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Things to Remember...
  • There are a variety of factors that impact your car insurance rates, including your zip code
  • Typically urban areas with a high number of people and cars have more expensive insurance
  • You can lower your insurance rates by improving your credit score and driving safely

One of the biggest factors that might affect your auto insurance rates is your zip code.

In a big city, you might find that a move across the street that puts you in another zip code can change your premiums.

This might seem mystifying, but insurers typically include claims statistics for a specific area in their calculations.

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How much do auto insurance rates vary by zip code?


One large car insurance comparison site performed a study to illustrate how much of a difference location made to vehicle owner’s premiums.

This study was based on averages from six large insurers, and these were all prices for the same individual driver and type of vehicle.

In other words, everything was controlled except for the location.

Typically, urban areas with a high density of people and cars tend to be more expensive.

It might be logical to conclude that more traffic equals more risk of having an accident, but that is not the only thing that insurers consider.

They might also look at the rate of car thefts, and those rates tend to be higher in crowded urban areas too.

It is even easier to understand why rates vary by state. Different states have different insurance regulations and minimum liability insurance requirements.

Those differences can make a big difference when insurers decide how much to charge.

Is it important to compare average rates by zip code or state?


The place where you park your car at night can change your premiums. However, it is not likely to get you to move out of your house just to save some money on your premiums.

However, it is interesting to note that some people who live in their recreational vehicles do choose their home state based on the cost of insuring their vehicles.

Your location is also not the only factor that can change your premiums, and you should understand that it is unlikely your rates will be close to the average rates.

Some other things that insurers consider when they decide to set rates include the driver’s age, the type of car, past driving records, and even his credit report.

Of course, you cannot control your age, but if you want to lower your auto insurance rates it might be best to:

  • Concentrate on avoiding accidents and traffic tickets
  • Selecting a vehicle that insurers consider safe
  • Working to improve your credit score

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Quoting Auto Insurance Rates by Zip Code Matters

Of course, local rates do matter. You need to compare quotes that are valid in your location. You have to get your own personalized rate quotes.

These days, it is pretty easy to find Internet insurance quote forms that will allow you to enter your zip code and a few other basic details.

These online forms will return a handful of car insurance premiums that have been custom-tailored for you.

Using these online quote forms should be free, and it also should not obligate you to purchase insurance from any of the companies that provide you with rate information.

You are free to review the rates, find out more about one or more of the insurers you get a quote from or keep your old coverage.

Can you lower your car insurance premiums?


You might not be able to change your location, but you might be able to control some other things that can lower your insurance premiums.

One of the simplest things you can do is to look for companies that offer discounts for things you already do.

For example, many insurers offer bundling discounts for their customers who place more than one piece of business with the same company.

If you need to insure both your home and your car, for example, you might find companies that will lower your rates on both policies because they get all of your business.

In the long run, trying to keep your credit score up, avoiding traffic tickets, and not making any accident claims can help you reduce your rates too.

When you get the chance to purchase a new or used car, consider safety features that might make one model cheaper to insure than another.

Of course, insurers are different. You will find that some offer the best package of rates and plans for you, and some do not.

Comparing auto insurance rates might help you save quite a bit of money over the course of a year.

A good independent agent or online insurance quote site can help you save a lot of time by helping you shop for the best car insurance prices.

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