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Wesco Auto Insurance Review

Wesco Auto Insurance
  • 11111
Address: 200 Somerset Corporate Boulevard, Suite 100
City: Bridgewater
State: New Jersey
ZIP: 08807
Phone Number: 1-800-627-7282
AM Best Rating: A
Market Cap: $1.28 Billion (AmTrust Financial)
Year Founded: 1962

Wesco Insurance Company was formed in 1962 as a property and casualty provider to small businesses. Today, small business remains at its core even though it has since expanded into other areas. In 2006, the company was acquired by New York-based AmTrust Financial Group Inc. It now operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amtrust, underwriting policies on their behalf. As such, Wesco Insurance Company no longer maintains its own web presence or sells products under its own brand name.

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The business lines of insurance provided by Wesco Insurance Company are what you would typically find with this type of insurance. The company provides general liability, workers compensation, property, and umbrella coverage. The only auto insurance it offers is for businesses, regardless of whether they have one vehicle or an entire fleet. The company offers a couple of specialty products designed for the lumber and fine dining industries as well.

One of the more intriguing aspects of Wesco’s business is the credit protection products it offers on behalf of HSBC. Prior to the AmTrust acquisition Wesco was part of the HSBC Insurance Agency Inc. Even after the acquisition Wesco continued offering these products to HSBC banking customers. Wesco’s credit protection coverage mitigates the risk that customers encounter when utilizing HSBC bank services. This continues to be a profitable portion of Wesco’s business.

Wesco Insurance Company Locations

As far as we can tell, Wesco’s main headquarters in New Jersey are still operational. You can contact them directly using the address and telephone numbers we provide above. As an added convenience, we have also listed below the corporate headquarters for AmTrust in New York City. Because it is Wesco’s parent company, AmTrust might be able to help you with certain inquiries. You may contact them at:

AmTrust Financial Services
59 Maiden Lane
Sixth Floor
New York, New York 10038
Phone: 212-220-7120
Toll-free: 1-800-443-7187

Wesco Insurance Company Agents

Wesco’s parent company makes available the opportunity for licensed agents to become what it terms a “subproducing” agent. The company offers an online application for interested agents to download, fill out, and submit for approval. The application is in PDF format. Agents who would prefer to fill out the application online have that option as well. Approved agents are given access to an online portal and its suite of tools to help them sell and administrate AmTrust policies.

Unfortunately, the AmTrust website doesn’t give any clear indication as to whether or not approved agents must represent all lines of business insurance that the company offers. It may be possible to work with only a couple of lines that an agency is comfortable with. However, the only way to verify this information is to contact AmTrust prior to filling out an agent application.

Wesco Insurance Company Claims

Wesco and AmTrust pride themselves on the most efficient and fast claims service in the business. The parent company maintains an automated claims platform that allows its representatives to quickly process claims while remaining completely paperless. The company also says that its claims representatives average 20+ years of experience and are given small workloads so that they can effectively give their full attention to each and every claim.

Claims can be initiated 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using a toll-free number that should be available on your policy documents. The company’s medical director assists in evaluating all workers compensation and medical claims, while a three-point contact system quickly expedites the processing of automobile and property damage claims. Customers are encouraged to track their claims after filing to ensure that payment is made in a timely manner.

Wesco Insurance Company Careers

All Wesco employment is handled through the AmTrust human resources department. The careers link on AmTrust’s website redirects your browser to a job search page where you can browse available listings. You can browse by city, job title, or description. However, in order to use this feature, you must register and create an online account. With this account you can view all job listings, post resumes, and ask questions.

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Reviews for Wesco Auto Insurance

  1. richard b lyon says:

    No stars! Impossible to reach an adjustor by phone and they never return phone calls. I have left more than 10 voicemails over the past 5 business days and have yet to get a callback

  2. Jay A. Heller says:

    No Stars……Impossible to reach adjustor’s and don’t return phone calls, despite promises to contrary. In addition, often force litigation when liability and damages don’t call for it, as they fail to act in an equitable and prompt manner.

    • 11111
    Robert N. says:

    incredibly poor customer service….I had a taxi cab crash on top of my car when it took out the front fence of my house….5 days later still no word on my car from the adjuster and can’t get any calls back. I’m honestly thinking of getting a lawyer involved so I don’t have to go thru the stress of all this mess.

  3. Jennifer E. says:

    I’ve never been treated so rudely by someone I was trying to do business with in my life. Despite answering the phone “Wesco insurance company”, when I began to ask my question about a claim the receptionist rudely interrupted me to inform me that they weren’t an insurance company and then she promptly hung up on me.

    This woman should be sitting in the corner with a package of crayons instead of being the first point of contact for a business that presumably makes money off of having customers and not women whose attitude has made sure that I will never ever do business with this company.

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