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Things to remember...

  • Union members may be able to take advantage of special auto insurance policies
  • Additional discounts such as ones for multi-car owners are available
  • Exceeding state minimum requirements is less costly when accessing union car insurance deals

Anyone who drives a car or other type of vehicle needs insurance. Being required to pay for insurance is a fact of life most people willingly accept. After all, who wants to be caught in a disastrous liability net in the aftermath of an at-fault or no-fault accident?

Understanding the value of a solid insurance policy is one thing. Being willing to pay full-price for a policy is another.

Everyone likes to save money. This fiscally prudent attitude extends even to necessities such as car insurance.

Union members may be thrilled to discover there are special policies designed for them.

Car insurance for union members might come with those all-desirable discounts that help with putting more money into a savings account while still reducing expenses associated with a comprehensive policy.

Even in Vermont, a state that tries to keep insurance policies reasonable, costs can be high without discounts.

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Discounts Available to Union Members


People join unions for a variety of reasons:

  • job security
  • better wages
  • comprehensive health insurance

Union members do possess a lot of purchasing power. So it should come as no surprise an insurance company would market towards these members.

Devising discounted rates for qualifying dues-paying trade union members absolutely helps car insurance companies sell their policies.

Now, some might confuse these discounted policies for vehicle insurance designed to cover the commercial operation of union work. In other words, the insurance policies are designed to cover the fleet operating under the banner of the local unionized trucking company.

Such policies do exist but reflect something a bit different. Such policies fall under the header of commercial car/truck insurance. Union members who wish to purchase a policy for their own vehicles would be acquiring traditional non-commercial insurance at a lowered rate.

A slight amount of comparison shopping may need to be performed in order to locate the best rates on union-discounted car insurance.

The effort should pay rewards for those who cut their premium costs down. Online comparison shopping actually cuts the amount of effort necessary down quite a bit.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

 Secured with SHA-256 Encryption

Group Discounts on Auto Insurance

One reason that insurance providers are able to offer reduced rates to union members is a union helps facilitate a large bulk of policy buys. In other words, an electrician’s union has a deal with a particular insurance company to promote auto policies.

Since the union is assisting with the sale of numerous policies, the insurance company is selling policies in bulk. Reducing the cost per policy is not a financial burden for the insurance provider since premium payments from a large number of members are generated per year. Drivers who might not have the best

Drivers who might not have the best credit score will appreciate the lowered rates group discounts allow.

Government Unions and Benefits


  • Unions can be private or public. Public unions are those associated with jobs in the following areas:
    a city
  • a state
  • the federal government

Union member car insurance policies are not the only options allowing government workers to save money. The policies might come with a number of added benefits that further assist with cutting down expenses.

Discounts on multi-car insurance policies are possible as well depending on the policy. Family members may be able to benefit from these types of policies as well.

Going Beyond the Basic Policy

Union workers do not always follow a standard nine to five work schedule. They may work late hours or holidays. Workers may put in far more than 40 hours per week, which can be a tiring schedule.

All that additional time on the road during odd hours might put even the most careful driver at risk. The state minimum might be very low so most drivers go with the minimum amount.

In Texas, the minimum amounts for personal liability are $30,000 for each injured person with a total of $60,000 per accident. The minimum on property damage per accident is $25,000. Those numbers are really low.

Paying a little more to increase those amounts could be worth it for someone always rushing to work on those Lone Star highways seven days a week. Perhaps paying extra for the maximum uninsured motorist coverage is also worth the investment.

With a union member insurance policy, even the more extensive policies could end up being very affordable.

The best insurance policy is one that protects a driver from financial losses under a number of circumstances. Great policies don’t need to come with huge prices. Union members who take advantage of discounted rates can attest to this fact.

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FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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