How can I find the highest rated auto insurance companies?

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Things to Remember...
  • Each insurance company claims to offer the best price for insurance coverage
  • There are a variety of resources that help determine the value of an insurance company
  • Getting a personalized insurance quote is the best way to find coverage at a good deal

If you haven’t realized it yet, there are a lot of auto insurance companies out there vying for your business.

Most do this actively by putting together radio commercials and sending out mailings that tell you just how much you can save if you switch to their companies.

Each of these marketing strategies from major auto insurance companies suggests that the insurance company in question is far superior to the others, offering much better services at a much lower rate.

But how can consumers really determine which insurance companies offer the best service for the best prices?

All of the following options will provide valuable information to your search for the best auto insurance rates.

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A.M. Best Rating


The A.M. Best organization is an excellent place to look for some highly rates auto insurance companies because the organization is not affiliated with any insurance company, and is, therefore, impartial.

The organization rates many other kinds of businesses in addition to insurance, and they use a standard algorithm to evaluate businesses like those in the insurance industry.

However, they also put into place criteria for evaluating auto insurance providers alone.


  • An independent agency
  • Respected across industries


  • May not help you if you need specialized products
  • Will not help if several companies are rated the same

Company Reports


Ratings aren’t the only thing that oversees auto insurance companies.

The companies themselves must make certain documents available to the individual consumer, and many of those documents have to do with financial reporting, including how much the company has obtained in sales, how many customers it has, etc.

Companies that have more sales and more customers may be the ones that more people are satisfied with. However, this is not always the case.

In addition, choosing this route can help you determine whether the company is involved in any problematic legal concerns.


  • Allows you a transparent look at the company’s finances or internal affairs
  • Can help you get a big picture overview of the company


  • Takes quite a bit of time to read and analyze
  • May be difficult to understand

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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State Regulation Agency

Insurance is regulated by the state, not the national level. Individuals looking for the highest rated auto insurance companies will need to look for their state’s insurance regulation body.

Although the information available to consumers differs based on your state, many state regulation agencies have lists of complaints that have been filed against insurance companies in the previous years.

By examining these complaints, you can determine whether the company that you are with or that you are considering switching to has had an inordinate amount of complaints filed against them.


  • An unbiased, government source of information
  • Offers insight into real-world problems with these companies


  • Does not issue actual ratings or rankings
  • Agency information differs from state to state

Better Business Bureau


The Better Business Bureau is an excellent resource for individuals who want to know what the top insurance companies are.

The BBB rates companies, so consumers can have an idea of the business’s quality.

Although the BBB does not always rank businesses, the top insurance companies are the ones most likely to have the highest ratings.

Consumers can check out the BBB’s site to determine whether the insurance companies they have or are considering utilizing have an A+ rating or have won any awards for outstanding services.


  • A nationally respected source of information
  • Easy-to-understand ratings


  • Will not help if all companies are rated the same

A Comparable Insurance Quote


The comparable insurance quote is arguably the best way for individuals to compare insurance companies and determine which insurance companies are the top companies for them.

The comparable insurance quote is a more specified option than checking with the Better Business Bureau or the state insurance regulator.

Although other options may tell you which companies are the top earning companies or which companies have the most clients, a comparable insurance quote will help you see the top companies for your particular situation.


  • Tailored information to fit your needs
  • Considers both price and service
  • Easy to obtain, read, and understand
  • Can be obtained through impartial sources
  • Offers information on specialty or difficult-to-find insurance products


  • Putting wrong information into an online quote field can lead to an incorrect online quote.

The best way to ensure that you know what the top rated insurance companies for you are is to get a customized comparable quote.

Always keep in mind that making an auto insurance comparison can give the best information to make the right decision for car insurance.

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