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Things to remember...

  • There are some federal positions that may qualify you for these discounts
  • There are many other types of discounts, too
  • Shop and compare various companies and ask if you qualify for a discount

If you are looking for insurance, you may want to consider your status to save money. There are many different kinds of discounts that you may qualify for.

If you work in a federal government position, you may be eligible for exclusive discounts due to your status as a federal employee.

Here are some of the major types of federal jobs that may qualify you for special discounts with your car insurance.

  • Law enforcement jobs – There are a variety of different law enforcement jobs available for people wanting to go into federal law enforcement. The types of positions available in this sector include FBI, CIA, or Secret Service jobs, as well as any type of law enforcement on the federal level.
  • Healthcare jobs – There are many healthcare positions available to people in the health care profession. If you work with the WHO (World Health Organization), AMA, (American Medical Association), or any other type of position, you may qualify for federal employment discounts.
  • Civil service jobs – There are a variety of civil service jobs that may qualify for special federal discounts. Some examples are federal engineering jobs, mechanics, welders, or any federal government positions that deal with public service.
  • Jobs for the disabled – If you are disabled, you may qualify for special jobs with the federal government that would qualify you for federal discounts in insurance.
  • Military jobs – If you are an active or retired member of the military, you may qualify for special discounts.

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What kind of insurance companies offer discounts?


There are many types of insurance companies that offer discounts to federal employees. But there is no one company that focuses on this specifically. You just have to shop around and see what’s available to get the best coverage and find out about the discounts.

AAA Insurance and Geico are two examples of insurance providers that offer a discount to federal workers. Reportedly, AAA only offers the discount one time “on the spot” so you have to take the deduction at that point.

Geico has always offered discounts to both federal and state employees, and they have a wide range of jobs that they consider federal job.

Jobs that May Qualify You

If you are a teacher, health care worker, local government official, or any other federal or state worker, you may qualify for a discount. If you decide to go with Geico, you should ask the representative if your career or job will qualify you for this discount.

Geico used to be known as the “government employees’ insurance” company. But they have expanded over the past few years to include any job.

Even self-employed entrepreneurs can have insurance with Geico now, and there are several discounts available for qualifying members.

There are many other insurance companies that offer various types of discounts. You just have to do a little homework and ask the right questions.

If you are filling out a form online, you may be asked what type of work you do. Be sure to answer this question honestly, and you may be given a chance to get a discount on your insurance near the end of the application process.

Other Types of Discounts


In addition to federal discounts, you may also be eligible for other discounts such as the following:

  • Safe driving discounts – Safe driving discounts are often offered to drivers with a good driving record. This will vary according to your state so check the state map to find out where your state stands on this.
  • Good student discounts – There are many good student discounts available for insurance policyholders. The general view on this is that you maintain a “B” average or better. But check with various insurance companies when you inquire.
  • Senior discounts – Some companies offer discounts to seniors but this may also be considered along with their driving record or other factors.
  • Low mileage discounts – If you only drive your vehicle for a limited number of miles each year, you may qualify for a discount. This may include both military and civilian drivers.
  • Model citizen discounts – If you drive safely, are involved in some sort of public service or do something else that makes you a model citizen, you might qualify for this discount.

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The Importance of Comparing Discounts and Companies

It’s important to shop around and compare because you never know what type of discount you may qualify for unless you apply. It is also helpful to talk to the agents of various companies and ask the right questions.

You should tell them as much as you think is needed to see if you qualify but don’t forget to ask about discounts, especially if you are a federal employee.

Even state employees and local public service jobs may qualify you for discounts, along with the other various qualification factors we mentioned earlier.

The important thing is that you get the best coverage for your situation and that you get the best deal on car insurance for your money.

When it comes to auto insurance, you always want to weigh the risk with the premium. Premiums are going to cost you a certain amount each month. But what you get back is the assurance that you will be taken care of in the event of an accident.

Think about what it could cost you if you do not have insurance. That’s why insurance is there to protect you from financial disaster.

Types of Coverage

In most states, the following types of coverage are required:

  • Bodily injury liability (per person) – There are certain amounts in each state designated as the minimum that you must carry for bodily injury liability. You may also want to research any legal questions you have about the liabilities involved in car accidents.
  • Bodily injury liability (per accident) – You should know the state requirements for bodily injury liability coverage that includes all of the people in the accident. Knowing the total coverage is just as important as the coverage per person.
  • Property damage liability – This type of coverage covers damages to property sustained in an accident for which you are responsible. If you feel this is not sufficient, you may want to add personal injury protection.

Optional coverage types include:

  • Personal injury protection
  • Medical coverage
  • Roadside assistance
  • Uninsured/Underinsured

The above types of coverage are usually optional. But some states want you to carry PIP or uninsured motorist coverage as well, in case the person who hits you is not insured. Know the rules in your state before proceeding.

Insurance Discounts for Couples

If you are married, you may qualify for discounts based on having your policy with the same company as your spouse. Insurance companies tend to view men who get married as a lower risk than those who are single.

This risk assignment is based on statistics and some psychology. Married men have fewer accidents than single men.

There are all types of discount opportunities for couples, safe drivers, federal employees, and others if you qualify.

The best thing you can do is to shop around, compare costs of premiums, the types of coverage involved, and other factors. Then make an educated decision on the best type of insurance for you.

See what discounts different companies will offer to you. Compare car insurance quotes today!

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