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Car Insurance for Law Enforcement Officers

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Things to remember...
  • Law enforcement officers in search of cheap auto coverage may qualify for special programs with discounted rates
  • If you buy standard insurance, you should still look for favorable ratings because of your occupation
  • Out of all of the occupations, law enforcement professionals are considered low-risk drivers for auto insurance
  • You should always shop around and compare affinity discounts and standard rates to find the best deal
  • It’s always important to carry sufficient coverage in the event that you are liable for a collision

Law enforcement officers work day in and out to protect their communities. Taking an oath to protect and to serve is a huge deal. Your entire mission while you’re working is to give people around you a sense of security.

While it is one of the most fulfilling fields to be in, reporting to the unknown every day can also be very stressful.

You deserve to feel the same sense of security whenever you hit the road that you give the community that you serve. You can get this sense of security by carrying your auto insurance with a respected carrier.

Luckily for you, your occupation could qualify you for special car insurance programs and rates. Begin your search by comparing auto insurance rates. Just enter your zip code above to begin.

Here’s a consumer guide just for law enforcement officers shopping for insurance:

Is there auto insurance just for law enforcement officers?


When you join a law enforcement agency, you become part of a family. Many say that officers look out for each other at work and at home.

There are also some car insurance companies who look out for officers by offering special types of affiliation programs where members of the agency will receive special discounts.

Not just anyone can become an officer. You have to meet the criteria set by the agency and then you must complete officer training with the academy. Only after that will you get your badge.

Since it’s a process that requires special training and licensing, you can find an auto insurance provider with affinity rates that are just for officers like you.

Which insurance companies have affinity programs for officers?

If you’re shopping the market for your personal car insurance, the first place to look would be through companies that offer affinity programs for all types of police, corrections officers, and rangers.

While there are smaller companies in each state with their own rates, here are the most popular insurers who offer law enforcement officer programs and discounts:

What type of specialized coverage can you get from an affinity carrier?


You might assume that a policy with one carrier will provide you with the same coverage as a policy through another, but there are some benefits associated with buying a specialized program.

Some of the specialty companies have unique coverage options that a standard policy won’t offer. Here are some options to look for:

  • Off-duty weapons and equipment coverage for damage in an accident
  • Fallen hero program for coverage for funeral expenses
  • Deductible-free coverage for your personal vehicle while you’re on-duty

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

 Secured with SHA-256 Encryption

Standard Insurance Companies May Have Good Rates Too

It’s always nice to deal with a carrier that really understands your needs but there are also standard car insurers to consider. You may not get a specialized product by covering your weapons off-duty, but you can still find some really competitive rates if you know where to look.

Every insurance company has its own unique rate set. Some carriers would prefer to do business with drivers who have spotty records and lapses in coverage. These are high-risk providers because they are targeting a high-risk demographic.

Other companies are targeting low-risk drivers with clean records and a long insurance history. It’s crucial for all consumers in all fields to shopping around.

How do auto insurance companies classify law enforcement officers?


Your occupation will be factored into your rate when you’re buying standard insurance.

If you get coverage through a carrier with a law enforcement program, you know you’re getting group rates because of what you do, but standard insurers do use an occupational classification rating system.

Insurance companies view each occupation differently in terms of risk. Some drivers could be stuck with a high-risk class code just because of what they do for a living. Others, like law enforcement officers, are in a low-risk field and pay less for coverage than the average person.

Why do law enforcement officers receive favorable rates?

Getting a discount for being a public servant is nice, but your rates could be lower than the average policy premium because of how you’re perceived as a risk.

To auto insurance companies, there are demographics that are likely to get into accidents and then there are demographics that aren’t very likely at all. The statistics show that officers are low-risk drivers.

There are a few reasons why law enforcement officers get into fewer accidents than the average driver in their personal vehicles. First off, most if not all officers will receive behind-the-wheel training.

A good driving record is also a condition for employment, which makes many officers think before driving irresponsibly. While police officers do get into a lot of auto-related accidents on the job, they are better drivers when off-duty.

How much insurance do you need on your vehicle?


Buying a sufficient amount of car insurance has never been more important.

In today’s litigious society, claimants can easily be influenced to seek more compensation than they are entitled to just because of your employment status. Unfortunately, you’re only covered by state or federal insurance policies while on duty.

Officers should always purchase more coverage than what’s required by law in the state. There’s no single rule of thumb that will ensure that you have enough coverage in the event of any type of auto-related accident but most experts recommend that you have at least:

  • $100,000 per person in Bodily Injury Liability
  • $300,000 per accident in Bodily Injury Liability
  • $100,000 per accident in Property Damage Liability

Do you need other forms of coverage?

Liability insurance isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. You also have to choose the customized options that will turn a basic policy into a personalized one. You don’t have to select a robust policy if you don’t want to pay the premiums, but here are some options to consider:

  • Comprehensive – pays for losses to the car while parked
  • Collision – pays for losses to the car while it’s being driven
  • Uninsured Motorist – pays for your medical expenses if in an uninsured motorist loss
  • Medical payments – pays for your medical expenses in any type of auto accident
  • Rental Car – pays for a rental when your car is being repaired after an accident

Do you have to buy insurance to protect you while you’re on-duty?


Your personal auto insurance is designed to provide protection while you’re commuting to and from work, but it won’t pay for claims presented while you’re on-duty. When you’re in the line of duty, you’ll be covered by the agency’s insurance for any accidents that you have.

Your personal car insurance won’t offer you the unique solutions that you need but you still might need to purchase your own personal liability coverage to protect you in the event that a lawsuit arises.

While the department’s insurance will typically cover the damages, there are instances where officers are held liable. Having an extra line of defense called an officer liability plan is nice.

Most officers don’t want to spend their off-duty hours shopping for auto insurance.

Unfortunately, the only way to find a good deal is to compare rates from different companies. If you want to do a thorough comparison of your personal rates, use our online rate quote tool and you can get instant quotes from your home in just a few minutes.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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