cars is higher than for regular vehicles, the cost of any insurance coverage is going to also be higher.

You must do some serious planning in order to get the best possible auto insurance company and plan for your vintage vehicle.

Some people may think that all they have to do is call up their everyday auto insurance company to buy one of their classic car plans, but that could be a huge and costly mistake.

A standard auto insurance company isn’t geared towards handling all that comes with owning and repairing a classic car.

Choosing the Best Classic Car Coverage

Most standard auto insurance companies aren’t going to have the proper experience dealing with the idiosyncrasies of classic vehicles.

While they are just fine for coverage on your regular new car or truck, they can’t just look up a blue book value for something like an old Model A car or a vintage 1960’s Corvette or Mustang.

The cost of repair parts or authentic pieces to make your car whole again vary, and a regular auto insurance company isn’t geared to allow for that sort of scenario.

Classic car insurance 101 will prepare you for this situation though.

You need to find a way to insure your classic car in a way that you won’t lose all your money fixing it.

Sometimes that means choosing a special classic car company insurance plan over standard auto insurance companies.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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Special Classic Car Insurance Plans

You may cringe when you hear that you need a special sort of insurance for a classic car.

But in the long run, it will likely be better at covering your vehicle should it be in an accident.

The truth is that special classic car plans might cost you less than standard car insurance for several reasons including:

  • Classic cars are usually driven far less often than regular cars
  • Classic cars are usually kept in a garage to protect it from the weather
  • Classic cars may only be brought out for special events or festivals

Regular auto insurance can’t handle all of those ifs, and’s, or buts, but special classic car plans can and do.

However, a classic car plan will have a list of restrictions like when you can drive the car, where you can drive it, etc.

You can work this entire deal out with a special classic car insurance plan broker to best meet your individual needs.

What’s the first step?


You can begin your search for the best possible classic car insurance by looking online.

You may or may not be able to use the regular websites that compare insurance companies since not all classic car insurers may be listed.

Some of the things that must be addressed when insuring classic cars include:

  • Figuring out the car’s value  The value of your car is going to go up, not down like regular cars value usually does. Purchase a clause that allows for this fact.
  • Car Usage Most classic car owners won’t be driving their vehicles daily. Classic car plans are able to take this into consideration.
  • Photos of the car Some classic car policies may ask for photos of your vehicle. These photos should be taken from every possible angle and in good light.
  • Documentation for extras If you have made any of modifications in your classic car, then you must show the documentation for it.
  • Special liability insurance for events You may also consider adding special liability insurance to cover you when you show off your classic car in events or car shows.
  • Special restoration riders – You should also consider getting a special classic car rider for covering any restoration needs due to damages incurred.

The bottom line is that if you own a classic car, you need to make sure that it is covered in such a way that it will be properly covered if it gets damaged or stolen.

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