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What is the average auto insurance price range?

Things to Remember...
  • In order to find the average auto insurance price range, it is mostly helpful to compare rates in your local area
  • Typically, very urban areas with a lot of traffic have higher rates than rural areas with sparser populations and fewer cars
  • Make sure to compare different companies to see the best price for the coverage that you need

In order to find the average auto insurance price range, it is mostly helpful to compare rates in your local area. The average price for car insurance varies a lot from state to state. It even varies from zip code to zip code within a state. You also must remember that averages are unlikely to represent the rate that will be offered to any one particular driver.

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Typically, insurers charge more for customers who are considered riskier or more expensive to cover. They charge less for coverage when they believe an applicant has less of a chance of making large claims or takes actions to reduce an insurer’s cost.

For example, a young driver with a few accidents on his record will probably more expensive to insure than a middle-aged woman who has not had an accident for several years. If she also owns a home, she might be able to reduce her rates even more by bundling policies with one company.

However, it might be interesting compare some average U.S. rates for auto coverage, and different organizations have compiled these statistics.

It is more likely that these statistics are interesting to insurance companies and state regulators than individual consumers though.

Average U.S. Insurance Price Rates

United-States-map-78275004-1600x1600These statistics were taken from a study that was performed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners in 201. These numbers are for drivers with full coverage, and that means that their policy includes liability, comprehensive and collision coverage.

It was a very simple study that added up the total cost of these policies and divided the total by the total number if insured people.

  • Average U.S. rate in 2010: $291
  • Average New Jersey rate in 2010:
  • Average District of Columbia rate in 2010: $1,128
  • Average Iowa rate in 2010: $547
  • Average North Dakota rate in 2010: $529

Note that average rates for New Jersey and D.C. are considerably over the national average, but rates for Iowa and North Dakota fall well below it.

Typically, very urban areas with a lot of traffic have higher rates than rural areas with sparser populations and fewer cars.

New Jersey and D.C. rank one and two in the nation for the average price of full coverage, but Iowa and North Dakota rank 49th and 50th.

New Jersey and D.C. are almost entirely urban, while Iowa and North Dakota have vast expanses of rural land. Of course, North Dakota and Iowa have some mid-sized cities too, and it would not be surprising that auto insurance rates are considerably higher inside of Bismark or Sioux City than the state averages. It would also not be surprising to find that the average rate in rural areas falls below the state average.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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How To Find Your Best Rate For Auto Insurance Coverage

Again, these averages might not be relevant to any individual consumers. Comparing the prices that different companies offer each consumer for the same coverage might be more useful. Fortunately, this is very easy to do these days.

You can find online insurance quote systems that will tell you how much your coverage will cost from the comfort of your computer or even your smartphone. Some of these systems are offered by individual insurers. Others can offer multiple quotes because they are independent of any one company.

The independent sites are pretty useful because they can deliver a handful of comparison quotes from multiple companies.

Alternatively, you might call a local insurance agent. These trained professionals should be able to offer you free price quotes. They can also offer you advice about the type and amount of coverage you should purchase. Remember that not everybody purchases full coverage. On the other hand, some people purchase more types of coverage and higher than average amounts.

Does it pay to comparison shop for auto insurance rates?

adobestock_107417448-1600x1600-1Some people never bother to shop around for auto insurance because they think that all companies are very similar. The truth is that some companies do offer better prices for certain types of customers than others. This can be true if you have a clean driving history, or if you have had a few accidents.

For example, did you even know that insurers can consider your credit report when they determine how risky you are to cover? In addition, some of the top insurers in the country offer discounts for things like driving an eco-friendly car.

It might not seem like a credit report should have anything to do with driving, but insurers say that people with good credit tend to make less claims. They also contend that the type of people who purchase “green” cars tend to have fewer accidents.

Neither of these factors seems directly related to the safety of the car or the driver. They might not things that average consumer has taken into consideration, but a good car insurance agent should be aware of them.

Find The Best Rates For A Driver Like You

It might be interesting to compare average auto insurance rates for all drivers in the nation, but it really won’t tell you a lot about the rates that you should be paying.

Your rates depend upon many different things, and the only way to find the best coverage at the right price is to compare quotes from a variety of different companies that do business in your city or town. Why not comparison shop today to see if you can save some money?

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Free Car Insurance Comparison

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