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Things to remember...

  • You will always be required to carry auto liability coverage as long as you plan to drive any car on a public road
  • If you have a car that you only plan to use during the summer, you may still need to keep your collision and comprehensive coverage active on that vehicle because anything can happen to your car while it is parked or stored and not being used
  • If you are not planning on driving after a certain point, then you no longer need auto insurance coverage and can cancel your policy on your own terms
  • As long as you have an active auto liability policy, you will be covered no matter what personal car you are driving
  • You will always be required to list all vehicles on your auto insurance policy that are registered in your name

There are plenty of reasons why you might be looking into seasonal car insurance. If you own a car that you only plan to drive in the warmer weather months, then you might try to only get coverage for that car for the time that you are actually on the road.

Unfortunately, a car insurance company will likely insist that you have coverage during the months that your car is not active, although you might be able to get a slightly reduced rate during that time.

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Making Sure Your Auto Insurance Provider is Aware of All Vehicles Registered Under Your Name


If you are the policyholder on an auto insurance policy, then you are likely required to inform the auto insurance provider about all of the cars that have been officially registered under your name.

This requirement applies even if you do not drive all of your cars regularly or keep some of them in storage.

You may be able to secure a lower rate on your auto insurance premium if you can show the auto insurance provider that you will not be driving one of your cars during a certain period of time.

You would still have to have your basic auto liability insurance coverage at any point that you want to drive any car including when you would be driving a car that does not actually belong to you.

If you have comprehensive or collision coverage on a vehicle that you only plan to drive during the summer, these coverages could be suspended during part of the year.

It is unlikely that an auto insurance provider will simply allow you to suspend optional coverages, but they might be willing to offer you a reduced rate on that coverage.

You need to check with your individual provider to see what options are available to you for a car that you only use during certain seasons of the year.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

 Secured with SHA-256 Encryption

Canceling Your Auto Insurance Coverage Early

If you do not need to drive a car at all after the summer season is over, you can drop your coverage completely. You should only do this if you are absolutely certain that you will not need to drive after your coverage has been stopped.

Even if you have coverage for a full year, you are allowed to stop that coverage early.

When you cancel your auto insurance coverage, you should receive a refund of the portion of your premium that has not already been applied to the dates that your coverage has been active.

Be prepared to pay a small cancellation or administrative fee to have your coverage stopped and premium refunded prior to the end of your current policy term.

Other than making sure that you are complying with all auto insurance laws, another reason that you should be cautious of canceling your car insurance coverage early is that you could end up paying a bit more when you have to have your car insurance coverage reinstated.

The reason for the higher payment is that auto insurance companies generally like to see that their policyholders are responsible and maintain current coverage at all times.

There are certain situations where you might be able to get your coverage put on hold or suspended by the auto insurance company including situations like these:

  • if you are on a military deployment
  • if you are serving the government in some capacity and will need to be out of the country for an extended period of time

Check with your car insurance company about whether you could qualify for one of these exceptions.

Finding Affordable Auto Insurance for the Summer Only


If you are looking for affordable options for short-term car insurance coverage, the same general principles apply as when you are looking for reasonable rates on auto insurance for long-term coverage.

The best way to get started is with an online search so that you can compare rates among a long list of companies.

After you know what the potential rates could be, you will need to check with individual auto insurance providers about what discounts could be available for your policy.

For example, you might get a break on your rate for the following:

  • if you insure multiple cars
  • if you have not had any accidents
  • if you have not had any speeding tickets

If your credit score is not fantastic, then you might want to consider being added to a family member’s existing policy.

If you live in the same house as a family member with a good driving record and credit score, then it could be cheaper for you to be a listed driver on his or her auto insurance policy than having one on your own.

The Last Words on Finding a Car Insurance Policy for Just the Summer

Car insurance policies are generally sold for a specific policy term, which is usually six months or one year. If you need coverage for a shorter period of time, you can cancel it early as long as you do not plan to drive at all during the time that you do not have current coverage.

If you have a car that you only plan to drive during the summer, you may be able to get a reduced rate on optional coverages, such as comprehensive or collision coverage, for the months of the year that your car is not being driven on the roads.

It is very rare, however, for a car insurance company to allow you to suspend coverage completely during the months of the year that you are only storing your car because it could still be damaged in storage.

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FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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