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Pimp Out Your Ride Blog Posts

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Things to Remember...
  • Pimping out your ride simply means fixing up and customizing your vehicle
  • Spending lots of money for fancy rims, tires, and paint jobs is a popular trend
  • Learning how to trick out your ride properly can save you some time and money

Fixing up your ride is a trend that is not showing any signs of slowing down. Many people spend lots of money buying rims, tires, and paint jobs for their vehicles.

The kind of car you drive is also considered a status symbol. Just don’t forget to insure that ride and protect your investment!

Luckily for those interested, some of the most devoted pimpsters blog about what they and others have done to their rides.

Check out this article to see great ways and some not so great ways to pimp out your ride.

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Best Pimp Out Your Ride Blog Posts


  1. Car Stereo – Read here why you should have an awesome stereo system in your car
  2. Accessorize – Learn how to add accessories to your car to make it hot
  3. Project – Learn how this mom helped to pimp her child’s ride
  4. Failures – Look at these failed attempts to pimp their rides
  5. Green Pimping – Some Prius owners are choosing to fix up their rides
  6. Looking at Men and Their Cars Look at the importance of the relationship between a man and his car
  7. Guilty Pleasures – Some have a guilty pleasure in going to car shows and looking at all the ways to trick out a car
  8. Bike Fest – Many fixed up cars show up at the bike fest every year
  9. Panda – Watch this car do front tire stomps, something usually reserved only for motorbikes
  10. Hot Pictures – Look here to see some super tricked out vehicles
  11. Food Trucks – People love their food trucks with more than a little style
  12. Silverado – Look at this tricked out Silverado pickup that never looked so good
  13. Hummer – Read about this tricked out Hummer Limo with an awesome paint job
  14. Top 5 – Look at these top five pimped out, eco-friendly rides

Insurance For Pimping Out Your Ride

Like what you see? Maybe it’s time to add some cool paint or rims to your own ride.

Whatever your motivation, the inspiration from the cars seen in these blogs is sure to bring out your inner gear head!

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