What are the Full Glass coverage laws in New Jersey?

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Things to remember...
  • Any number of hazards could lead to a New Jersey driver’s windshield becoming cracked
  • Driving with a damaged windshield can lead to receiving a citation in New Jersey
  • Comprehensive coverage could pay for damage a windshield derived from any number of perils
  • With the proper comparison shopping, a driver may purchase a policy with a low or even no deductible cost

Windshields handle impact fairly well, but the glass does have its limitations. Residents of New Jersey know this to be true. Drivers on the Garden State Parkway run the risks of being hit with a flying object capable of cracking the glass.

New Jersey winters can be harsh. Ice falling from roofs could easily shatter a windshield. Also, the population of New Jersey does include some malicious individuals who might deliberately vandalize a windshield.

Damage to a windshield leaves the driver at risk for a citation. The law in New Jersey is open-ended and allows a police officer leeway to issue a ticket for an unsafe windshield. A fine of upwards of $123 remains a possibility.

As long as the proper coverage is in place, drivers can turn to their insurance company to fix the damage to a windshield. Whether the insurance company mandates where the windshield is fixed or the driver makes the choice depends on the policy.

Either way, an insurance settlement could dramatically reduce the amount a driver has to pay. A driver might not even need to spend any money at all.

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Zero-Deductible Full Glass Coverage Law in New Jersey


How much you pay towards the repair of the glass depends on your deductible amount. The deductible refers to the amount you are required to pay before the insurance company does. In the state of New Jersey, the standard deductible rate is $750.

With this deductible amount, if repair bills come out to $1,500, you would pay $750 and then the insurance company would cover the remaining $750 provided the claim was approved.

Different policies can and do come with different deductible amounts. A zero-deductible policy might be preferable to some drivers.

Purchasing a deductible higher or lower than $750 is up to the driver. The higher the deductible, the lower the cost of the premium. Paying extra for a zero-deductible policy might be beneficial for drivers who feel they’ll save money when the time comes to file a claim.

New Jersey does not mandate any zero-deductible policies, but individual insurance companies likely offer them. Performing some basic comparison shopping may uncover solid rates on an excellent zero-deductible policy.

Comprehensive Full Glass Coverage

You may need to file a claim against the comprehensive coverage of a policy when your windshield cracks for the following reasons:

  • Falling rocks
  • Ice
  • Vandalism

Like collision coverage, comprehensive coverage is optional.

Drivers should seriously weigh options for acquiring comprehensive with a zero-deductible provision.

Not paying a deductible could save a lot of money when replacing a windshield is unavoidable. In fact, it would be best to compare prices on a host of coverage quotes. To do so improves the chances of purchasing the best policy containing the most beneficial amount of coverage.

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Filing Claims for a Damaged Windshield

If your windshield is damaged due to the fault of another driver in a collision or other accident, the common practice would be to file an auto liability coverage claim against the driver’s policy.

With an uninsured, you would file a claim against your own uninsured motorist coverage provision. Without uninsured motorist coverage, filing a lawsuit becomes an option.

You can damage your own windshield. If you drove your car into an object or structure and cracked the windshield, you would need to file a claim against your collision coverage.

Numerous instances of windshield damage, however, do not involve accidents, collisions or even the operation of the vehicle. This is where comprehensive coverage comes into play.

Law Governing Replacement Parts in New Jersey

When it comes to replacing the parts on a vehicle, a state can mandate whether OEM parts must be used. A state can also make it acceptable for the insurance company to only cover aftermarket or salvage parts.

In New Jersey, no law exists requiring insurance companies to pay for OEM parts.

Under New Jersey regulations, aftermarket parts are acceptable as long as the parts are “warranted by the manufacturer to be of like kind and quality as OEM parts.”

The insurance company could agree to pay for OEM parts or maybe not. The insurance company might only pay for the aftermarket value of a part even though an OEM windshield was installed.

Review your policy and check with the insurance company before ordering and installing parts.

Law Governing Choice of Repair Vendor in New Jersey

New Jersey law does not bar the insured from choosing a garage, but the insurance company might not agree to the price of the repairs. So, as with ordering parts, check with the insurance company before taking the vehicle in for repair work.

You may find the recommendations for mechanics provided by the insurance company to be worth considering.

Requesting upwards of four insurance quotes and doing so online increases the chances of purchasing the best auto insurance in the Garden State. Any received quotes should be examined closely and carefully to make sure the policies contain the desired level of coverage.

Make sure the policy comes with an agreeable deductible and garage choice options. Thanks to the internet, locating and reviewing policy quotes makes this easier than ever. Enter your zip code into our free rate comparison tool below to begin.

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