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What are the JD Powers auto insurance company ratings?

car insurance company ratingsJD Power and Associates is an information and marketing research services company originally founded by a man named James David Power III in 1968. The company conducts consumer research regarding buyer behavior and product quality for industries ranging from advertising to automobiles.

These ratings may be helpful to those looking to buy auto insurance along with our FREE auto insurance comparison tool. Just enter your ZIP code now to compare quotes!

The JD Power and Associates company conducts regular customer satisfaction surveys of various companies, including the highest rated auto insurance companies. Power and Associates research is usually conducted using a random sample of respondents. However, the firm also conducts research on targeted samples, as well.

Who Uses the Ratings?

Though Power and Associates is well-known for its market evaluations and predictions, but the majority of the company’s revenue is generated from companies that purchase the survey data for internal use. Companies use the data for predicting and analyzing the market for their products and services. The consumer may benefit when they see how these auto insurance companies ratings change as well.

Companies may also use the JD Power and Associates survey results and logo to advertise their products or services. However, in order to do so, the company must may pay a licensing fee to the firm. Compare auto insurance rate quotes for FREE using our comparison tool when you enter your ZIP code.

The consumer may pay attention to the JD Powers ratings to evaluate the quality of an auto insurance company available to them. Using ratings and online rate comparisons is a great way to get real information about the best auto insurance options.

JD Power and Associates 2011 Survey of Auto Insurance Companies

JD Power and Associates conducted a study in 2011 of auto insurance companies that sell their services in the US. According to the findings of the customer satisfaction survey, JD Power and Associates ranked US auto insurance providers and published the results.

powers car insurance company ratingsHow Are Companies Ranked or Graded?

JD Power and Associates created the customer satisfaction survey based on five areas:

  1. Customer interactions with the insurance company
  2. Cost of insurance premiums
  3. Types of policies offered
  4. Billing and Payment
  5. Payment of claims

Companies are rated by current and former customers on a 1000 point scale. For the 2011 survey, most car insurance customer satisfaction ratings have increased over previous years’ studies using the same criteria.

The Top Auto Insurance Companies of 2011

According to the JD Power and Associates 2011 survey, the top 10 auto insurance companies in the US are:

  1. jd powers car insurance company ratingsAmica Mutual
  2. Erie Insurance
  3. Shelter Insurance
  4. Auto-Owners Insurance
  5. Ameriprise
  6. State Farm
  7. Geico
  8. State Auto Insurance
  9. American Family Insurance
  10. Alfa Insurance

Amica Mutual Insurance attained a near perfect score in the JD Power and Associates customer survey results, and clearly took the Number One spot. However, two other insurance companies with near perfect scores were excluded from the results because these companies offered insurance to a restricted group of members. The two near-perfect scorers excluded from the list are New Jersey Manufacturers and the United Services Automobile Association.

New Developments in 2011

One of the most notable changes in customer satisfaction in 2011 over previous years was that those customers who only purchased auto insurance coverage from the insurance providers were just as satisfied as those customers who maintained multiple policies with the same company. In previous years, those customers who maintained multiple policies with the same carrier were more satisfied than customers who purchased only auto insurance from a provider.

Over 80% of customers surveyed in 2011 reported that they interacted with their insurance provider via online means. They contacted their insurance companies through email, through a smartphone application or via a contact form on the insurance provider’s web page.

Most customers report that they are happier with online methods of interaction with their insurance provider than in previous years. Apparently, those customers who do not need to interact with their insurance providers over the phone are the most happy with the interactions with their car insurance providers.

Auto Insurance Comparison Websites

JD Power and Associates customer satisfaction studies of car insurance providers offers valuable insights into customer satisfaction with their insurance providers. This information is great to use when shopping for an auto insurance provider. However, an even better tool to use to compare car insurance providers and policies is an online comparison website.

Using an auto insurance comparison website allows users to compare car insurance companies that provide policies to drivers in their geographical area. Simply enter your ZIP code into the first page of the comparison website. A list of car insurance providers is returned.

From the list of auto insurance providers, the user is able to select companies and compare policies and rates for those companies. Car insurance comparison websites make shopping for car insurance quick and easy. Use a car insurance comparison website to find the best company and policy for you.

Comparing car insurance companies and rates used to be a time consuming process. However, with the new auto insurance comparison websites, shopping around for car insurance is fast and simple. Shop around for the best car insurance deal for your specific needs using a car insurance comparison website.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

or call (855) 977-0861 for free quotes