Is Honda’s safety rating on small SUVs better than Audi’s?

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Things to remember...

  • Audi’s small SUV was not rated for front crash prevention
  • Honda’s CR-V is the third-ranked small SUV for safety
  • Honda’s CR-V is the only one on the list of top safety picks in 2017

Honda and Audi both make impressive small SUVs, but most people spend very little time comparing the two. One is a budget-friendly car often classified as a good family SUV, and the other is a luxury SUV many people only place on their dream car list.

The truth is they are both affordable SUVs with a lot to offer consumers in the market for a small SUV, though only one of them has the top rated safety pick award for the 2017 model year.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety works diligently year after year to provide consumers with comprehensive information regarding the safety and safety features of every vehicle on the road.

This testing included the following vehicles that we will look at today:

  • Honda CR-V
  • Honda HR-V
  • Audi Q3

All three are small SUVs, and all three are the small SUV representatives for their respective manufacturers.

If you’re looking to see which one is the safest for your family as well as which one is eligible for some insurance savings thanks to its safety ratings, you must check with the IIHS for the most comprehensive information.

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How does the IIHS rate vehicles for safety purposes

The IIHS works to ensure no vehicle goes without being crash tested, safety verified, and graded based on the results of each test. All categories are given a letter grade, and this system works similarly to the grading system used in school.

The letters are different, but there’s one every vehicle manufacturer strives to achieve, a couple that aren’t so bad, and one that no one wants to be graded with:

  • “G” is the best rating. It means good.
  • “A” is for acceptable, and it’s all right.
  • “M” is for marginal, and it means there is some room for improvement.
  • “P” is for poor, and it’s the worst possible grade any vehicle can receive.

The categories in which cars are graded include crashworthiness, child seat anchors, and crash avoidance and mitigation. Each category has its own list of subcategories in which each receives an individual grade.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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How are Honda’s vehicles ranked in terms of safety?

Honda’s 2017 CR-V is the third-ranked vehicle in the entire small SUV lineup in terms of safety ratings. It’s a Top Safety Pick+, and there is no higher honor on this list than that.

The only categories in which the CR-V did not receive the highest possible grade of “G” is headlights and latch, and both of those subcategories received an “A” rating.

What’s most impressive is the front crash prevention rating the Honda CR-V received. It’s got a superior grade, and it scored perfectly in every aspect of this test. If you’re involved in a front-end car accident, you can expect the CR-V to hold up well.

The Honda HR-V did not score as well. The IIHS places this Honda near the bottom of the list of small SUVs due to very low scores in the headlights and LATCH categories.

The headlights received a “P” rating, meaning they are poor. They’re among the least useful headlights on the market. The LATCH system receives an “M” rating. It’s not easy to use, but it’s not terrible to use.

How are Audi’s vehicles ranked in terms of safety?


The Audi Q3 is the only Audi in the small SUV lineup. It’s not considered a top safety pick with the IIHS, but it does score well in several categories.

In fact, the only reason it’s not ranked as a top safety pick is ineligibility due to not being tested for front crash prevention. In every crashworthiness test, the Audi Q3 received a “G” rating. The latch received an “A” rating, and the headlights received a “P” rating.

Honda Offers More Safety

In this lineup, it’s the Honda CR-V that takes home the top prize for safety compared to its sister Honda and the small Audi.

While all three are nice small SUVs with plenty of features and upgrades available, only one will get you that insurance discount.

Insurance companies base the rates they provide their customers on several factors, and one of those is the safety rating of the vehicle.

If the vehicle is rated as being very safe, it’s less expensive to insure due to the fact it’s more likely to keep passengers safe and damage minimal.

That safety means less money needs to go toward repairs and hospital bills, and insurance companies get to keep more of their money.

Shopping for Insurance Discounts


If it’s an insurance discount you’re after with a small SUV purchase, be sure to ask more than one insurance agent for a quote.

You do have the power to negotiate with them by pitting one company against the other, by asking for additional discounts, and by proving you have a good driving record.

A good credit score, a short commute to work or not commute at all, and a safe vehicle all help you get the best possible insurance rates. Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount, either. 

If you’ve been with your current company for a long time and you’ve always been an excellent customer, ask for some discounts. They don’t want to lose a driver like you.

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