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Things to remember...

  • Car insurance quotes can be obtained anonymously
  • Use the Internet to compare insurance quotes with no sensitive information
  • Provide accurate information to obtain the most precise quotes

There are plenty of instances as a consumer when you just want to shop anonymously. You may be curious about what you could get in the car insurance market for a policy compared to what you pay now.

You hop online and start the process of doing this research, only to find that you have to give up sensitive information to be able to get that premium dollar amount.

Do you have to provide the following information to get an auto insurance quote?

  • name
  • address
  • driver’s license number
  • social security number

The answer is it will depend on where you go to get the quote and which carrier is providing it.

As a consumer, you are in the power position when shopping for car insurance. You have the ability to shop the market and choose from the hundreds of different car insurance providers that operate within it.

There is an immense amount of competition in the motor insurance industry, and it is up to you to use that to your advantage.

Even though you may be on the site of one insurance carrier asking you for all sorts of personal information, there will be ten others that do not require it.

Just enter your zip code into our free rate comparison tool to start getting quotes.

Every Carrier Varies


Car insurance carriers are going to vary a lot regarding what they are going to require when it comes to a policy and quoting it.

Some of them are going to be sophisticated enough in their risk analysis that they are going to be able to provide you with a quote with minimal information being given.

With just some estimates, such as the car you drive, miles, the town that you live in, your age, you will be able to get a car insurance quote in a flash.

Other car insurance carriers that do not have this type of risk analysis and modeling built up already in their infrastructure are going to have to hone in on you more as an individual risk.

These companies are going to want to get things such as your address and driver’s license number.

Sensitive Information Ensures Accuracy

There is a reason as to why car insurance carriers want to get confidential information from you.

Sure, one of those reasons is that they can get you in their system as a prospect so that they can do a follow-up with you on the quoting experience and have a better chance of closing the sale.

The other reason, though, is because they want to be able to provide you with as accurate of a quote as possible.

Your motor vehicle record, whether or not you have had an accident lately, speeding tickets, etc. are also going to have an impact on your car insurance premium quote. The more information the carrier can get, the better of an estimated quote they will provide.

Anonymous Quote Technology


There has been a boom as of late regarding car insurance carriers being able to provide you with an anonymous quote. This is a significant advancement and puts more power in your hands as the consumer.

You are, with this technology, able to hop on and put in some rough information and get a quote without giving away anything sensitive at all.

The anonymous quote technology is what consumers are gravitating towards more than ever because of how quick it is and non-binding.

When you just go on and get a quote, without giving your address or anything, you can compare without having to deal with the nagging sales calls that usually follow.

It is also important to use these anonymous quoting platforms that will also enable you to compare the premium prices that you are being quoted at across multiple carriers. These are called comparative rating systems.

The comparative rating systems are going to link up to a slew of car insurance carriers all across the country.

When you enter the necessary information, the comparative rating system will call out to the quoting platform of each carrier and give you back a series of results on your screen so that you can compare prices across the board.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

 Secured with SHA-256 Encryption

The Quote Generation Process

Does a car insurance carrier need sensitive information to provide you with a quote? The answer is no; all a car insurance carrier needs is accurate information.

If you are going to be able to provide the carrier with an accurate representation of yourself as a risk, it makes no difference to their rating system if the information is coming from you or a motor vehicle record report, for example.

It all comes down to accuracy and honesty.

The necessary information needed for a car insurance premium quote is:

  • the car that you drive
  • your driving attributes and history
  • your driver profile
  • where the car is going to be parked

All of this information is going to be able to be shared by you just providing the information, short of having to put anything sensitive in there at all. The car insurance carriers that realize this are those that are getting a lot more quoting activity in the online space.

Do Not Just Focus on Premium


You always want to remember that it is vital to not just focus on premium when you are shopping for a car insurance policy. It may be great that you do not have to provide any sensitive information to get a quote, but be sure that you are at least offering what you want for coverage limits.

If not, pay attention to the coverage limits that the quote is giving back to you.

You may think that you have received a great deal of a car insurance policy, only to find that the coverage you have just purchased is a fraction of what you used to have with your old car insurance carrier.

It is a great practice to get into to start with the coverage that you know that you need. Make sure the coverage requirements that you have are entered and level across the board when you are comparing quotes.

Car insurance carrier “A” and “B” providing you with $100,000 in comprehensive coverage can now be compared to that premium amount alone, and you know you are ending up with the same level of coverage required

As a consumer, you have the ability to get car insurance quotes online anonymously, with no private or sensitive information having to be provided.

It is all up to you to find these sources online. Hop on a search engine and search for anonymous car insurance quotes and see the results roll in.

You will likely be amazed at the number of car insurance carriers you can compare, completely anonymously, right online in an instant. Make a move now and enter your zip code below to get started finding a better car insurance policy.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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