What documents do you need to get car insurance?

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Things to remember...
  • When you’re getting quotes to compare auto insurance you can provide basic information so that the agents can give you estimates
  • The more accurate the information that you provide, the more accurate your quote estimates will be
  • When you apply for insurance, having the documents that the insurer requests on standby is a must
  • You’ll need to provide a copy of your driver’s license, a driving abstract from states you were previously licensed in, and a copy of your foreign license if you’re currently licensed out of the county
  • If you’ve been licensed by another company before, you may need to provide your declarations page or a Letter of Experience to get credits and to show that you’re claim-free

Car insurance is one of those products you can only avoid purchasing if you choose to never own a car.

If you want to enjoy the freedom that owning a car offers you, you’re going to have to solicit auto insurance quotes and choose which quote is best for you and your budget.

After you compare pricing, you’ll have to apply for the policy and provide all of the detailed information that your agent asks for.

You don’t have to provide a stack full of documents to get an auto quote, but you do need to provide some information that can only be found in reports when you apply for coverage.

If you are trying to get prepared so you can buy insurance, here are some of the documents that you need in your file so that you can answer every question correctly.

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Why do you need to get auto insurance quotes?


An auto insurance quote is an estimate that gives consumers the information that they need to decide on a carrier. Since insurance premiums are based on so many different rating factors, everyone’s rates are different.

The only way that you can really shop the market is to solicit quotes and compare them.

When you’re getting insurance quotes, you need to provide some of your personal information. The only way that you can go about getting an accurate quote is to provide information about you, your vehicle, and your driving habits.

You don’t need to show an agent any documents if you’re just getting a casual quote, but you do need to provide accurate answers to the best of your knowledge.

Virtually all personal auto insurance companies will ask for the same basic information to give you estimates.

This is the information that’s needed to put you in a rate class and to give you all of the discounts that you’re eligible for. If you’ve never gotten a quote by phone or online, here’s some of the information you’re going to have to provide:

  • Age, sex, years licensed, and type of license each driver in the household holds
  • The year, make, and model of cars in the home
  • The number of drivers and which vehicles they will be assigned to
  • The coverage options for each vehicle in the home
  • How many miles each car is driven and how the vehicle is used
  • Zip code where the vehicle is parked
  • Whether or not your drivers under 25 are eligible for Good Student Discounts
  • Credit score

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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Why do you need more information to apply for insurance?

You can get quotes for free as long as you’re not doing business with a brokerage that charges a brokerage fee. After you get your free quotes, the next step is completing an application.

It’s much like getting a pre-approval for a loan and then having to provide detailed information when you’re ready to apply.

Agents don’t ask you everything when you’re getting quotes because it can extend how long it takes to give you the pricing information that you need.

Since a lot of the details you need to provide won’t change the insurance rate, you won’t be asked for all of the details right away.

Much of the information that you provide it so that the insurer can verify the picture that you’re painting. They need to look at your records and history to fact check. Some of the documents that you should have to complete the application include:

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FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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