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Things to remember...

  • Firefighters have an honorable and challenging job
  • Firefighters need car insurance to cover their own vehicle, even if their emergency vehicles are already covered
  • Shop and compare to see if you qualify for a discount due to your job status

Are you a firefighter looking for the best car insurance? Many EMT and emergency service personnel need better car insurance. While there is no one policy that fits everyone for firefighters, there are many options.

Keep these things in mind as you shop and compare.

Remember also that there is a difference between insuring your personal vehicle and the vehicle you drive at work for emergency situations.

Chances are that your fire chief has already taken care of the fire truck and other emergency vehicles that you use each day to do your job. Check with them first to see if this is the case.

Also, your fire department may have some group auto insurance. Though this is rare, you may qualify for some special insurance plan due to your status with the fire department.

It’s always a good idea to check locally first to see if insurance is offered through your department. After doing that, feel free to use our site to compare policies.

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Firefighters Are in a No-Fault Category

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First, the good news. Like police officers, firefighters fall into the no-fault category when it comes to accidents. If they are involved in an accident while on a call, they are usually judged not to be at fault for the accident in most cases.

If you exhibit safe driving procedures and follow the protocol for on-the-job emergency transportation, you should not have to worry about being accused of negligence on the job.

There may be exceptions if there is a cause to think that the driver was negligent but this is the general rule.

Of course, you should always check with your state to see where your state of residence stands. Michigan states on this blog that they do not hold firefighters at fault for accidents that involved something in the line of duty.

What is negligence?

When it comes to negligence, firefighters are not immune in this regard if they overstepped their rights as an emergency responder or neglected to do what a reasonable person knows to do.

This is a legal requirement for proving fault in such cases so you should consult with an attorney or legal resource to get your questions answered regarding whether a certain situation could be considered negligent or not.

Do I need insurance for my EMT vehicles?


In most cases, your emergency vehicle will be covered under the fire department’s insurance plan. The fire department’s insurance plan is usually purchased by the city and paid for through the fire department in the town in which it resides.

Fire department insurance that the department covers usually applies to all vehicles that are under the jurisdiction of the city fire department. So you usually do not have to worry about covering these vehicles.

But what if you drive your car to the scene? For example, there are the volunteer firefighters or other personnel who not assigned a department vehicle.

Under this situation, then you would need to get auto insurance coverage for any vehicles that you drive, whether you use them for emergency calls or not.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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Talk to Your Insurance Company

When you sign up for or shop for auto insurance, it is important to talk to your insurance carrier and tell them what you do for a living. A firefighter is considered a high-risk occupation.

However, being a firefighter would affect your life or health insurance much more than your car insurance.

Car insurance risk is based on the likelihood of injury or property damage, primarily. Other risks are also taken into account such as the chance of injury to others in the car with you and the amount of time on the road.

The reason that life and health insurance companies view a firefighter’s job as high risk is that you are likely to face a life-or-death situation on a daily basis. So your life or health insurance could be costly.

Regarding your car insurance, though, the premiums you pay would likely be related more to the amount of time that you use your personal vehicle on the job. If you only use your own vehicle on rare occasions, your rates may not be too different from anyone else’s.

Factors Insurance Companies Consider


Of course, there are other factors that the insurance companies will consider when issuing you a policy.

Some of the most relevant ones include the following:

  • The distance you drive to work – If you drive a short distance to work, you will get a better rate than if you drive a long way to work. The risk with personal vehicle insurance is the amount of time you are on the road and the frequency of driving, among other factors.
  • Age and marital status – These demographics do determine your rate to some extent. Single men have more accidents than married men so you may get a better rate if you are married. Also, age matters when it comes to insurance. Young people (especially males) ages 18-24 have the most severe accidents.
  • Current driving record – As with any type of car insurance, this factor is the most important no matter what your age, situation, or occupation. If you have a good driving record, statistics show you will have fewer accidents.
  • Current policy status – If you keep your insurance policy up to date, you will get better rates. You may see an increase in your policy if you have let your policy lapse, even once.
  • Make and model of car – One of the main items you are required to tell the insurance agent when considering a new policy is the make and model of your auto. This is because different cars cost more to insure.

Keep Your Credit Score in Good Shape

Another tip for firefighters looking for auto insurance is to keep your credit score in good condition. Insurance companies do look into your credit rating when determining the cost of your premium.

If your credit rating is good, the insurer knows that it is less likely that you will fail to pay your premiums each month and that you will probably not let your policy lapse.

A good credit score makes you a lower risk to the insurance company.

Insurance for Firefighters


We hope these tips and ideas will help firefighters to keep their insurance premiums low as they drive the highways of life.

Our hats are off to all firefighters and emergency responders. They have a challenging and honorable job keeping the rest of us safe from fires and disasters.

While there is no one type of insurance specifically for firefighters, some insurance companies do offer discounts for firefighters and other EMTs in return for excellent service to their communities through their career.

Check with various companies as you shop and compare costs and discuss this with an agent. They may be able to point you to some good discounts that are available for firefighters.

Remember that many insurance companies reward firefighters for a job well done. So look for those companies when you shop for insurance.

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FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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