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Things to remember...

  • Auto insurance coverage is mandatory in most U.S. states
  • There are specific coverage options that are essential to a single mother, taking any combination of these coverage options can provide sufficient protection
  • Failure to add your 16-year-old or above teenager on your policy will result in the denial of a claim should the child get into an accident while driving your car
  • As a single mother, there are several ways to bring your auto insurance costs down, whether you have a teenage driver added to the policy or not
  • You significantly reduce your auto insurance rates by comparison shopping

Being a parent is not easy. Being a responsible single parent is even more difficult. You have to perform all the tasks that come with being a parent all by yourself.

From juggling between carpooling timetables to monitoring your children’s homework and keeping up with your professional duties, most of your daily activities will require a high level of coordination.

You will be required to drive your kids to various places. It is, therefore, imperative to ensure that you are carrying sufficient levels of auto insurance protection. Compare rates today and make sure you’re not overpaying for coverage.

Getting the Right Coverage

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Most U.S. states have minimum auto insurance requirements. The level of required car insurance coverage varies across states. New Hampshire is the only state without any auto insurance requirements.

If you have smaller kids, you need to get the right coverage to ensure that they are fully protected when you drive to and from different locations. Sometimes leaving them behind is not an option.

Here are the essential auto insurance coverage types for a single mother:

– Liability Coverage

In most states, auto insurance liability coverage is the mandated level of car insurance. You don’t want any trouble with the law so make sure that you have purchased the right amount of liability coverage.

Auto insurance liability pays for the damages caused to the other party’s vehicle in the event of an at-fault accident. This policy will also cover any other type of damage to third party property as well as the medical expenses for any bodily injuries resulting from the accident.

– Personal Injury Protection

The bodily injury coverage in auto insurance liability policy covers medical expenses for occupants in the other party’s vehicle.

To ensure that you and your children are protected in case of an accident, purchase the personal injury protection coverage (PIP).

PIP will pay for the medical expenses even if it’s determined that the accident was your fault. PIP covers hospital costs, recovery costs (medication, therapy, etc.) and funeral expenses if things take an unfortunate turn. PIP is an essential coverage for a single mother.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

 Secured with SHA-256 Encryption

– Collision Coverage

Collision coverage will pay for any collision related damages. If you get into an at-fault collision accident, liability coverage will cater for the costs of repairing the other party’s vehicle and leave yours untouched.

To avoid having to pay for this damage from your own pocket, purchase a collision coverage. This way, the accident will have minimal impact on you or your children.

– Rental Car Reimbursement

Rental car reimbursement is an optional coverage but might be essential for a single mother.

In the event of an accident that leaves your car totaled, rental car reimbursement will pay for the cost of having a rental vehicle as the insurer processes your claim. However, you will receive the money you spent on the rental vehicle after your claim is settled.

You will still have to take care of the immediate costs of renting the vehicle.

– Free Towing

This coverage allows you to get your vehicle towed to a mechanic at minimal or no out of pocket expense. Depending on the auto insurer, you may have to pay for the initial towing costs and get a reimbursement later.

– Roadside Service

As a single mother, your car having a flat tire or breaking down in the middle of nowhere with your kids in the back seat can be devastating. Adding roadside assistance to your auto insurance coverage could come in handy in such a situation.

This coverage will allow you to call for help at little or no cost.

You can take any combination of the above coverage options, depending on your financial situation. If you can afford it, you can add a comprehensive coverage into the mix just to be a little safer.

All these policies will come at an extra cost, which might be a challenge, especially for a single mother. Before you purchase coverage, shop around.

Adding a Teenage Driver to Your Policy


Most parents are happy when a child finally obtains a driver’s license. But it also means additional auto insurance costs. Sadly, there are no exclusive auto insurance discounts for single mothers.

You can choose to purchase a separate policy for your teenage driver. But that is expensive, and you will have a hard time proving insurable interest, plus it may be against your state’s auto insurance laws.

Your best chance of getting sufficient coverage for your teenage child is to add them to your existing policy. It is not necessarily going to be cheap, but it won’t be as expensive as buying a separate policy.

Contact your auto insurer and let them know that you’d like to add your teenage son/daughter to your policy. If the offer is still too expensive for you, it’s time to start shopping. Compare quotes from other insurers to cut costs. When you find a more affordable deal, switch.

Bringing Your Teen Driver Auto Insurance Costs Down

As stated earlier, there are no specific auto insurance discounts for single mothers. Adding a teen driver to your coverage can inflate your premium. You will have to find a way to bring these exorbitant costs down. Here’s how:

  • Inquire about good student discounts and see if your son/daughter meets the eligibility requirements. Typically, if he/she maintains the average of a “B,” they will qualify.
  • Have your teen driver enhance his/her driving skills by taking a driver education or defensive driver training course and inform the insurer.
  • Have the auto insurer install a ‘Telematics Box’ on your vehicle to monitor your kid’s driving habits. Discounts will be awarded for safe driving.
  • Pay your premiums in annual or semi-annual installments. Insurance providers issue discounts to customers who pay upfront.
  • If you live in California, New Jersey or Hawaii, you can enroll for the low-cost auto insurance programs offered in these states and save a few bucks on car insurance.

There are many discounts single mothers can qualify for when purchasing auto insurance. The most important thing is to ask about them. Choose one out of the many different auto insurance policy combinations to ensure adequate coverage.

The best way to get the best auto insurance deals is to compare multiple quotes side by side when shopping for coverage. Compare today and see how much you can save!

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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