What are the Full Glass coverage laws in Hawaii?

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Things to remember...
  • Hawaii drivers may opt to file a claim against their auto insurance policy rather than pay for the full amount of a glass replacement service out of their personal funds.
  • Not all drivers in Hawaii have a full glass replacement benefit in their policy.
  • While some auto policies for Hawaii drivers have a zero-deductible feature, many others require policyholders to pay a minor or rather large deductible amount.

Hawaii is the smallest state in the country, and it is comprised of several islands. However, to see all of the gorgeous sights on each tropical island, you may have plans to drive many miles along the beaches, through the tropical rainforest, and more.

While your adventures and sightseeing plans may be enjoying without a hitch in many cases, some drivers must deal with the unfortunate issue of a damaged windshield from time to time.

Through the windshield’s primary function of blocking flying objects from hitting you or other people in the vehicle, the windshield itself may crack or even entirely shatter.

Even a small crack on your windshield is a serious issue that must be dealt with immediately. Any type of damage on your windshield could potentially result in:

  • An increased risk for personal injury for all of the vehicle’s occupants
  • A reduction in your visibility as you drive throughout the state.
  • A reduction in the integrity of the window

The good news is that some drivers in Hawaii may have full glass replacement coverage on their auto policy, and this coverage may even be associated with a zero-deductible benefit.

Because coverage types, limits, and deductibles can vary from policy to policy, drivers in Hawaii should analyze their existing terms of coverage carefully.

In addition, you should be aware of the state’s laws regarding windshield replacements and the role that auto insurance company may play if you choose to file an insurance claim.

Understanding Your Deductible for a Full Glass Auto Insurance Claim in Hawaii

Most auto insurance policies require drivers to pay a deductible each time a claim is filed. You can usually select your deductible amount at the time you file a claim, and the deductible often ranges between $250 and $1,000.

This is the amount of money that you will pay on your own for any repair issues, and the insurance company pays for remaining expenses that are covered in the terms of the policy. Some auto policies in Hawaii have a special deductible amount that specifically pertains to full glass replacement claims.

Hawaii state law does not have a firm requirement for auto insurance companies to adopt a zero-deductible policy for full glass replacement work, but some providers offer this benefit to accountholders.

Many other providers may have a low-deductible amount specifically for full glass replacement claims, such as a $50 deductible. When these two options are not included in the terms of your Hawaii auto insurance company, you must pay the full amount of your deductible on your own before the insurance company will pay any benefits.

When you research the terms of your current auto insurance policy, you should verify that your coverage includes full glass replacement.

This is most commonly included in comprehensive insurance coverage, and this is because comprehensive insurance pays for vehicle repair work for many types of damaging events. However, do not assume that you have full glass coverage simply because you have comprehensive insurance.

Coverage terms and limits can vary substantially from policy to policy, and some drivers who have comprehensive car insurance do not have any benefits for full glass replacement.

The cost of your glass replacement service should be analyzed in comparison to the terms of your coverage and to your deductible amount.

You may find that many of the quotes that you receive for glass replacement in Hawaii actually are less than your deductible amount. If this is the case, you will have to pay the full amount of the replacement service regardless of whether you file a claim or not.

Some Hawaii drivers who experience a damaged windshield may determine that their current coverage is not ideal for full glass replacement services.

If you are in this situation, it may be advantageous to analyze a few quotes for coverage today. Remember that your windshield may break again at any time, and you need to be properly prepared with more comprehensive and beneficial coverage.

The Legal Right to Choose Your Hawaii Glass Replacement Services


Some states have rules about whether or not a glass replacement business can use aftermarket or used glass for a replacement project or whether new glass needs to be used.

Because Hawaii does not have this type of law, insurance companies may adopt their own requirements that may be listed in your policy terms. In addition, glass service providers may use any materials at their own discretion.

If you prefer that a specific type of glass be used for your windshield replacement project, you need to inquire with your insurance company or glass replacement company in Hawaii for more information and to make a specific request.

Many Hawaii drivers do not want to trust just any glass service provider to work on their car. Hawaii is one of many states that do not have a law mandating who selects your provider if you file a claim.

Some auto insurance companies in Hawaii may require you to use their choice of provider, and others may allow you to select your provider of choice.

If you are given the option to select your own provider, look for a reputable provider that offers quality materials at a great price.

Your current auto insurance policy terms will play a substantial role in how you proceed with a glass replacement service now, but you can adjust your terms or coverage for greater benefits the next time your windshield is cracked or otherwise damaged.

For example, you can easily shop around for a few Hawaii auto coverage providers to find one that offers zero-deductible coverage for full glass replacement. Shop around for the best rate with our free quote tool below!

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