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Alternative Fuel Automobiles

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Things to Remember...
  • Alternative fuel automobiles are those that use power sources other than gasoline
  • There are several different types of alternative fuel automobiles
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If you want to learn all about alternative fuel automobiles, then you have come to the right place!

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Which alternative fuel is right for you?

The world is changing rapidly. Our petroleum resources are dwindling fast. Given America’s reliance on petroleum-based products, a new solution must be found and implemented quickly.

No longer can we keep burning through our future like the end will never come.

If we want a country and a world that can sustain itself into the next millennium, we’re going to have to change a lot of things about our society, including what and how we drive.

For decades a fully electric car has been sought after by environmentalists and engineers seeking to build a greener future. Partially and fully electric vehicles are becoming more and more available.

Charging stations at home, work, and public spaces will make these new vehicles even more functional for the long term.

Here’s a look at some of the other options we all have for getting around:

– Dedicated Electric Automobile

These super-simple cars are straight out of science fiction. You plug it in, charge it up, and it’s ready to go.

The operating range for these vehicles is only a few hundred miles, so you won’t be taking them on any road trips.

However, if you have access to a charging plug at work, then you could easily use one for an emissions-free ride to work and back.

Absolutely nothing comes out of the back of these cars except maybe the charging plug if you forget to coil it up!

– Flex Fuel Automobile


Being flexible is important for how your car can run on a more renewable form of fuel.

Instead of having to rely on only gasoline, flex fuel cars can run on a mix of ethanol and gasoline commonly known at E-85.

The engine systems and spark plugs are specially calibrated to adapt to whichever fuel is in the tank. Having a mix of ethanol in the gas lessens our reliance on oil.

– Propane Fuel Automobile

Propane is a cleaner burning fuel and results in emissions that are much less harmful than those normally produced by cars.

Unfortunately, propane is a finite resource. So when all the propane runs out, propane-car owners are going to need a new gameplan.

– Hybrid Automobile


Boasting gas mileage up to 45 mpg on the highway, drivers snapped these vehicles up when gas prices were sky high.

These cars are better for the environment because they rely partially on electrical propulsion systems that help power the car and produce fewer emissions per mile of driving.

– Biodiesel Automobile

These powerful vehicles run on used cooking oil and are actually pretty much just normal diesel engines.

Finding a steady source of cooking oil can be hard, and many drivers with these kinds of vehicles gather their own fuel from local restaurants.

Technically this is a renewable resource since you can always get more cooking oil.

No matter what type of car you drive – why not save some money on your auto insurance premiums? Enter your zip code for free auto insurance quotes!

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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