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  • Every auto insurance provider bases their policy prices on a variety of factors
  • Many insurance companies will increase premium prices depending on where you live
  • By increasing deductibles, you are taking more of the risk from the insurance provider

Every driver is concerned with finding the right auto insurance policy at the right price. The savvy shopper knows their way around the waters of auto insurance so that they can find the best policy for the lowest cost.

To become a truly savvy consumer, you must educate yourself on all things related to auto insurance and premiums.

A great place to start is to consider what car you currently drive. A Nissan Juke is a stylish new vehicle available, but what does a typical insurance policy and premium look like for the Juke?

Understanding that auto insurance prices vary from consumer and provider, but there are a few factors that you can understand and control before making your insurance purchase.

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Safety and Crash-test Ratings for the Nissan Juke


Every auto insurance provider bases their policy prices on a variety of factors. Almost every factor, though, is tied to how safe they believe you are to insure.

The riskier they view you, the more you will pay for coverage. The car you drive is one of the clearest ways an insurance company can predict your risk level.

Each vehicle on the road will garner a different opinion from insurance providers. Understanding how your car rates according to safety evaluations and crash tests will be a strong predictor of insurance prices.

Thankfully, the Nissan Juke has rated highly in all safety-related categories.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the Nissan Juke scored the highest rating in every test available.

Because of its high rating, the Juke has quickly become a crossover with low insurance costs on average. These safety tests are a significant part of the low insurance costs.

In addition, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has also ranked the Juke among the highest in its class for safety features.

It scored a perfect five-star rating in side-crash tests and a decent four-star rating overall. Both administrations rate the Juke highly, which provides insurance companies with a solid foundation of information to determine low insurance prices.

Standard Safety Features for the Nissan Juke

If the safety and crash test ratings are not enough, the Nissan Juke comes with many standard safety features that could also gather some substantial discounts when purchasing auto insurance.

Features like stability control, anti-lock brakes, and side-impact airbags all provide additional protection for the Juke.

With all of the aforementioned features and ratings, the Juke received the top safety pick for 2011.

This makes it a crossover that is both stylish and cost-effective when it comes to finding affordable insurance.

When shopping for insurance, be sure to ask for discounts specific to the Juke’s safety features, as there are quite a few that could save you money.

Other Features


In addition to its high safety ratings, the Juke also comes with a smaller, turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. The positive side to this versatile crossover is the handling is impeccable and has received positive consumer reviews.

The negative side is that the engine boasts 188-hp, which will automatically bump up insurance costs for safety-related reasons.

Insurance companies view this as risk, and the Juke is considered one of the faster crossovers on the market.

In addition to the engine, the Juke also is incredibly fuel-efficient for its size and speed. Depending on the style of engine and transmission, a new Juke can get anywhere between 27 to 32 miles per gallon.

Finally, the Juke is reasonably priced, coming in between $19,000 and $22,000, depending on the style of Juke.

With its high safety ratings, fuel efficiency, and relatively low cost, the Juke is a superb vehicle, not to mention cheap to insure on average.

J.D. Power and Associates gives the Juke a wide variety of ratings, from two to four stars in nearly every category.

If you are looking for a quality vehicle with solid consumer reviews and a vehicle that will not break the bank for insurance, the Juke is an excellent choice.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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Average Cost of Insurance for the Nissan Juke

Keep in mind that insurance costs will vary from state to state, and companies base their costs on a variety of different factors. In addition, each driver will also bring their own baggage that will be weighed by insurance companies and will dictate costs.

On the average, insurance for a Nissan Juke will run anywhere from $950 to $1,500 annually.

There is such a wide range because auto insurance is a fluid industry. It is extremely difficult to come up with consistent figures for premium costs because of how many different factors go into pricing insurance policies.

If you have a good record, are middle aged, and have been with the same insurance company for a while, a Nissan Juke should cost far less than the average crossover.

Make sure you check with your insurance provider before purchasing any new vehicle, just to be sure there are not any factors unknown to you that could drastically increase insurance costs.

Basics of Auto Insurance Prices


Sadly, auto insurance is not just based on what car you drive, although that is a significant factor. The Juke is one of those vehicles that will not cost you a lot to insure. However, there are other factors to consider before making your insurance purchase.

For starters, do some research on your state’s insurance laws. Each state requires different minimum liability coverage, which will drastically impact the cost of your premium.

You may also want to look into state-specific discounts for certain safety features on your vehicle. For further information, contact your state’s Department of Insurance.

You can also utilize your state department of insurance for information related to shopping for policies.

The California Department of Insurance provides consumers with a great database of resources, specific to the auto insurance industry in that state. Do your research and you could find some invaluable ways to save money on car insurance.

Another factor that you need to research before purchasing a new policy is your driving record. Outside of what car you drive, your record is one of the biggest factors in dictating the cost of insurance.

If you have a bunch of tickets over the past few years, or you have a few accidents on your record, you might have to pay quite a bit more for insurance.

Both will cost some money, and if you have a poor driving record, you could be paying hundreds of dollars more each month that you originally expected.

Finally, many insurance companies will increase premium prices depending on where you live. If you happen to live in a city or state with a high auto theft rate, you will probably have to pay more for auto coverage.

The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association provides an excellent article about states with high theft rates. Check out your state’s theft ratings, as well as your vehicle’s theft ratings to be better prepared for insurance costs.

Other Factors to Consider


Because insurance prices are always changing, a great way to find the best deal for your Nissan Juke insurance needs is to shop around. Many insurance providers will offer a wide variety of discounts, which can considerably reduce the cost of insurance.

Those discounts will also vary from company to company. Getting as many quotes as possible can save you hundreds of dollars annually.

You can also save some money on a monthly basis depending on the coverage you buy. Increasing your deductible is a surefire way to reduce monthly payments.

By increasing deductibles, you are taking more of the risk from the insurance provider, which means your premium will go down. If you can afford more out-of-pocket repairs, especially after an accident, you can save a lot of money.

Finally, you also want to consider declining additional coverage options, like rental cars and towing.

Many times, you can get towing and roadside assistance through other sources. These additional coverage options can sometimes drastically increase your overall premium costs.

Even though you cannot control your age, gender, or sometimes how much you drive you vehicle, which all will impact your premium, you can control some factors.

By doing research and staying up to speed on your own insurance situation, you can save money and still get the best coverage for your situation.

The Insurance Information Institute is a fantastic resource for further education on things related to auto insurance. Diligence and patience is the best way to find great Nissan Juke auto coverage.

One last thing to consider is how new the Juke model is to the auto market.

By doing your own research, you could help dictate your prices if you happen to come across a company that may not have a detailed price structure for the Juke.

Auto insurance can be a nightmare, but with research and understanding, you can find the best policy at the best price. Just remember, shopping around is the only way to shop for insurance.

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