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  • Many states will remove blemishes on your driving record after a set number of years have passed
  • Insurance companies see lack of experience driving as a major risk factor
  • Most insurance companies base much of their premium rates on risk

The Nissan XTerra is a very popular SUV for consumers who enjoy off-roading.

Before you consider buying an XTerra, make sure you consider every possible factor involved in finding the best auto insurance coverage for this exciting vehicle from Nissan.

However, things like auto insurance are important aspects to consider before making a purchase.

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Safety and Crash-Test Ratings for the Nissan XTerra


Being an SUV, you can expect exceptional safety ratings from the XTerra. The great part is that solid safety and crash-test ratings for a vehicle means lower insurance rates.

Insurance companies base much of their premium rates on risk. If they view a vehicle as safe to drive, you can bet you will have a lower insurance cost for that vehicle.

The Nissan XTerra does provide great safety ratings, so it has lower than average insurance costs.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, newer models, ranging from 2011 and newer, received a good rating in every category, except roof strength tests.

In addition, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rates the 2010 model with three to five stars in every category. Newer models have not yet been tested by the NHTSA.

Remember, every insurance company will base premium costs on a variety of factors, so do not base your entire decision on a vehicle’s safety ratings. It does provide a good indicator of costs, but it is not the last word on car insurance.

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Standard Safety Features for the Nissan XTerra

In addition to safety ratings, insurance companies also value a vehicle that comes with many standard safety features. Many insurance providers even offer valuable discounts for customers with certain featured installed in their vehicles.

For example, anti-theft devices usually will get you a discount of some kind.

XTerras typically come equipped with anti-lock braking systems, front and side airbags, and stability control.

You can also find models with other valuable safety features like hill-descent control, for the person likes getting off the road more traveled.

Other Features


Safety features and crash-test ratings aside, the Nissan XTerra also offers a powerful V-6 engine, capable of up to 260 horsepower.

The rugged XTerra is typically considered an old-school SUV that is designed to go off-road, has the power and grit to handle any situation.

Despite testing well for safety and having a wealth of safety features available, the larger engine will garner higher insurance costs, especially for a newer driver.

With its off-road selling point, the XTerra is an SUV that will usually land somewhere in the middle for auto insurance prices.

Also, the Nissan XTerra is not known for its fuel economy. Being a larger SUV and less of a crossover, the XTerra only gets around 15-20 miles per gallon.

Again, it does offer great versatility for off-road and has great storage space, but if you are looking to save money on insurance and gas, it may not be the best option in its class.

Pricing and Consumer Reviews

Reliability is also a major concern for both consumers and insurance providers. Again, it is all about the risk factor.

If a vehicle has consumer review issues and is not considered reliable, you may see elevated insurance prices.

According to J.D. Power and Associates, the XTerra received moderately high marks in quality, but below average marks for performance and design.

Finally, if money is a concern, the current XTerra models run around $25,000 to $30,000 depending on the style you buy. As far as SUVs go, the

As far as SUVs go, the XTerra is a solid choice for safety and reliability, as well as moderately priced insurance.

Typical Insurance Costs for the Nissan XTerra


Keeping in mind that insurance costs will vary depending on age, gender, driving history, and a number of other factors, the Nissan XTerra will garner anywhere between $950 to $1,600 annually for a typical coverage plan.

The XTerra is not the cheapest SUV to insure, but it does fall into the average category for insurance.

The prices vary greatly because the cost to insure will also depend on the style that you drive. The basic Xterra models will be cheaper to insure.

Many insurance companies will increase premium costs based on the market value of a vehicle.

If an expensive vehicle is damaged and a claim is filed, it will cost the insurance company more money to either fix or replace the vehicle.

You can also keep in the mind the type of transmission. This is especially important for the XTerra because of its off-road capabilities.

Depending on the insurance company, your transmission type can affect premium costs.

Other Factors to Consider

Just because the XTerra has moderate insurance costs, does not mean your premium will be priced the same.

You must consider a few other factors before making your final decision on auto coverage.

One major factor that trumps even the car you drive is your driving history.

If you happen to be young or you have not been driving for very long, you are automatically placed in a higher risk pool of clients.

Insurance companies see lack of experience driving as a major risk factor. As such, the insurance providers will always charge more for coverage for younger drivers.

In addition to age and experience driving, you need to also consider your record. Things like tickets and accidents will cause insurance companies to worry about your reliability as a driver.

Because of this, a poor driving record will always yield high insurance costs.

If you are unsure what your record looks like, contact your local department of motor vehicles.

Many states will remove blemishes on your driving record after a set number of years have passed. Contacting your state department is another great way to check up on their policies.

A few other factors that influence insurance costs are credit histories. Many insurance companies have found a pattern between clients who have poor credit scores and clients who file a large number of claims.

By keeping your credit score as blemish-free as possible, you can help reduce premium costs significantly.

One other factor that you can help control is the type of coverage you buy. Increasing deductibles on your policy is a great way to lower monthly costs.

A very valuable educational resource is the Insurance Information Institute. By providing consumers with a wide range of resources and tools, the Insurance Information Institute is one of many ways to make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

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