Can an unmarried couple combine auto insurance?

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Things to Remember...
  • If you have a roommate or partner, you can be on the same auto insurance policy
  • You can have a policy as a single household or simply add the other person as an additional driver to your policy
  • Usually you can get a discount for having multiple policies under the same insurance provider

If you live with someone, but aren’t a married couple, you can combine your auto insurance. Combining auto insurance works for domestic partners, roommates, brothers and sisters, etc.

You have a couple of options when it comes to combining insurance policies.

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What options are there for combining auto insurance?


One option is if you are two people with two cars, then you will each add the other person as a qualified driver and then ask the auto insurance company to combine the policy as a single household.

The other option is if you are in a one car situation, and you simply want to add your partner or your roommate to your policy.

You may have to stipulate that they are not an owner of your vehicle, which may increase your rates a little.

The insurance company will also require you to stipulate if you aren’t going to let someone drive your car. In the case of a roommate, you need to list them as a non-driver on your policy.

If you make the decision not to let them drive your vehicle, but you don’t list them specifically as a non-driver, the insurance company will assume that you are letting them drive your car and will raise your rates accordingly.

This also applies to your teen driver. Many people are not aware that once their child gets a driver’s license, the insurance company will assume that the parent is going to allow the child to drive their vehicle and they raise their rates accordingly.

You must stipulate on your policy when drivers that live in your home aren’t going to be driving your vehicle.

How hard is it to remove someone from my policy if we break up or move to different locations?


It is actually easy to change a policy in any way. Adding another car or another person on your policy can occur in a matter of minutes.

While the process takes a little longer if you want to take a car off of your policy, it is still fairly easy.

Just remember, when this happens, you need to be prepared for your insurance rates to increase.

Some insurance companies give a discount up to as much as 30 percent when you multiple policies, so removing one can impact your individual rates.

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Can I keep someone on my insurance once they move out of my house?

Typically the answer to this is no, although it will depend on your insurance company.

Basically, insurance companies only combine policies for people who live in the same location.

Now, if you are talking about keeping someone’s name on your policy as an alternative driver for your vehicle, that’s fine.

They can live in another state because you aren’t talking about insuring their vehicle; you are only talking about insuring your own.

What happens if I don’t remove someone from my policy after they have moved?


Best-case scenario is that the insurance company notifies you that they are making a mandatory change to your policy.

A worst-case scenario would be that your insurance company refuses to insure you any longer because you defrauded the company.

The worst-case scenario is that the insurance company files fraud charges.

The truth is that this is not a normal course of action for any insurance company. However, if you or the other driver on your policy have had an accident, and the insurance company paid the auto insurance claim, they may require you to pay back what they paid.

In addition, if you are found to have deliberately defrauded the insurance company, there is the possibility that you could go to jail.

You don’t want to put yourself in the position of breaking the law in an effort to save a few dollars.

What are other ways I can save on my policy?


If you want that multiple policy discount, consider choosing an insurance company that also sells renters or homeowners insurance and buy those policies from the same place.

In addition, ask about any other discount offered by the insurance company to see if you qualify for something else.

You also want to ensure that you shop around for the best rates.

Just because you have been with the same company for a number of years doesn’t mean that they have the lowest rates.

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